THIS is what is wrong with the RINO establishment. They haven’t yet met a principle that they wouldn’t gladly ditch in favor of “pragmatism.”

What does it take to get it through their thick skulls that the Democrats don’t want practicality or more revenue — they couldn’t care less about fiscal responsibility and balancing the budget. If they get more revenue, they’ll only spend it. They want the “fairness” of higher tax RATES on the “super rich,” even if if results in lower revenues. There is a clip of Obama saying precisely that sometime in 2007-2009. Just like he said that his energy policies will necessarily lead to skyrocketing utility bills.

These RINO governors also do not understand the proposal by Boehner and Ryan and others — keep the tax RATES but eliminate frivolous DEDUCTIONS, or make them means-tested. That will lead to the practical result of increasing revenues, while keeping the rates low.

Of course I don’t understand that either. Why give the government MORE money to spend? The problem is SPENDING, the solution is to CUT spending. If the net result is higher collections from the “super rich,” if THEY have less money to spend or invest, and there is NO provision for changing the rules on job creators and small businesses, then how will it result in economic recovery and job creation? The answer is, of course it WON’T.

It speaks volumes about the Democrats’ demagoguery that they do not want even Boehner’s compromise. It speaks volumes about RINO soft-headedness that they even talk of having to be open to higher rates.

The Democrats will NEVER compromise on entitlement reform, they will never reduce spending, certainly not after they get what they want. How many more times will RINOs fall for that old and tired trick? Fool me once (Reagan), shame on you (Tip O’Neill). Fool me twice, shame on me. What do you say after the third, fourth, fifth, … time? And these people STILL have the nerve to pretend to know what they are doing, and expect us to believe in their good judgement. Bah!!!

The congressional Republicans MUST remember that they too were elected or re-elected by the people — bucking the trend that elected Obama — precisely because of their stand on the issues. It is not a choice between who’s got a mandate, Obama or the Republicans. From whatever passes for the brain process called thinking in the minds of the electorate, they both got a mandate. Republicans have no reason to feel deferential to Obama.

Like Boehner said immediately after Obama’s re-election, the House is the last line of defense against the coming onslaught. ACT LIKE IT !!!

I repeat a compromise I offered earlier — Do whatever it takes to simplify the tax code. Make deductions means-tested. Make entitlements means-tested. Give the Democrats what they want, higher tax rates at the top end. But tie it to a reduction of the rates back to current or lower levels IF and ONLY IF the tax payer truly did something that results in the creation of a new, real, permanent full time job. But learn from history. Don’t to anything, certainly nothing that increase revenues, unless and until the Democrats first agree to serious cuts in spending.

I have no problem with eliminating deductions and applying confiscatory tax rates on the exorbitant incomes of movie stars, entertainers, “personalities,” athletes, news anchors, trial lawyers, Obama crony executives and other progressive loudmouths whose accountants minimize their tax liabilities with all kinds of shelters. Let them practice what they preach. But the gross receipts of a small business is not the same as a gross salary, even if the owner files his return as an individual. Whatever changes Congress makes, they have to make sure that entrepreneurs and small businesses are not crippled or destroyed by the Democrats’ marxist politics of class envy.

Write to your congressmen, and write to them often, before the DC mindset takes over and cripples their judgement.