(Note: Please use this as you see fit when writing to your congressmen and senators. Some of you are stuck with a Democrat for either or both; write to them anyway. Write to all the other Republicans, too, whether they are from your state or not. After these elections, Republicans have to be told that they have just as good a mandate from the people as Obama, having been elected on their own merits in spite of the Obama win.)

In regard to proposed efforts regarding immigration reform, please consider my analysis, which I feel I am more qualified than most to offer, given that I am a naturalized citizen, having immigrated from a communist country in Eastern Europe. The Democrats just love to say, we surely are not proposing the deportation of 12 million people, are we? They just loved to crucify Mitt Romney for his comments on self-deportation. Well, the 12 million illegals in this country are not a monolithic group, and therefore the solution to the problem will not be one-size-fits-all. There are at least six different categories with six different solutions.

I was teaching physics at the University of San Francisco in the 1970s when I first heard “reconquista” from one of my students. He was pre-law, wanted to be a lawyer to “help my people.” Being a young and naive immigrant educated back East, and presuming that everybody in America who speaks without an accent is an American, I ask him what the hell he meant. He told me his people are the Chicanos and they are here to re-conquer the country that whitey stole from them.” Oh. In 1848.

In the mid 1990’s it was still possible to have a politically incorrect and therefore factual and honest discussion on this topic. Two details from that time have stuck in my mind: (a) Latinos were encouraged to enlist in the US military, all branches, in order to get the best training in the world for the coming war of liberation against whitey; (b) Arab governments and islamist militants were encouraging mass migration into to the US, in order to tip the population balance away from what they perceive to be America’s inordinate subservience to Jewish interests.

We already see the success of their schemes in small details such as Obama having declared we are not a Christian nation and never were, and the special exemption of muslims from the requirement in obamacare to buy health insurance or pay the penalty for failing to do so. And the most successful mexican drug cartels are former military and special forces, who were trained by … the US.

On the other hand, the massive waves of English, German, Irish, Italian, Polish and other Europeans did not come here in order to conquer the continent in the name of the mother country. When called upon, they fought FOR America, not against it.

So (1) no, I don’t want amnesty or fast tracking for anybody who comes here for reconquista or jihad, and participates in massive immigration rather than military force to do it. They have their own country. Throw them out. I don’t know how you’d identify them but find a way and throw them out.

(2) I also don’t want any anchor babies, or any excuses for fast tracking people who sneak in here just for that purpose, then bring their entire family tree claiming family reunification. No “amnesty,” no “pathway to citizenship,” no excuses, no exceptions. President Reagan was hoodwinked into just such a scheme in 1986, and the result was an even more massive invasion across the border. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. No way, not again.

(3) Over the years I’ve known several Latinos myself who shuttle back and forth between CA, NV, UT, etc. and Mexico. Fine, they can have work visas. And punish those employers who hire people without proper work permits.

(4) I have met many Latinos (and others) who simply refuse to learn English. Why are THEY here, if they want to stay Mexican or whatever? They need to be “encouraged” to make up their minds to assimilate or leave. We want immigrants who want to be Americans, not to remain foreigners. I don’t like to hear foreign gibberish in my country, unless I hear it from tourists. I don’t like the ethnic cleansing that has already occurred and is accelerating in vast areas of our country, and is destroying the amazing diversity that we used to cherish in our cities such as Los Angeles. I don’t like to have to scan past most stations on my radio before I find one or two that still broadcasts in English. I don’t like to hear para espagnol, imprima numero dos or have to press 1 if I want to hear English on the phone. Why not run through the gamut of all the other languages — Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Russian, Polish, Czech, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Romanian, Serbian, Greek, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Kenyan, etc, etc., ad nauseum??? THOSE people do not mind “having” to learn English and do not consider English to be the language of their oppressors. I’d rather hear Washoe, Lakota, Apache, Hopi, Ute, …. At least THEY are Americans — “norte americanos.”

