Businesses demand debt-limit hike as part of deal on ‘fiscal cliff’

Look in the Constitution. It authorizes the following Departments and agencies, in the order of the specifically enumerated powers listed in Article 1, Section 8:

Internal Revenue Service, Defense, Treasury, State, Commerce, Immigration and Naturalization Service, US Bankruptcy Court, Bureau of Standards, Justice, US Post Office, Patent Office, Army, Navy (and by direct implication, Air Force), National Guard.

That’s all, folks…!

Now look in a listing of current federal Departments and the hundreds or alphabet-soup agencies:

Federal Executive Branch | | Independent Agencies and Government Corporations

Now consider the literally dozens and dozens more that are coming under the auspices of obamacare:

159 new federal agencies Obamacare
Chapter 8 – The Real Infrastructure of Obamacare
Glenn Beck on Obamacare’s additional agencies and regulations – YouTube
Price: Obamacare Means 159 New Gov’t Agencies

You know where I am going with this. Close down every single one that was not specifically authorized in the Constitution. See, it’s very simple. That means the Departments of:

Education, Health and Human Services, Labor, Energy, Agriculture, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Transportation, and yes, even the VA (it belongs under Defense).

Now look in the federal budget, add up the numbers and see how much we reduce government spending if only we stay within the Constitution:

US Federal Budget FY13 Estimated Spending Breakdown – Pie Chart
US Federal Budget Actual Spending Breakdown – Pie Chart
Ryan Budget Plan for FY13

From the chart of actual spending in 2011, we can see that fully 76% of total federal spending was UNCONSTITUTIONAL (education 3%, health care 24%, welfare 13%, protection 2%, transportation 3%, other(?) 3%, pensions 22%, interest 6%). Yes I also included interest payments because they would never be this large if we had not run up the debt. Do you think we’d have ANY problems with deficits and debt if we had stayed true to the Constitution?

And this includes NOTHING for obamacare yet…! Hopefully, it will stay that way; Boehner: Obamacare Must Be on Table During Budget Talks.

BUT, BUT,… what about my Social Security, my Medicare, etc.? Yes, they made us dependent on the tax revenues from the currently working generation. They taxed us and screwed around with the rules instead of letting us save our own money, they are taxing our kids and they will tax our grandkids to pay for our benefits now, because they have to borrow and borrow and borrow to keep up with their spending. Obviously this will collapse, and collapse sooner rather than later, unless somebody grows a spine and pushes through the needed reforms with a proper transition period. These programs, even if administered by the government (which they should NOT be, ever) should be self-sufficient, meaning that the “entitlement” outlays should be the sum of total savings by the beneficiaries and contributions from (taxes levied on) current taxpayers. The government should NEVER have to borrow or budget for entitlement expenditures from general revenue.