The city, county and state central committees of the Republican party are forming Recruiting and Nominating Committees as part of an effort (1) to find men and women of high caliber and outstanding ability to seek elected office, (2) to serve as liaison between the candidates and the central committees, and (3) to develop and maintain up to date information on available offices, voting records, demographics, campaign methods and strategies and any other data useful in successful campaigns. The immediate focus is, of course, on elective offices closest to you at the local level — your representation in Congress, your state Senate, your state House, your county Board of Supervisors, your City Council, your School Board, and variety of local executive offices such as Sheriff, District Attorney, Assessor, Treasurer, County Clerk-Registrar, etc.

This is an invitation to you to get involved and stay involved.

What can you do to get involved?

First and foremost you need to step forward and be a candidate. Tell your local Republican Central Committee that you are interested in running for public office. Of course the elective offices are filled, but they also go vacant for several reasons — retirement, term limits, moving on to higher office, etc. — and it is the job of your local Republican Central Committee to make sure that the good guys will fill them. Look deep into your soul, as they say, and tell them which elected office you are interested in, or tell them who you think would be a good candidate.

Just as important, you need to participate in this effort by your local and state Republican Central Committees. Here is how.

In addition to looking for good candidates, your Recruiting and Nominating Committee is also undertaking the task of vetting and appraising potential candidates.

To formalize this effort, here in Nevada we are developing a number of questionnaires and checklists, as well as a forum to assess the candidates.

One questionnaire is directed at current office holders, to ask about their plans at the end of their current term — will they run again, retire, or seek other office.

A second questionnaire is also directed at current office holders, to summarize their nuts-and-bolts campaign experience that may be useful to new candidates.

Another questionnaire is directed at Republicans in general, to assess public sentiment about the current office holders and to collect recommendations for new candidates.

Still another checklist is a series of general as well as office-specific questions that we will use to vet the candidates. The questions are highly specific and very detailed. They will help us and the candidate to determine their strong and weak points, with the expectation that the clear-eyed assessment with help them and help us determine if we have a good candidate.

And of course we will hold a forum of candidates to see how they will present and handle themselves on the campaign trail.

Just as important, the Committee will collect and maintain information about the elective offices, as well as voting records, demographics, campaign methods and strategies and any other data useful in successful campaigns.

You can help with the work of putting all this together, and by offering your ideas and suggestions. Please contact your local Republican Central Committee.

Why SHOULD you help?

Contre Nous De La Tyrannie L’Etandard Sanglant Est Leve.

Are you sick and tired of the “fundamental transformation”? Obamacare, five years of economic stagnation, runaway spending, runaway debt, limitless printing of bogus money, crony capitalism, more and higher taxes on top of more and higher taxes, open borders, phony “immigration reform,” country after country being turned over to terrorists, destruction of the civil rights of Americans while bending over backwards to protect the rights of illegals and actual or potential terrorists, runaway violence especially in “gun-free” zones, war on family values, war on women, … The list just keeps getting longer.

Are you sick of all the scandals? Fast & Furious gun running into Mexico; the murder of our ambassador in Benghazi; the IRS targeting conservatives; the NSA spying not just on foreigners but on the phone calls, e-mails and web searches of all Americans; the EPA sharing confidential data with eco-terrorists; phone records seized from Verizon and other phone service providers; reporters for the AP and Fox News investigated as spies, … This list just keeps getting longer, too.

Are you sick of the growing police state? Cameras everywhere; police dressed in combat gear, equipped with combat weapons, armored trucks with gun ports and other trappings of an occupation army; the TSA groping and molesting old ladies and little children, chortling over the naked pictures of others, but waving burkas through; gun grabbers looking for all sorts of excuses to void the Second Amendment and disarm the people, such as the CDC declaring that half of all Americans are mentally ill; whistleblowers threatened with arrest for treason, or simply silenced or “disappeared;” the IRS, SSA and other agencies demanding backdoor access to your bank accounts; … This list also just grows and grows.

But never fear. Nevada is not to be outdone… In the 77th session of the Legislature, ended just three weeks ago, Clark and Washoe county Democrats, with occasional RINO help, have introduced about a dozen bills on gun control — that is, severe restrictions on your Second Amendment rights — plus several bills to implement UN Agenda 21, dozens of bills to increase taxes, dozens of bills to put more costs and burdens on businesses, and hundreds more bills to grow government, to find more and more things for it to do, and thereby just keep increasing the cost of government.

So, why should you care? If all this is not enough reason, if all this is not enough motivation, if losing your country right before your eyes is not infuriating enough, then nothing will ever be, at least not until it’s too late… First they came (

“Don’t just do something, stand there…”