(In tribute to the book, “Ominous Parallels” by Leonard Peikoff)


Obamacare — “you have to pass it to find out what’s in it.”

Common Core — you have to wait till your kids come home from school feeling dumb as a rock, for the parents to find out what’s in it.


The one difference between obamacare and Common Core is that obamacare was rushed through Congress, in a process at least superficially pretending to be open to some discussion, while Common Core was sneaked in as an attachment to the 2009 “stimulus” bill without any discussion.


Obamacare the bill was drafted in secret by authors who were never identified. It was sold to the Congress as if it were their idea, and it was presented to the public as if it were the Congress’s idea.

Common Core the education standards were written in secret by authors by now long scattered into the wind. It was sold to the state governors as if it were their idea, and it is presented to the public as if it were their state governor’s and their state and local education establishment’s idea.


The regulations to implement obamacare are still being written. Contrary to claims of its proponents, doctors will NOT have a choice to tailor your care to your needs; even now they are required to strictly follow federally imposed guidelines for your treatment.

The lesson plans to implement Common Core are still being written. Contrary to claims by its proponents, local school boards and teachers will NOT be free to write their own lesson plans and choose their own reading lists. They ARE required to strictly follow the federally imposed program.


Obamacare imposes “death panels” to decide what is appropriate care for you in your old age.

Common Core imposes new standardized tests — SAT, ACT, etc. — to decide if your child is measuring up to their expectations and to decide his future usefulness to society.


Obama is taking credit for both obamacare and Common Core as if they were his idea. They are his “signature” programs.


Both obamacare and Common Core were written long before they were brought to forth to the public.

Obamacare has its roots in Hillary care in 1993.

Common Core also traces its roots back to the 1990s. The math standards are a rehash of “new math” and the reading standards are the same old “whole word” nonsense.


This time the kids will NOT be taught any cursive, they will NOT be taught the sounds of the letters of the alphabet, and they will NOT be assigned to read the classics from our rich literature that were the favorites of past generations and which have bound this nation together in a common CULTURE which shaped our national identity.


The government take-over of health care is in the Communist Manifesto of 1848.

The government take-over of education is in the Communist Manifesto of 1848.


Both obamacare and Common Core are massive and massively expensive federal programs, with costs escalating even before they are fully implemented.


Both obamacare and Common Core represent huge business opportunities for certain special interest groups and cronies of the “progressive” establishment presently in power.

Obamacare appeals to certain pharmaceutical, health care provider and health insurance companies, armies of new federal employees, and more armies of state “navigators” to guide the ignorant public through the maze.

Common Core appeals to (1) the textbook publishing industry with the need to write and print huge numbers of new books, (2) the professional trainer industry that now will have to re-educate the teachers, and (3) the after-school tutor industry to “help” the poor kids who are hopelessly lost in the incomprehensible garbage being shoved down their throats in school.


In the midst of massive evidence to the contrary, both obamacare and Common Core are claimed, misrepresented and rolled out as if they were state programs, with huge delayed costs imposed on the states, but with initial infusions of huge amounts of federal funds to bait the states into accepting them.


Both obamacare and Common Core impose top-down solutions with no room for input from the grassroots, no individual choice, no adaptation to local conditions or local needs, and no allowance for individual differences between students.


Obamacare and Common Core pound the final nail into the coffin of what little remains of our formerly sacred constitutional right to “privacy.” WHAT “privacy”?

Both obamacare and Common Core require the collection of massive amounts of deeply personal data that will never be erased or corrected, but will be freely shared with all sorts of unidentified agencies, anonymous private companies and individuals with no authorization from or notification of the person whose data is being ravaged.

Obamacare requires doctors to ask detailed questions about your sex life, regardless of the reason you went to see him. Boo boo on your finger? Oh, let me put a bandaid on it for you. How many sex partners do you have? What is your preference in partners? How often do you do “it”?

Similarly, Common Core requires over 500 questions about the individual’s and his family’s economic status, ethnicity, religion, political views, dietary and health habits, family structure, living conditions, living arrangements, preferences in entertainment, social life, etc.


Keep government our of your body. Repeal obamacare.
Keep government out of your mind. Repeal Common Core.

Keep government out of the bedroom.
Repeal obamacare.
Repeal Common Core.

(The automatic spell checker does not like “obamacare.” There is hope for artificial intelligence yet; I don’t like it either… ha ha ha)

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