(To understand who “John Galt is, read Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged,” published continuously since 1957.)

The establishment is promising a fight over immigration “reform” in 2014. But the fight they propose is actually an assault on free enterprise and free trade.

GOP Establishment, Chamber of Commerce Preparing for Looming Amnesty Fight

The Chamber of Commerce plans to spend at least $50 million to wage war against conservative and Tea Party candidates during the 2014 midterm elections while Rove’s American Crossroads is reloading as well. They hope that “a less restive Republican caucus” will pave the way for initiatives like immigration reform. The Chamber of Commerce has indicated it may also pressure incumbent Republicans in moderate districts who are not on board with amnesty to get their support.

Of course “John Galt” was not concerned about immigration; but today the massive illegal immigration is just one example of the problem that “John Galt” was concerned about, which is the problem of dependence on government largess and the impossibility of sustaining the effort to pay for it. Immigration “reform” just ties the two problems together into an inseparable whole.

The US Chamber of Commerce and the “Republican” elite are for immigration “reform” for at least three reasons, all of them rather bad.

  • One is that by enacting amnesty, the GOP will gain votes from hispanics. Nothing in the polls or past election returns supports this hypothesis (quite the contrary).
  • Another is that by providing amnesty to all those who are here now, they will somehow stem the tide of future invasions. Yes, that’s a good one; the amnesty of 1986 proves what a great idea that was (for the benefit of those who don’t know, the Democrats sold a package of lies to Reagan — amnesty now, border security later — and pardoned a few million illegals. Today the problem is a few TENS of millions of illegals, and the flood is increasing with the prospect of amnesty).
  • The third one is just plain greed; a steady supply of cheap labor will keep the wage pressure in check.

The Democrats are for all this, of course, because all these uneducated low-information illegals will give them a permanent majority based on the entitlement class (yes, it is well documented that illegals do vote). And, unlike in the past, now the unions too are for amnesty because as the white majority rose into the middle class, became gentrified and union membership is vanishing, the unions see illegals as a vast and growing source of new members.

The flaw in the economic theory behind all this is as follows. The establishment interprets free trade, free enterprise and free market as globalism; there are no local or national economies, only one great interconnected global economy for the entire planet. This interpretation allows them to set up shop anywhere on the planet that happens to offer the cheapest labor at the moment.

Cars cost too much to make in Detroit? No problem, move to China.
Semiconductors cost too much to make in Santa Clara, Scottsdale or Dallas? No problem, move to China. It started in the 1960s with the manufacture of television sets moving to Japan, then Taiwan. then Malaysia, etc., but the point is, they simply dismantled and boxed up entire assembly lines, entire factories, entire industries, and shipped them out of the US. The price China demanded for all this was the transfer of TECHNOLOGY as well, and these globalists did not mind doing that either; they GAVE AWAY the only edge America ever had, which is superiority in technological innovation. Research and development cost too much? No problem; set up R&D centers in China and India.

Traditionally, of course, free trade, free enterprise and free market have meant something quite the opposite. Even before Independence, the American colonies had a foreign policy at odds with the mother country’s. We wanted to trade freely with anyone anywhere, free of political or governmental interference. The key point is that free trade means the free flow of GOODS, not factories. Each country had something unique, something special that they had to offer in exchange for something unique, something special from another country — silk from China, wine from France, cotton from Egypt, coffee from Colombia, steel from Damascus, etc. There is an exact parallel to this in the economy of any town; different businesses offer hardware, furniture, food, gas, clothes, books, toys, etc. But the concept of corporations and fictitious legal persons invented about a 100-150 years ago gave rise to conglomerates and multinationals; the concept of capitalism (not to be confused with free enterprise) gave rise to seeing labor as just another commodity; and the two of them combined to give rise to globalism.

Of course the marxists nod approvingly, because they see this just a step on the path to their long time goal of one-world international communism, as Karl Marx had promised. This trend is helped by the fact that low-information people come to see less and less difference between the rigid, impersonal, uncaring bureaucracy of a corporation and the rigid, impersonal, uncaring bureaucracy of government; come to see the corporate bureaucracies not as competition but as needlessly inefficient duplication; and come to see corporate profit as an unjustified, unnecessary additional cost.

And of course the muslim fundamentalists nod approvingly, because anything global is a step toward the world wide caliphate, as Mohammed had promised.

HOWEVER, a patriotic business class would behave differently. Were the ruling elite, were the establishment patriotic in the least, were they just a bit grateful for the system designed by our Founders that allows them to prosper, they would think differently. They would choose to act on the basis of love of country and love for their fellow Americans, and see what they can do to improve OUR lot, not the lot of some foreign nation. Labor costs too much in America? No problem; we will work smarter, we will redesign products for efficient assembly, we will design better products, we will design and build for quality, we will automate, we will innovate — we are Americans, that’s what we do, that’s what we’ve always done. Let the foreigners discover what they are better at, let them compete, let them compete fairly, openly, honestly; let them improve their own lot. What gives us the arrogance to know better what’s good for them than they do?

In a deeper sense, global corporatism is just another manifestation of the fundamental transformation that has proceeded long before 0bama promised it to us so arrogantly in 2008. Our country has its roots in rugged individualism embodied in the tradition of family owned and operated small businesses, vitally dependent on the loyalty of customers earned by quality of service. But the corporate structure, in which everybody without exception is just an employee, makes us permanently dependent on the approval of a hierarchy of superiors and coworkers up and down the corporate ladder. It is changing us from free individuals into wage-slaves. As independent businessmen, we look for clients and customers; but as employees, we look for a job. When the economy hits a snag, as businessmen we’d look for ways to keep our customers, but as employees we hold out our hands for the unemployment check, and if we are a corporation that’s too big to fail, we rip off the taxpayers with a government bail-out.

So where does this leave us with the problem that the establishment is hell-bent on drowning us in a flood of illegal immigration by a people from a foreign culture not interested in assimilating, hostile to our traditions, not educated in our language and culture, most of them with not even a third grade educated in their own language and culture, and with nothing more to offer than the willingness to work for practically nothing? Will we let the establishment hoodwink us again in 2014 as they had done in 1986? Will we respond to the declaration of war by the establishment — the Chamber, Karl Rove, etc. — and will we respond to their challenge and VOTE THEM OUT?

Or will we respond as “John Galt” did in “Atlas Shrugged” — withdraw, fade away, take as many with us as we can, convince many more to drop out, and let this infernal system collapse under the load of all the freeloaders that this system is breeding?