The following downloadable fliers (PDF files) show outrageous examples of how Common Core is implemented in the classroom.

The proponents’ claim is that Common Core is a step up in the standards for public education.

The facts from the real word of classrooms show that it is more accurate to say  Common Core is a deliberate effort to make children be STUPID, or at least to make them FEEL stupid, and to convince them that they ARE stupid.

What else can one say when even people with advanced degrees are stumped, confused and stupefied by the exercises and test questions — even for FIRST GRADE…

This is hardly a step “up”…

You don’t believe me? You don’t have to believe ME. Just go see some examples.

full-page flier-math  This one is from Washington.

half-page flier – English  This one is from Utah.

full-page flier-History&civics  Six examples, from all over.

(more to come)

See also: (especially the links under Blog Archives By Topic)  (Common Core’s odd approach to teaching Gettysburg Address)  (0bama as the Messiah?)

See also related topics:  (a very useful discussion of Direct Instruction, Discovery Method, and the stupidity of forcing a choice between false alternatives. Professional teachers use both, plus others, as appropriate)   (If someone is confusing “standards” and “curriculum,” then someone must also explain the very curious coincidence of a particularly sick selection of reading materials by the various school boards who determine the curriculum. The only possible explanation for this remarkable consistency is that this time the standard DOES drive the curriculum.) (and especially all the links to the original sources)

Don’t forget to download, e-mail or print the fliers
to all your friends and neighbors,
especially other PARENTS.

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