Sometime over a hundred years ago the two major parties formed an undeclared, unholy alliance, essentially reducing American politics to a carnival game of two-card monty or a coin flip with a two headed coin — heads I win, tails you lose. The Democrats were to be the “party of ideas,” and the Republicans were to be the “party of managers.”

Of course the “party of ideas” had nothing new to offer; Karl Marx wrote the playbook in 1848, called the Communist Manifesto.

What was new is the willingness of the supposedly pro-business Republican establishment to apply their management skills, rhetoric and money in the service of an ideology whose openly stated aim if to hang them from the nearest lamppost.

This was American politics up until 1964, and this is the politics to which the establishment wants to return in 2014.

This was the unholy alliance that  gave us the Federal Reserve and the income tax in 1913, the New Deal in 1933, and the Great Society in 1965. In 1979 they gave us the Community Redevelopment Act that Clinton kicked into high gear in the mid-1990s and which caused the housing bubble that burst in 2007. And in 2009 they gave us  “stimulus 2” Common Core, and 0bamacare.

This was the unholy alliance that gave us Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, Herbert Hoover and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Kennedy / Johnson and Nixon / Ford, Bush 41 and Clinton, and all the losers from more recent times. It was not hard for them to do that at all; they all agreed that they were “progressives” (useful idiots, as Lenin called their ilk in politics, the media and academia).

In 1964 there was a great showdown in the Republican national convention in San Francisco between mostly western or rural conservatives and mostly coastal urban “moderates” and “liberals,” expressed in the candidacies of Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona and Governor Nelson Rockefeller of New York. This was the occasion of Goldwater’s most famous line, “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.” The establishment vilified Goldwater with the most extreme lies, and set the pattern of the media gravitating to open advocacy for Democrat candidates and causes — in the name of factual news. It also set the pattern for establishment petulance; if the base is stupid enough not to nominate the establishment candidate, the establishment will take their ball and go home, or worse, openly or covertly work for the Democrat in the general election. And of course Goldwater lost.

Conservatives had to wait until the country saw for themselves that we are right and the establishment is wrong. But first the nation had to watch helplessly as Johnson, Nixon, Ford and Carter plunged the nation into a most disastrous hyperinflation, stagnation (“stagflation”), Carter’s famous “malaise” and recession in the 1970s. In 1980 the people turned to Ronald Reagan to save the economy and the nation — which he did, by the way, in under a year and a half, simply by appealing directly to the people to make Congress reduce tax rates and spending. The historical fact is that Reaganomics ushered in 25 years of steady growth. However,…

The establishment couldn’t wait to forget and erase all memory of Reagan and to undo his accomplishments. The  “read my lips; no new taxes” promise was just campaign rhetoric. “Compassionate conservatism” was just an excuse to spend more and more. “No Chid Left Behind” just paved the way to Common Core. And the original “stimulus” just set the stage for unlimited deficits and doubling of the national debt.

TODAY we are repeating the failed policies of the 1930, with the same tragic result — we are 6 or 7 years into the Great Recession, with vast reductions in the work force, vast increases in dependence on hand-outs. Will it take another world war to end another decade of failure and misery?

TODAY the same divide is wrecking the Republican party, as the ruling elite is turning on and vilifying the party’s base. The list of examples illustrating this divide is as long as it is infuriating

  • The gutless “continuing resolutions” instead of a budget as required by the Constitution
  • Caving on 0bamacare
  • Totally ignoring Common Core
  • Caving on sequester, and once again,
  • Caving on the budget
  • Threatening to treat us to immigration “reform” in the new year.

Instead of standing on and fighting for sound, time-honored and proven conservative principles, as Reagan did in 1980, they seek “bipartisanship” and “reaching across the isle.”

They never ONCE ask, how about you goddamned Democrats reaching across the isle once in a while, and join us to do what is right, not according to Karl Marx but according to America’s founding values?

No no no, the RINOs could never demand that, because the lapdog media would label them “racist.” Better to apply that epithet to conservatives and the TEA Party. Better to look “respectable,” better to be “politically correct,” than to fall out of favor with the Democrat propaganda machine that is the media today.

No, the right thing to do is to say “elections have consequences,” and promptly forget that the Democrats are NOT the only ones to whom this stupid quote applies, that THEY too were elected and re-elected, in 2010 and 2012, and therefore they must pay attention to the people who voted FOR them, not against them.

No, the right thing to do is to bite the hand that feeds you — the solid conservative base that put them back in power in 2010 and kept them there in 2012.

No, the right thing to do is to treat your base as the enemy.

No, the right thing to do is to forget that money does not vote, PEOPLE do.

No, the right thing to do is to hand the Democrats two very powerful emotional issues for next elections — cutting veterans’ benefits, cutting unemploYment funding, just in time for CHRISTMAS… How stupidly insensitive is that?

The story continues in Uncivil War in the GOP.

Do you think there is a need for a real house cleaning in 2014? A real House and Senate cleaning?

Do you suppose the conservative and TEA Party base will turn out in the primaries to do get rid of RINOs, then show up again in the general elections to get rid of Democrats?