These are times that try men’s souls and the only right thing to do is to stand firm, not to invent rationalizations and cover for giving up. Today was one of those times.

But the establishment Republicans have once again turned against the base and sold out to the Democrats. It’s the same old story for over a hundred years — Socialism? Me too, but slower. THAT is the “establishment.”

Debt limit?  Hike it.
Reduce spending? eh…. NO.
Repeal obamacare?  No way.
Defund obamacare?  Are you kidding?
OK, just please please pretty please, delay obamacare?  Not in this lifetime.


Our elected officials are both representatives and leaders. But for some reason, when it comes to socialist ideology, they never fail to push it. If the people seem to be for it (for example, the New Deal), they are “public servants,” eager to jump on the bandwagon; after all, they are elected to represent the people and to do their bidding. But if the people are against it (for example, obamacare) then they are suddenly the “leaders” who know better than the people and THEY tell the ignorant rabble what’s good for them.

No, in the name of trying to find a solution, the establishment Republicans negotiated against themselves in offering concession after concession. Of course the only thing the Democrat thugs had to do is wait them out. What could be more logical? If your opponent is busy doing himself in, you just stand aside and enjoy the show. And what a spectacle, the establishment demonizing the few men of principle in their ranks.

Boehner should have been parading on the Capitol steps with signs decrying Reid’s intransigence. He should have lead rallies against obamacare, cronyism in obamacare exemptions, unrestrained spending, debt limit hikes, etc. He should have made the case for trimming government, using the furlough of “non-essential” workers as proof that the government is too big. (What an obscene concept, that government should have “non-essential” personnel on its payroll.) He should have made such a spectacle of himself that the media couldn’t possibly ignore it, and therefore get his message out to the people. He should have refused to schedule a vote on anything like that obscene sell-out from the Senate, or adjourned the House so they CAN’T vote on it.

But of course he of all people would never do anything like that. He was among those, in 2010 and 2012, who was “explaining” the acts of life to the new TEA Party freshmen about how things are done in Congress — and that they can forget about getting anything done, they can forget about keeping the promises they made to the people who elected them. He made sure the fix was in; the TEA Party revolution of 2010 and 2012 was moot.

Don’t ask where this will lead. We all know where. The only question is, are we doomed to repeat the history of the USSR, where the slaves to the state had to wait for 3-4 generations to throw off the communist yoke? WHO WILL BE THE NEXT REAGAN, THATCHER AND POPE who will turn up the heat under our great grandchildren so they would see the light and free themselves?

With Common Core as their education standard, they won’t even know about Madison, Jefferson and the rest of our proudly exceptional history, their heritage and birthright.


They say the people hate Congress but love their own congressmen. Well, look hard at YOUR congressman and senator. Are they part of the solution or part of the problem? Are they in Congress to represent YOU, or just to bring home the bacon for themselves and the scraps for you? Does that make them worthy of re-election? Not in my book. Throw the bums out. Look very hard and throw out all incumbents.

Pray it’s not too late — it’s been too late for over the last hundred years of “progressivism,” since Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. It’s time for a counter-revolution, it’s time to continue and grow the TEA Party revolution of 2010 and 2012.