UPDATE: Death pathway is not limited to the elderly. They are killing babies, too, by starvation and dehydration.

Report: Sick Babies Starved to Death Under Socialized Medicine in England

1. A doctor’s story of the “free” exam, “affordable care” and other obscene myths of obamacare.

Doctor’s Column: Obamacare Intentionally Makes It Difficult For Patients To Be Taken Care Of – Obamacare – Fox Nation

PJ Media » A Physician’s New Reality: Patients Ask Me to Break the Law

Note the doctor’s explanation that obamacare sets a standard for bare minimum care, not for sufficient care necessitated by your medical condition.

From the discussion below the article note the reports of the absolutely unconscionable if not criminal denial of care practices already in effect in Britain’s national health care system, such as “pathway care” which consists of depriving the patient of food and water, and not even telling his family about it, until he has died.

Also note from the discussion below the article that the goal of obamacare of converting doctors in private practice (that is, running their own business) to government employees is well underway — in the private sector. It was actually started many decades ago by Kaiser Permanente and copy-cat HMOs, and today it is actually being advanced by regional networks that are buying up private practices and converting doctors to employees. At that point there is no practical difference between private and socialized medicine, from the patient’s point of view; the patient has no more choice under one system than under the other. Both eliminate competition between providers (and insurers) for the patient’s business. Both set the rules for treatments and payments. Both make treatment decisions based on statistics, not the patient’s medical need or the doctor’s medical judgement. Both leave the patient with very little say about his own care. The only difference that remains is that the government still has police powers to apply against the doctor if he dares to violate the “guidelines,” and against the patient if he does something that some bureaucrat finds objectionable, such as giving the wrong answers to a barrage of blatantly intrusive and irrelevant non-medical questions (do you put on your seat belt? do you have guns in the house?).


2. Other reactions to obamacare

The Whole Truth – YouTube


3. Personal experiences

I am speaking from experience, as a child in communist Hungary, living across the street from a hospital, in France with their dual track public-private system, and here in the US as a patient myself and as the family member with the primary responsibility for decisions in the final days of both parents and both in-laws.

In communist Hungary, when old folks — at that time, people burned out by the time they were in their fifties — when old folks were admitted to the hospital, they never came back home alive. Very conveniently for the government, they died in the hospital from mysterious complications, and the government was free of its obligations for the retirement and medical benefits they promised to these folks.

Don’t lose sight of another thing. It’s been a few months since we’ve hear about this in the news, but one hot topic for a while was the assertion of a Duty To Die, precisely and only for the purpose of easing the financial burden on the younger generations.

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THIS is how they plan to keep the promise that LBJ made to us old geezers to take care of us in our declining years. Oh, I know, his Great Society is being done in by “unintended consequences”…. Sure.

Health Policy Experts Anticipate Fewer Doctors, Less Productivity Under Obamacare | CNSNews.com

The Affordable Care Act is going to drive people to the concierge doctors, and those who can’t afford the concierge doctors are going to have long waits for care

This is EXACTLY how the two tier system worked in France when I saw it as a young teen. You had your choice of barely competent staff harried to exhaustion by a flood of patients in the waiting room and an infernal bureaucracy restricting them as to available treatments and medicines;  or you could go outside the system and deal with a friendly, relaxed, competent doctor who had time to give you the care you need. However, it is not at all clear that Medicare or obamacare regulations would permit a dual track system in the US.

No, instead all they are doing is dramatically increasing the stress of dealing with the system.

The real model for obamacare and its electronic records nonsense is not romneycare but the VA. I know about the VA first-hand because my father-in-law was a patient in the VA system. After a hospitalization, the series of visits, each of which was scheduled for 45 minutes to discuss his medical and mental health problems, was spent on the doctor literally struggling with the computer simply to renew existing prescriptions; we hardly ever got to reviewing his progress or problems. Adjustments in his regimen were made hurriedly at the end of the visit; I spent more time with the doctor on the phone than face to face explaining why he needs a different medicine. In a year during which my father-in-law had moved three times, the VA pharmacy kept sending his refills to the oldest address hundreds of miles away because the computer allows a change of address only once a year…

But don’t think, oh well, this is the VA, what can yo expect? My own doctors and I are constantly “amused” by the stupid errors in my chart, even after it had been corrected repeatedly both by him and his assistant. I dread even thinking about having to go to the hospital for any reason, because nobody besides me saves any paper records anymore, and the electronic records are just too full of serious errors.

Instead of talking to, listening to and actually examining the patient, doctors, physician’s assistants and nurses spend their time FUMBLING with the computer, verifying if the records match their recollections, TYPING notes into the (wrong) fields on the screen, making corrections… In this age of “Siri” conversing with you on your iPhone, the stupid software, which they have to use because it was federally mandated and certified, does not even allow doctors to DICTATE their notes… A routine office visit that used to take 10-15 minutes, with the doctor fully focused on the patient’s health problem, now is either spent on looking for and reviewing the patient’s records on the computer, or the visit takes much longer because of the clerical duties that the doctor is forced to perform himself, including correcting the errors that both the doctor and the patient agree have somehow managed to find its way into the electronic chart. Yes, of course. The good doctor went to a world class medical school just so he would be prepared to spend a lifetime pecking on the KEYBOARD… wrestling with an unintuitive and illogical computer…

THIS is what socialized medicine brings you, THIS is how they expect to save money by implementing it. You die, not of neglect or incompetence, but of frustration.