Apparently facts are those pesky things that no one ever wants to bother with. Certainly not the Democrats, although they do put on a great pretense at it, throwing out bogus statistics like confetti and then calling you stupid if you don’t follow. Certainly not the moderate RINO wing of the Republicans, who have not met a single fact or principle that they would not gladly throw overboard in the name of “reaching across the isle,” or “compromise.” When did the Democrats ever feel the compulsion to do that?

So let’s review some facts.

Pesky fact 1. Obama won the election. Now he thinks he has a mandate, a free hand to do whatever — and why not; not enough people bothered to turn out against him, so the people obviously don’t care what he does.

Pesky fact 2. The Congressional Republicans have also won THEIR elections, in fact did so against the Obama “tide.” Thankfully it was not that much of a tide, but nevertheless the Republicans have also won a mandate of their own.

Pesky fact 3. The last Bush 43 budget showed total receipts of $2.5T, spending of $3T, with a deficit of half a trillion. The Obama budgets showed receipts of $2.3T, spending of $3.6T, with a deficit of at least $1.3T in each of his four years.

2008 Federal Budget vs 2011 Federal Budget

The numbers actually look far worse for Obama when the numbers are broken down as “on-budget” and “off-budget” receipts and outlays; he is spending almost twice as much as he is taking in “on-budget.” Yes, we are supposed to understand what the heck that means; is that anything like being paid under the table? How does the government do that?

Pesky fact 4. No one is even trying to explain why does Obama needs to spend 20% more, and borrow THREE times as much to do it, and do so EVERY year out to infinity, than Bush 43 did. What the heck changed that the government is LOCKED IN to spending such enormous sums, every year?

Pesky fact 5. No one is talking about — and no one, not even Romney and Ryan were ever talking about — reducing government spending back down to Bush 43 levels. That would be only a 20% cut and still keep piling up deficits and adding to the total debt.

Pesky fact 6. No one is talking about — and no one, not even Romney and Ryan were ever talking about — reducing government spending by 36% (from $3.6T to $2.3T) and thereby ELIMINATING the deficit and BALANCING the budget.

(Some people are talking about going back to the Clinton budgets; that would mean even more severe cuts in real spending, not just reducing the rate of growth, because thanks to the Gingrich Congress, Clinton’s budgets were balanced and some even ran a surplus.)

Pesky fact 7. No one is talking about — and no one, not even Romney and Ryan were ever talking about — why the federal government must be spending so much. Everybody is talking about having to “address” entitlements but no one is even mentioning cutting the size of the bureaucracy, or eliminating entire Departments, hundreds of alphabet-soup agencies and thousands of programs whose mere existence is blatantly unconstitutional. No, in typical Big Government Liberal-RINO fashion, once again they are attacking society’s most vulnerable segment, the elderly.

Pesky fact 8. Obama is not even pretending any desire to fix the problem. He talks about taxing the rich. Even if he CONFISCATED EVERY PENNY from the Fortune 400, the total loot would cover the budget deficit for only ONE year. The tax increase on the rich that he is talking about would take 500 years to pay off just one year’s deficit. (These numbers are out there on the web somewhere.)

Pesky fact 9. Now some Democrat twit is out there talking up a harebrained scheme to confiscate your 401-K’s and replace them with a $600 payment into your government retirement account, the same $600 for everybody regardless of income or desire to save more. This time they are talking about a total sum so small that it is not even a rounding error in just one year’s budget — $80B if you count taxes “lost” due to the deduction. Confiscating everything in a 401-K plan, presently about $3T, amounts only to two years of deficits.

Democrats Are After Your 401(k) – The Rush Limbaugh Show

Does Government Want To Drain Americans’ 401(k) Retirement Plans? –

(in the soundtrack of the woman trying to explain the unfairness of 401-K’s, she said that for someone in the 39% bracket a one dollar investment in a 401-K represents a 39-fold return on that investment — $39. No, at best it saves 39 cents in taxes.)

Pesky fact 10. No one is publishing the numbers to show how much the government’s budget would come closer to being balanced if they:
* means-tested all deductions, so the poor would have the most, the middle would keep some, and the rich would have none;
* means-tested the entitlements (Social Security and Medicare) so the poor would get the most, the middle would get some, and the rich would get none;
* made sure that small businesses would NEVER file their returns as individuals, but always as businesses, so they would not be caught up in this “war on the rich;”
* eliminated all distinction between “earned” and “unearned” income and taxed all income at the same rates, as Warren Buffet is proposing but working feverishly with his tax lawyers to avoid himself.

Pesky fact 11. No one is publishing numbers to show how the general ECONOMY would respond to each of these changes, each one individually or all together as a package.

It’s J.R. Ewing vs. Gilligan! Obama Will Win the Fiscal Cliff Standoff, and End the Traditional American Path to Wealth – The Rush Limbaugh Show

So obviously they are not talking about anything of any practical significance with respect to the budget, the deficit, the national debt, the fiscal cliff, etc.

Pesky fact 12. What they are REALLY talking about is Obama’s program of “fundamental transformation.”

Obama’s Objective is Transforming an Unjust America, Not Economic Growth or Averting a Recession – The Rush Limbaugh Show

Sign of National Resentment for the American Way of Life: Kristof Angry About Private Generators During Sandy – The Rush Limbaugh Show

People Opening Baracka Claus Christmas Gifts Don’t Care Who’s Paying for Them or About Creating Wealth – The Rush Limbaugh Show

The general principle that is at work here is what Ted Kennedy stated some time ago, perhaps inadvertently in a moment of rare frankness. ALL of your paycheck, ALL of your wealth belongs to the GOVERNMENT. Your take-home pay is what the government stupidly allows you to keep. THIS is precisely the way communists see it; except for the one pesky little fact that it is only under communism that everybody is a government employee.

Obama is NOT interested in avoiding the “fiscal cliff.” NOTHING would serve his purpose of “fundamental transformation” better than to plunge the nation back into a second Obama recession, to create a much bigger mess which then he, blaming the Republicans and charging in as our savior on the white horse, cleans up with a social program that FDR and LBJ could only dream about. But it’s all there, in the “Rules For Radicals” and in the “Communist Manifesto.”

So, dear Republican Congressman, WHAT are YOU doing about all this?

Will you cave to media pressure and go along to get along?

Will you sell out your principles and go back on the campaign promises that got you elected in spite of Obama’s re-election?

Will YOU be the last bastion stemming the tide of the barbarian hordes teeming in the fields against us, as the Marseillaise says?

Will YOU stand fast and demand SPENDING CUTS FIRST, adjustments to taxes later, if the spending cuts actually do get enacted and realized? Will YOU see to it that these are enacted not as one omnibus bill but as two separate single-topic bills, so no dirty tricks are possible?

For the sake of this country, for the sake of our tragically misguided and mis-educated children and grandchildren, for the sake of your re-election in 2014, I SURE HOPE SO.