I told you so, again and again for four years. OK, so Obama did not cancel the elections; he did one better, he put the veneer of the “will of the people” on it. Voting is the best revenge…? He never had to say, against whom.

After a hundred years of creeping socialism, the bolshevik revolution in America started in earnest with the elections in 2006, when both houses of Congress reverted to Democrat control. It made a huge leap “forward” (forward from their point of view, not ours) with the election of Obama in 2008. The TEA party counter-revolution in 2010 was but a blip, as even the Republican establishment moved immediately after the elections to defang and sideline the movement. And on November 6 the bolsheviks won again. With the reelection of Obama they are solidifying their hold on the agenda of fundamental transformation from free market to socialism, from freedom to the dictatorship of the proletariat.

    I am angry because with this election the American people have issued a death warrant against me and all the other elderly among us. Nobody will ever repeal obamacare, or stop its natural evolution to total, totalitarian universal “health care” — that is, rule by death panels. Nobody will save Social Security and Medicare by putting them on sound financial footing. They will solve their fiscal problems by hastening our premature deaths with the simple and unappealable denial of care.

    I am angry because I am too old and too tired to fight anymore, and I don’t see anyone coming up to take up the slack. The Republican establishment went out of its way to purge Ron Paul supporters from its ranks, and thereby the GOP lost the clarity of vision and the youthful energy, enthusiasm and drive that are essential to victory. Now they tell us that there were 12 million fewer voters this time than in 2008. How many of them were Ron Paul people who could have made the difference? Do they think we are better off with Obama than Romney?

    I am angry because no amount of explaining the details penetrated the thick sculls of voters, especially the young. Six decades of progressive agenda running rough shod over America’s education system has produced an electorate that is simply too ignorant of the basic facts of economics, and especially of our history and our founding principles and values. I have spent the past four years writing and writing and explaining and explaining, but even my own sons either refuse to read and learn, or are simply incapable of understanding what I mean. It is as if the purpose of American education has become not only to make sure our children remain ignorant but also that they be unable to learn, or refuse to learn especially from their own parents. The inability to learn is the definition of stupid. The deliberate effort to bring about such a result is the definition of pure evil; yet that is precisely what has been perpetrated against our own children in the name of education. I have fled communism so my own children will be raised in freedom and never know the horrors of ideological and economic slavery; now in my old age I am condemned to watch helplessly as they are dragged down the path of learning all about it in their own personal experience, at their own peril.

    I am angry because with this vote the American electorate has displayed unparalleled stupidity, as evidenced by the totally incomprehensible inconsistencies between their votes and their responses to polling questions. For example,

More than half still blame BUSH for the economy, even though Obama had FOUR years to fix it — and it was Democrat progressive policies that caused the collapse in the first place.
 Wisconsin decisively beat back the recall of Scott Walker, then went just as decisively for Obama. Ohio is doing better than the nation economically, thanks to their Republican governor and legislature, but credited Obama for it.
 Massachusetts selects Scott Brown in 2010 then rejects him in 2012, in favor of a Democrat who even lies about her ancestry.
 This list grows as more of the vote is analyzed. It stands as an indictment of the very idea of “democracy,” because we divorced the right to vote from the responsibility to be informed and to make a thoughtful choice.

    I am angry because too many Republican candidates lost because of their stupid, incomprehensible and indefensible comments about rape. Foot in mouth disease is not exclusive to Joe Biden, and is fatal for Republicans.

    I am angry because the Republican establishment still puts “bipartisanship” over principle, “compromise” over principled stand, no matter how many times they get their noses rubbed in the fact that Democrats only want the Republicans to just go along to get along; and even in defeat the Republican establishment persists in this attitude no matter how many of this kind of candidates are rejected by the voters. At a time when the Republican House and the Republican minority in the Senate is called upon to fight a rear guard action against the coming onslaught of further if not final “fundamental transformation,” they will be too busy trying to maintain party discipline in the face of the eagerness of some to “get along” with the “mandate” that Obama had just won.

    I am angry because Romney could not bring himself to deploy the same kind of ruthlessness against Obama that he has unleashed against his conservative Republican rivals in the primaries — even when events such as the Benghazi tragedy and cover-up were served up as if on a silver platter. In discussing the economy he kept his focus on “job creators” as if their numbers were at least on par with workers who need someone to give them a job, totally ignoring a century and a half of pro union propaganda and the eternal, natural, personal inclination of people to hate the boss.

