The list is offered as a guide to priorities. With so many issues on the table and with so many fronts on which the 0bama administration and the ruling elite are attacking our institutions, our values and our very foundation, how is one to choose what to pay attention to? Well,…

The list is presented in decreasing order of the lasting damage and the difficulty to change it back (biggest threat first). As you can see, the fundamental transformation did NOT begin with 0bama; he is simply the latest and most aggressive proponent of it. Actually it began with the income tax, the federal reserve, the New Deal, the Great Society, …

1. Common Core. This is an all-out war on the foundations of our country, through our children. And it is also shaping up as an all-out war on teachers, as they are effectively demoted from professional educators to teacher’s aides.

Once the kids are de-educated and mis-educated, there is no going back. They won’t have the information and the intellectual tools to rediscover their birthright in America’s founding documents. This can be undone only by replacing the current education establishment; that is, by parents, teachers and elected officials willing to stand up and “put a target on their backs,” not be frightened by real or imagined threats to their children and careers.

2. Immigration and border security. What a joke… Once the illegal population reaches a critical mass, the demographics will doom us — because they are NOT knowledgeable of the legacy of our founders, they do NOT intend to assimilate, and our power elite is too busy pushing a RACIST agenda that will PRECLUDE assimilation and education about America’s founding documents.

The problem can be mitigated only if we (1) stop taking about and actually implementing amnesty, (2) require 100% use of e-verify, (3) enforce zoning laws against residential overcrowding, (4) eliminate all forms of welfare to all immigrants, legal or illegal, and eliminate the legal loophole of “anchor babies.” You do NOT come to America to live on the dole and shack up by dozens to an apartment. You do NOT come to America to transform it into the hovel you came from. And you do NOT come to America with dreams of some racist “reconquista.”

Of course, we need voters who are willing to elect people who care about America; that is, voters willing to replace the ruling elite.

3. Obsessive, overbearing regulation. The government wants to control everything at all times. They write and enforce standards and regulations for everything and every situation. You would think normal people don’t know how to do anything if some alphabet soup agency doesn’t first tell them what to do. They cannot bring themselves to trust people to know enough so they can act in their own best interests, as Man the species had managed since creation up until the rise of the welfare state.

This one can be undone, reduced or eliminated, once the people are re-educated in their birthright of freedom and free enterprise, once the voters elect the right people, once they replace the power-mad establishment with officials and bureaucrats who see themselves as public servants, not as a ruling elite.

4. 0bamacare. This is an all-out war on free enterprise, on workers, on taxpayers, on insurers and on patients; and it is shaping up as an all-out war on doctors, as they are already being demoted from health care professionals to computer operators constrained to selecting menu options in an artificial intelligence ‘knowledge base,” and as the effect and the stated intent is to replace them with physician’s assistants and nurse practitioners. Who needs doctors when everything they know or need to know is in the database?

AND, once the death panels kick in, seniors who remember the old days and might teach the young about their birthright as Americans will die off before they can finish their job.

If we don’t do away with this monster soon, we will not have enough doctors and certainly not enough competent doctors left to care for us, as the older ones are retiring and people who used to go to medical school in the past go into other fields, with fewer hassles. This is already a trend, and it began in the Dot Com and Wall Street era, as business and finance has diverted many top students from medicine, and as Medicare was busy imposing more and more rules and less and less pay.

But this one can be reversed by restoring free enterprise– if anyone in the establishment has the guts to do so, or once the people vote to replace them, that is.

5. National Defense and foreign policy. Here we see a determined program to weaken the military with reductions in size, equipment, training, research, etc.; increases in political correctness and social engineering, and the purge of experienced officers and men who object to the new order — just at the time when China is busy rattling its sabers and pushing its version of the “East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.

And here we see a determined policy to appease and prop up our enemies and weaken our friends. Iran just go the green light to build nukes. Israel is being thrown under the bus. Country after country is being turned over to islamic radicals, with the administration’s blessing if not quite overt collusion.

It’s the 1930s again, when the West did nothing to stomp on Hitler’s rearmament program, or Japan’s thirst for foreign “markets.”

This one too can be reversed — if anyone in the establishment has any guts to do so, or if we are intelligent enough to elect the right people.

6. Domestic spying. The government ‘s hunger for databases on everything and everybody is insatiable. They want to know absolutely every detail of your life — yours, your family’s, your friends’.

This one too can be reversed — and it can be reversed at any time, because disks, servers and server farms can be physically destroyed. All it takes is an establishment that has the guts to do so, or intelligent voters to elect the right people.

7. Tax policy. The income tax is the original and key part of the culture that uses government power to monitor and determine our every activity.

But the solution is very simple, and only requires a simple act of Congress to implement it. Repeal the IRS code, and replace it with a simple retail sales tax. The IRS will stil survive in some form, however tiny and toothless, as the government necessarily needs people to receive and account for the taxes being sent in by the states. But the collection mechanism is in place in every state and locality that already has a sales tax, and the cash registers in every store are easy to reprogram to add the federal sales tax. And yes, studies show that prices will NOT go up because there is at least that much if not more taxes embedded in the existing prices. And the government will not lose any revenue, in fact tax receipts will rise, because of increased sales in a recovering and booming economy, once it is free from the shackles of “tax policy.”

All it takes is — again — intelligent voters to elect the right people.

Tea party, anyone? NO. TEA Party. It’s 1773 again, folks! In 1773 the patriots threw 342 chests of tea into the harbor. Can we throw 342 Democrats and RINOs out of office in 2014?