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Oh come ON…  What does it take for people to understand? Obamacare was INTENDED to be a big mess.

This is NOT incompetence, much as the chronic excuse makers would like to find comfort in that excuse. It has nothing to do with Obama’s administration having the lowest private business experience of all previous administrations. Obamacare is one of the two corner stones of the “fundamental transformation” that Obama promised so vaingloriously in 2008. (The other one is Common Core.) This is pure Alinsky. It is failure by design. It is the creation of the good crisis that you just can’t let go to waste.

They TOLD you in the beginning — in 1993, 2009, 2010 — what they REALLY want is government-run, single-payer, universal health care. NOT just health INSURANCE, health CARE. Total take-over.

So how to drive the people crazy enough to ASK for it?

I give you ONE guess.

And there you have it. The patient “PROTECTION” and “AFFORDABLE” care act. Obamacare. All 2700 pages if it. With TENS of thousands of regulations to implement it. With an infernal assortment of new taxes and tax hikes. With HUNDREDS of new alphabet soup federal and state agencies and 15-20 THOUSAND new IRS agents to enforce it. And a website that is too glitchy to be in alpha test, let alone released to the public.

They are EXPECTING the public to scream in agony. No no no, not this mess, anything but this mess. Please just junk this mess and replace it with ANYTHING, something that normal people and even bureaucrats can understand, even if it’s nationalized socialized communized medicine.

After all, we all know that the only reason there is a “crisis” at all is that those rich employers are too greedy. They relish cutting benefits, cutting their employees’ hours from full time to part time, so they won’t have to buy  the health insurance that the employees and their families need. Employers would rather see their employees suffer like in a Charles Dickens anti-capitalist rant; sorry, “novel.” (Nobody stops to ask, if that were so, then how would businesses expect to stay competitive, with unhappy underpaid workers?)

After all, we all know that the only reason there has been a “crisis” in health insurance is that those rich insurance companies are too greedy. They just salivate at the idea of raising premiums sky high so nobody could afford them. (Nobody stops to ask, it that were so, then how would they expect to stay in business?)

After all, we all know that the only reason there has been a “crisis” in health care is that those rich doctors are too greedy. They want way too much pay and they get paid way too much. Don’t they understand that they have a DUTY offer their talents as a SERVICE to the people? They are only doing what they are born to do, nothing special, and they LOVE it. So WHY should they be paid so much that the people can’t afford to get health care? (Nobody stops to ask, it that were so, then where would they expect to find any patients?)

THAT’s why the GOVERNMENT has to step in; these people are just to GREEDY. (Nobody stops to think about how we got into this mess in the first place — wage and price controls in WW2, business deductions for “fringe benefits,” endless regulations and mandates for coverage, huge and growing paperwork costs, unbridled litigation. EVERYBODY gets the blame EXCEPT the rabidly ideological architects of this mess.)

Never mind that the only result of this kind of thinking is DEATH PANELS and shortages of everything, even ASPIRIN.

Those of us who were born and raised behind the Iron Curtain, in the slavery of the good old Soviet empire, have seen this, know this. Those of us who have lived in western Europe, know that this only leads to a two-tier system; government health care: barely qualified government doctors for the poor, and concierge doctors for the rich.

But in America, we will learn from all this and threaten jail time for any doctor who dares to see patients outside of the government system. There have already been Medicare regulations inching in this direction, and proposals (by Democrats, of course) to make it explicitly so. WE are too egalitarian, too sensitive to “fairness” and “social justice” ever to allow a two-tier system.

We all know, and our kids are being taught in school and will be taught nothing else under Common Core, that capitalism is evil, “free” enterprise is a myth and it’s evil, “free” market is a myth and it’s evil, the law of supply-and-demand is a myth and it’s evil, competition is anti-social and it’s evil, everything new ever invented was motivated by greed and it’s evil. The only thing that is moral is SERVICE, the devotion of all your time to the service of others, not to yourself or your family. Only altruism and self-sacrifice are moral, the sacrifice of all for the sake of all.

We all know, and our kids are being taught in school and will be taught nothing else under Common Core, that everybody is equal, we all have the same basic needs and wants, that nobody needs to make more money than anyone else — a doctor does not need to make more than a janitor — and if you want more, then you are an antisocial greedy bastard who needs to be banned from society.

You don’t believe me? Then tell me, what were the various “people’s revolutions” all about? The French revolution in 1789, the Paris commune in 1870, the Bolshevik revolution in 1917, its copy-cat revolutions in 1919, the nazi revolution in 1933, the Chinese revolution in 1949, the Cuban revolution in 1959, etc. All these revolutions are examples of only to one thing — the politics of envy, the orgy of envy, the orgy of hatred turned against the good, the decent, the able, the talented, the gifted or just the plain hard worker who managed to survive in modest comfort; in short, the triumph of envy over decency. All these revolutions have always led only to one thing — the mass executions of the antisocial greedy bastards who need to be banned from society. All their reforms have always degenerated to the noose, the guillotine, the firing squads, the concentration camps, the death camps, or the “psychiatric” hospitals.

So now you are screaming, WE are more civilized than that!!! (God I hope so, because so were the French, the Germans, the Russians, the Chinese, the Cubans, etc.). WE will only make sure that the uninsured are insured, and the sick get healed.

What could possibly be wrong with that?

Do you really have to re-live the history of the past one hundred years to understand, or can you learn from history like a civilized, educated human being? And if your schools no longer teach you your own history, or feed you maliciously distorted crap as they will under Common Core, can you make the effort to learn it by yourself, for yourself, for the sake of your children and your country?