(5) I like the “self-deportation” that we have already seen in this miserable Obama economy, and I wish it would work better. We don’t need a permanent, racially different, proletarian underclass in America; we have enough of our own. We don’t need even more people who vote only on the basis of race, class or gender identity, and soak the taxpayers with their welfare needs. Don’t throw money at them — no earned income credit, no food stamps, no free tuition, no free care in the ER (how many more hospitals must go bankrupt?), no driver’s license, no Social Security number, etc., which are perquisites of legal residency and citizenship. Enforce the zoning laws to prevent dozens from living in a one-family residence. In other words, take away all incentives to come here illegally.

After all that, (6) there are many who really do want to be Americans. Great. I was one of those. Jump through all the stupid hoops that I did, and get your citizenship like I did.

In the meantime, and as the very first step, CLOSE THE BORDER. It is a sieve not just for illegals, but also for criminals and terrorists. Why is homeland defense a dirty word? Keep the National Guard at home where they belong; send them to the border, not to Iraq or Afghanistan.


This article originated as an e-mail and it evoked the following response from a friend:

I seems this communication is centered on the latino issue.  From my discussions with you I know you realize that immigration is not a race issue.  Just to mention two. Illegal immigration from Ireland and the orient are serious. I know you know the reality, I just wanted to mention that this current transmission seemed a little oriented to the south.

This prompted me to write a follow up or clarification as follows:

Yes, it is, because that is where the biggest and most dangerous problem is.

The Irish and the various orientals do not get to simply walk across the border; there is the little matter of a 3000 and a 6000 mile ocean between them and us. They are not coming here for reconquista or jihad. They already do speak English, of sorts. Ireland couldn’t possibly cause us an immigration problem like Mexico does, because its population is only 6.4 million total, north and south; Mexico already has 12+ million here and they have 112 million more at home. Ireland and the Orient are not dumping their underclass on us, as Mexico does as a matter of state policy, as a way to solve their welfare problem and boost their national income. In my experience in San Francisco, European and Oriental immigrants, legal or not, are educated and driven to succeed. Their kids are at the top of their class, they do not drop out of high school to work for slave wages or to join gangs, certainly not in the massive numbers that Mexicans do.

The Irish and others also tend to get caught and deported. I know of several specific examples; one was an entire Filipino family in Daly City (immediately south of San Francisco, CA) that was deported even though the man was a WW2 veteran in the US Army, their three high school and college age kids were born and raised here and don’t speak a word of Tagalog. Even the local media were enraged. Contrast that with the in-state tuition movement for Mexican kids who were raised here.

No, I will not apologize for whatever racist tone a casual or biased reader might read into or impose onto my recommendations on this issue. I am not the one making it a race issue. If there is a race issue, it is with the US government and its preference not to enforce immigration laws against another politically favored minority that votes 2 or 3 to 1 Democrat. The racism is in US immigration policy that started with Ted Kennedy and his “reforms” in the 1960’s, when he decided to terminate our refugee and family reunification policies that in his opinion unfairly favored Europeans, and he decided the US should be closed to Europe and specifically be opened to non-white races from the rest of the world. I am still not clear how this had lead to the deliberate blind eye to the massive invasion from the south.

I have no problem with people wanting to work, coming here to work, working hard to support their families however they can. I personally knew one in CA who took the lower wages under the table from my contractor because he was putting a son and a daughter through college in Mexico. He didn’t get to go home to his family for many months at a time, and lived under miserable conditions while working here. Breaks my heart; he’s no different than my father was. All I am saying, there is a humane way to solve this problem, and that is work visas. Just don’t vote here and mess up our election results to the detriment of everybody on both sides of the border. There’s not going to be any work for anybody, legals or illegals, if Obama succeeds with his “fundamental transformation,” of which the  importation and legalization of a massive permanent Democrat-voting underclass is an essential part.