This is a timeline of e-mail conversations on a topic of special relevance these days.


Take the time to watch this video, This is happening more frequently. Every government department has SWAT teams to do things that a warrant served by a local law enforcement officer can and should be done.  I have seen video where a SWAT team busted into a mans apartment with his two children, throwing the father into the front yard in his underware trying to serve his wife ( who did not live there) with a warrant for non payment of student loans. This was the Dept of Education. You need to know what is happening in our new police state.

2. To All Those Who Desperately Cling To The Notion That It CAN’T Happen Here…

Yes, Americans are being trained and acculturated to abusing Americans. WHY do you think they are doing that?

Put that in the context of the generation that was shocked by the shootings at Kent State — our youth in the National Guard, shooting dead our youth in a protest march; or the Chicago PD losing their cool on national TV during the 1968 Democrat convention.

Put that in the context of the generation whose Viet Nam veterans have given us firemen as paramedics and ambulances as rolling emergency rooms — and put their military training and wartime experience to use in SWAT teams in what used to be CIVILIAN law enforcement.

And now, empowered by the Patriot, FISA and other acts of Congress, they throw the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and key Supreme Court rulings right out the window.

How far we have sunk in just 4 years… How far will we sink in four more?

3. Interesting stuff but – 4 years?  Really?  You blame Obaama completely??? 

I hate to tell you but it was George W who gave us the “Patriot Act”  How long have we had “random traffic stops”?

Supreme court says that the police can violate our 4th amendment right so long as it is random?  B…S…

This has been a long time in the making.  

4. Let’s review…

I think I have been quite consistent over the past 5 years in finding and listing all the different ways that the feds are trampling on the Constitution.

I have not forgotten

  • Lincoln’s suspension of civil rights during the Civil War.
  • Woodrow Wilson’s and FDR’s crackdowns on “enemy aliens.”
  • The excuse of a war on the Mafia to require disclosure of cash transactions at the bank or cash purchases at car, boat and jewelry dealers.
  • Ruby Ridge, Waco, and Elian Gonzales.
  • And yes, I’ve been ranting and raving about the “Patriot” Act, FISA, and just today, obamacare and gun ownership as a “health care issue.”

But the point is,

  • Everything bad that was in the works for decades is becoming NORMAL practice — yes, under Emperor OBAMA.
  • These practices are accelerating — under Emperor OBAMA.
  • Bush may have and DID push us over a cliff, but it is Emperor OBAMA who is firing the rockets to make us fall faster.

Some examples, not directly related to Eric Holder’s law enforcement tactics:

  • Today some idiot introduced a bill to repeal the two-term limit on presidents — what is that, if not Emperor Obama?
  • Biden is promising Executive Orders to repeal the Second Amendment.  — what is that, if not Emperor Obama?
  • They want to mint Trillion Dollar coins to “pay” off the national debt or whatever — what is that, if not Emperor Obama?
  • That bone head Boehner reported that Obama is sick of hearing about a “spending problem,” the real issue is, as the Washington Post claims today, PROFIT in the health care industry  — what is that, if not Emperor Obama?
  • And today we hear that some cop confiscated a video camera from a legitimate observer and deleted the file, using HIPAA or obamacare as the legal excuse —   — what is that, if not Emperor Obama?

Yea, I am exaggerating. Or am I? How much rot from the head do we need before misguided and under-informed, under-trained underlings get the wrong idea and make things worse and worse as time goes on, because it takes a federal case and an unaffordably expensive and years long legal fight to TRY to set just one thing straight, to correct just ONE injustice?

Isn’t THIS the practical definition of tyranny, where abuses pile up faster than the legal system can stop them, because the people with the authority and responsibility to prevent abuse of power in the first place are themselves DRUNK with power?

As this video (above) illustrates…