I fly the flag every day. The kids even bought a solar powered spot light so we can leave it out at night. I do it in honor for the time, before the renewed Muslim war against the world and before the “patriot” act, when people here and abroad knew that the American flag stood for liberty and liberation from tyranny.

But now…?

Now I look at the stars through teary eyes as each star is morphing into a swastika or a hammer-and-sickle — or is it a crescent moon?

What are we leaving to our kids, as their inheritance, as our legacy?

  • Patriot Act,
  • 0bamacare,
  • Death panels,
  • War on women,
  • War on babies,
  • War on families,
  • War on traditional values,
  • War on privacy,
  • War on the Constitution,
  • War on the Bill of Rights,
  • Deliberately undefended borders,
  • Reconquista,
  • Class warfare,
  • Race bating,
  • Unrestrained debt and spending,
  • Spy drones and killer drones,
  • Cameras everywhere,
  • DHS spying on e-mails and phone calls,
  • The IRS / EPA / ATF / OSHA / DHS / DOJ / etc. being used Chicago-style to intimidate and persecute political opposition,
  • Benghazi (“who is Ben Ghazi?”),
  • An entire political party rejecting and apologizing to the world for our greatest sacrifices and grandest achievements,
  • A purposely de-educated, contemptibly ignorant populace pitifully dependent on government handouts, and
  • A despicably fawning, lapdog media…

What will the flag mean to our kids and grandkids when this program of fundamental transformation is finished? What does it mean to them now?

So I am putting up the flag because there is no landlord, HOA or some hypersensitive local government, afraid of offending the politically favored minority du jour, to tell me that I can’t.

And I am putting up the flag maybe because I am hoping that, seeing it fly in the wind, the colors glowing bright in the sun, someone will see not an old geezer going nuts, but for a moment reflect on what it has meant to us and the world for two hundred and thirty seven years.