    I am angry because the vote counts in too many states are only a hundred thousand or so in favor of Obama — well within traditional ballot box stuffing range.

    I am angry because with Obama as president and the Senate still in Democrat control, there is no stopping UN Agenda 21, the UN Treaty On Small Arms, the UN Treaty On The Seas, UN taxes, UN control of the internet, the EPA’s war on coal and other fossil fuels, cap-and-trade, “renewable” energy and other “green” boondoggles, etc. — an endless list of globalist totalitarian outrages against the Constitution, civil rights, freedom and the free market. Iran will build nukes, Obama will veto or sabotage Israel’s attempt to take out their facilities, Israel will be attacked if not destroyed, the Muslim Brotherhood will seize power across North Africa and the Middle East, China will be more aggressive militarily — and Obama will only diminish US defense capabilities. Benghazi will be swept under the rug as yet another outrage that gets buried in endless investigation, just like all the others at least since Pearl Harbor.

    I am angry because racism is alive and well — among DEMOCRATS (the historical home of the KKK, Jim Crow, the Solid South). They have particularly singled out conservative blacks for defeat, and indeed Allen West and Mia Love both LOST. Blacks are allowed to succeed only if they are far left — if then. Now they tell us that this election result is due to “changing demographics” or the “browning of America;” how is THAT not a code word for pure racism? People don’t think, don’t analyze, don’t decide on the basis of FACTS, they vote for the black man just because he is black and against the white man just because he is white? How can you talk sense to bigots?

    I am angry because the flame of liberty here in America is being turned down ever more rapidly, until soon it will be completely extinguished. When our ancestors faced similar crises, they left Europe to find freedom here in America. Well, this time there isn’t another America to escape to. We can only hope that a future generation, many generations from now, might rediscover their roots and birthright, and retrace the fateful steps of our Founding Fathers. We and our children will not be that generation; as we were not present at the birth of this nation, so we will not be there to see its rebirth. The Soviet Union and its paper tiger empire collapsed after 70 years — three generations — and even that took unprecedented courage and unrelenting pressure from the last truly American President. This time whoever this is acting as POTUS is working for the other side and will be working against us even harder, now that he does not have to face another election.

    I am angry because the Founding Fathers have foreseen all this, as evidenced by their own writings and accounts of their observations, yet NOTHING in our education has made sure we are familiar with their personal experiences and wisdom as something we all should value and benefit from.

At this point the only rational response to this course of events is to follow the example set forth and explained in “Atlas Shrugged” — except that Atlas not only has to shrug, Atlas must actually throw off the yoke. Put another way, we have to follow the recipe provided in Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals.” As in “Atlas Shrugged,” the able among us must stop producing, running their businesses, growing their businesses, hiring or even just keeping their employees. Owners, officers, managers, engineers and inventors must cash out and close up shop. They must simply withdraw their services from a society that sees them as evil exploiters who don’t “pay their fair share.” Who will be the real life “John Galt” to tell them that? And as in “Rules For Radicals,” the “Atlases” who shrug must also overload the system by putting themselves and their employees on the dole. Let the leaches, who vote themselves endless varieties and amounts of “benefits” and “entitlements” at the expense of the productive few, figure out how to pay for it when there are no more taxpayers, only beneficiaries. This is not as far-fetched as it sounds. Doctors are already being driven out of their practices by the laughably low reimbursement rates from Medicare. Insurers are soon to follow. Let’s see how well the leaches will do with universal health care when there are no more doctors, and the work of insurance companies is handled by the government monopoly staffed by bureaucrats with the expertise and efficiency of the DMV or FEMA. People who have run out of their 99 weeks of unemployment are increasingly moving onto the disability rolls. Let’s see how well the system will do when there are no more makers, just takers.

Until and unless this happens, current and future generations of Americans will never learn the value of freedom and the value of producers in the economy. As befits a culture that worships at the altar of “I have the right to make my own mistakes,” people will have to learn at their own expense. The tragedy is that the rest of us also have no choice but to be victimized by the stupidity of the majority.