Start a grassroots effort. Let’s light a “prairie fire” under the establishment’s feet.

See Ominous Parallels — Obamacare and Common Core

Do your own research and write in your own words to

  • Every elected federal office holder,
  • Every elected state office holder,
  • Every elected local office holder,
  • Every state school board member,
  • Every local school board member in your area.

Tell every candidate for reelection to any office that you won’t support them unless they come out strongly against Common Core.

Tell every new candidate for any office that you won’t support them unless they come out strongly against Common Core.

Start a petition drive in each county so that the elected officials will have to TAKE A POSITION.

Find a representative in each county to recruit a group of parents to go out and get the petitions signed.

Start a recall campaign against every elected official who does not come out strongly against Common Core.

Talk to everyone you know who has kids in school, any school.

Talk to everyone you know who might be thinking of starting a family.

EVERYBODY is affected this time; Common Core is a program that will be shoved down your throat whether your child or grandchild goes to a public school, church school, private school, or if they are home-schooled. The standardized tests at all levels, especially and specifically the SAT and ACT, are being revised to make them Common Core compliant. They are designed to make kids FAIL unless they follow the program.

This time you CAN NOT take the attitude, what do I care, I am a responsible parent, my kids are in private school; or I am a really dedicated parent, my kids are home schooled; what do I care what’s being done in public schools. This time the “reformers” are out to get everybody.

Spread the word to everyone you know, friend, neighbor, coworker, acquaintance, business associate, regulars at the bank or store, liberal. conservative, Democrat, Republican, whatever.

This is a nation-wide issue.

This is a non-partisan issue (OK, don’t laugh too hard… we know who’s pushing this crap and why).