Of course we’ve heard of it, some of us even heard it when it was delivered, FORTY EIGHT years ago. Today I ran across it again. through a chain of e-mails, blogs and websites. It was comical, in a way. Someone included the text without attribution in a comment on a blog. I started reading it, and thought, the commenter couldn’t possibly have written this. Who could have? I was captivated and read more, and said to myself, it couldn’t possibly be anyone but REAGAN. A minute of searching confirmed it.

Constitution Club USA – Studying the Constitution and the Principles of Liberty

There is only one big-dog in America and it is the People – Constitution Club USA

A Time for Choosing – Wikipedia

American Rhetoric: Ronald Reagan — A Time for Choosing
A TIME FOR CHOOSING (The Speech – October 27, 1964)

Follow the linmks. Read The Speech. Read it an weep for our country and how it is being stolen from us, small steps and big leaps at a time. What is absolutely shocking is that everything that Reagan said was bad half a century ago, today is many times worse. Everything he said came true, with a vengeance. And with obamacare, it will be many more times worse still.

Taxes, Debt and the Fiscal Cliff – The Rush Limbaugh Show

Obama Readies His Revenge on the “Rich” – The Rush Limbaugh Show

Americans for Tax Reform : President Obama Would Raise Taxes on Small Employers by $442 Billion

Obama to open fiscal talks with $1.6 trillion plan to raise taxes on wealthy – The Washington Post

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