The story started out like this. Someone in a meeting of the old geezers club mentioned that Nevada Democrats want to repeal an old law that banned communists. The law was never enforced, so what’s the big deal? OF COURSE it sounds like a set-up; the Democrats are goading the Republicans, daring them to oppose the repeal of an old law against communists. Use any excuse to make Republicans look stupid and bad, because of course many will take the bait and reveal themselves to be everything the Democrats say they are.

Indeed there is a news report about about it, on November 23 in the Las Vegas Review Journal:
State bill seeks to bar job discrimination against communists – News –

The title says something not supported by the actual text; it makes it sound like this is a NEW bill, not the repeal of an old law. Notable in the story is the usual snipe at and misrepresentation of Joe McCarthy, a brief and superficial review of the legislative history, and the ultimate cheap shot — a quote from the grand dame of NV Republicanism, wondering why we even had such a law that she never heard of. MISSING from the LV-RJ story are hard facts, such as the bill draft request (BDR) number, the bill number, the author or sponsor, and the actual text of the proposal.

Then it turns out that there is another article on this topic, on May 30:
Nevada News Bureau » Blog Archive » Legislative Panel Takes First Step Toward Repealing Antiquated State Laws

This article goes into a bit more detail, actually giving the number of the law to be repealed (NRS 613-360) — and most importantly, puts it in the context of the Legislative Commission’s statutory obligation to identify obsolete laws and recommend them for repeal.

So of course the natural impulse is to look up the law, and see if one can find the TEXT of the BDR or the Bill. But first you have to find the BDR or the Bill. A google search actually returns the wrong BDR number, but the NV legislature’s site is eventually more helpful:

BDR 53–574 Legislative Commission (NRS 218E.150)  11/16/2012
Revises provisions governing unlawful employment practices regarding membership in the Communist Party or related organizations.

THIS makes it sound like the LV-RJ story is correct and the NNB story is wrong…

But still there is no TEXT to read. I signed up to follow BDRs and Bills, I signed up to receive alerts from legislative committees, but it was a phone call to tech support that provided the most interesting revelation: you CAN’T see the text of anything until it is actually submitted on the floor when the legislative session opens.

So why is this important now? The NV law was enacted only to conform with federal law. It was never used. The federal law was struck down and repealed decades ago.

It is important because a relevant demographic, the Russians, have also weighed in on this issue. Look at this one: PRAVDA declares Obama to be a communist. But we knew that back in 2008.

Russian News Outlet Pravda (Previously the Official Press of the USSR) Labels Obama a ‘Communist’ in Scathing OpEd |

It is important because Glenn Beck and others have made such a thorough job of connecting Obama to communist subversives that Van Jones resigned his high profile post in the early days of the Obama administration to take him out of the spotlight.

It is important because Obama’s re-election and the exit polls prove that the communists in our schools, colleges, their administrations and the teacher’s unions have done a great job of turning our youth into reliable big-government obama-zombies; this includes the children and grandchildren of two of the most anti-communist demographics in the US, refugees from Cuba and China. These two groups are from a culture that openly and forcefully advocates respect for your parents and elders, but brain-washing in school and the news and entertainment media is strong enough to overcome even that. Look at this outrage:

Jamie Foxx Blasphemously Calls Obama “God and Our Lord and Savior”

More sickening hero worship:

Southern U Marching Band Spells Out ‘O-B-A-M-A’ During Bayou Classic Football Game | Video |

Painting Depicts Obama as Crucified Christ | FOX News & Commentary: Todd Starnes

We have not seen anything like this since the days of Hitler, Stalin, FDR, Hirohito, JFK, Jackie (Bouvier / Kennedy / Onassis), Oprah, …

Is it a coincidence that all this happened all at the same time? Not at all; don’t forget, as far as the socialist / communist “progressives” are concerned, EVERYTHING is politics, and the campaign NEVER ends.

If it’s important, what are we to do about it? What CAN we do about it? Actually nothing at all, except for one thing. If you have kids and grandkids, don’t neglect their studies and homework, and take every opportunity to talk to them about YOUR experiences, to supplement and to CORRECT the crap they are being fed in school. This is a difficult but not impossible task; my mother did it, during the very darkest days of the communist oppression in Hungary, at a time when entire families were “disappeared” because their first or second grader said something “anti-social” or “subversive” during the daily “conversation class,” in which the teacher was deliberately maneuvering the conversation to elicit such comments. Kinda like they do here in the US today, asking if you have guns in the house…