Someone (Thomas Jefferson?) said “the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.” Yea, I’m too lazy to google it. But if that’s so, 240 hours per day is not enough. You’d think the victors in the elections just two weeks ago would take a break — give us a break — in this holiday season and resume the outrage next year, let’s say after the Superbowl? Oh, no….

1. More assaults on basic constitutional rights

Well, so much for Democrats being the unwavering champions of your civil rights.

NSA Refuses To Release Secret Obama Directive On Cybersecurity Alex Jones’ Infowars

Thank you Mr. Obama and all your minions. Yes, this is a huge topic and national security is a great excuse to trample on the Constitution. No, the Constitution is not a suicide pact, but at the very least the people should know what the heck their government is doing, and that, whatever their government is doing, it is fully consistent with the Constitution. What a radical idea…

Senate bill rewrite lets feds read your e-mail without warrants | Politics and Law – CNET News 

Thank you, Senator Leahy.

Defense Department: Signing Secession Petitions Won’t Affect Your Security Clearance … Yet – Secession – Fox Nation

The funny thing is, they don’t have to spy on you to get this info. It just takes reading the signatures collected on the White House website — signatures YOU submitted voluntarily when you signed your state’s secession petition. But think about this — they are confusing allegiance to the government with allegiance to the COUNTRY.

I pledge allegiance to the government of the United States of America, and to president Obama for whom it stands, one administration, under socialism, circling the wagons, with handouts and favors to cronies.

2. More assaults on the economy

NBC’s Williams: With Election Over, It’s ‘Once Again Safe’ to Discuss Economy, Jobs – Brian Williams – Fox Nation

Well, of course… The truth can come out now that it can’t hurt Obama.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner Suggests Eliminating the Debt-Ceiling | Video |

What is there to say about something like this? Not even the pretense that a debt will have to be repaid someday — by whom, our great great great grandkids? In the meantime we are spending like the world will really end as  the Mayan calendar says.

Obama Begins Push for New National Retirement System

Gee… After nationalizing (part of) the auto industry, the insurance industry, the college loan industry, the home mortgage industry (did I leave anything out?) and laying the groundwork for destroying the private health care and health insurance industries, unions demanding the takeover of Hostess bakeries, what else is left? Oh, yes. It is socially unfair that some people manage to save money in an IRA and others don’t, so let’s just force them all to buy… TREASURIES…! WOW! WHAT A GREAT INVESTMENT!

Obama Immigrant Welfare Welcome Mat Sparks Outrage – Welfare State – Fox Nation

When Uncle Sam was in the process of approving our passports to immigrate to the US, my uncle in Pennsylvania had to file an affidavit of sponsorship, guaranteeing that (1) he has the resources to support us for a year, (2) he has a job lined up for my dad, and (3) he lined up a house for us to live in. In addition, my parents had to put their hands on the heads of us kids and swear on their health that we would never become a burden to the government through its social welfare system. When my mother retired, she was constantly pestered by social workers to sign up for SSI and a cornucopia of other federal of state benefits. She told them to go bother somebody else.

NOW, they tell immigrants all about everything they MAY be eligible for. Huh? Don’t over-think it. The mere fact that some would do so guarantees more work for social workers. THAT is how Obama is creating jobs, don’t you see?

3. More assaults on privacy

Democrats Seek to Expand and Redeploy Obama’s Massive Voter Data Mine: ‘The Most Sophisticated Voter List in American Political History’ |

What “privvacy,” as the Brits say. Between the IRS, the SSA, Homeland Security, Medicare, obamacare, the credit unions, and now THIS — read the article, they are cataloguing your e-mail, Facebook and other links to your friends, and build files on them, too — the only thing they don’t know about you is how you voted and when exactly you last had sex. But as I recall, there was a bar code on my sample ballot, a unique card I had to insert into the voting machine, and a printed record of how I voted (with which I was supposed to verify my vote is recorded correctly), how can they NOT know how I voted?

Obama’s ‘Constituency Groups’ Checklist Offers No Options for Whites or Men | CNS News

And THESE people tell us that it is Republicans and conservatives who are the racist sexist homophobes. On the other hand, maybe if they don’t even count whites and men, maybe OUR privacy is safe, at least from them.

4. More assaults on the founding principles

Michael Gerson: Making economic advancement realistic – The Washington Post

Of course, everything is the fault of freedom and free enterprise. Capitalism rewards success, not failure. How unfair is that? Of course the answer is the politics of class envy and redistribution. For the rebuttal, see

Rush Limbaugh Disputes Washington Post Article Calling for GOP to Create a new Form of Capitalism That ‘Works for Everyone’ |

Capitalism Can’t Work for Everyone – The Rush Limbaugh Show

No, it can’t. YOU have to THINK, YOU have to WORK. YOU have to realize that the obligation to ensure your survival and your family’s survival rests primarily on YOU. And just to prove how unfair all this is, just compare the welfare and standard of living of people in, oh, I don’t know, in this heartless, selfish, mean, (formerly) capitalist country called America, with people who lived in the workers’ paradise of Soviet Russia, communist eastern Europe, Cuba and east Asia, or people now living in the various socialist dictatorships of today’s Africa. I mean, the proof is right there for all to see — freedom, free enterprise, capitalism THEY DO NOT WORK…

Is your blood boiling yet? No? Wait till tomorrow or the next day.