A friendly group had sent out a request for short notes suitable for sending to newspapers and other media that have a word count limit of about 200 words (give or take a few). This page is a (growing) collection of my contributions to this request.

Feel free to use them as you see fit, edit them to make them your own and use them with or without attribution to me.


2014 January 9

Do Something in 2014; Rekindle The Spirit of 1776

The descendants of Jefferson’s Democratic Republicans are the conservatives and the TEA Party. The descendants of Hamilton’s Federalists are the big-government “progressive” establishment Republicans. Today’s Democrats are descendants of Karl Marx.

The practical consequence of these roots is that the Democrats seduce the low-information voters with their plans to “do something” … “for the people.” Conservatives promise to exercise only the few enumerated powers. Whatever the Democrats propose, our answer is “no, it’s not in the Constitution.” After a while we start being boring boring boring…

There have been many calls recently for a letter writing campaign — write against Common Core; write against voter apathy; write against arrogant politicians who ignore their rank-and-file supporters, etc.

How about a letter writing campaign against Emperor 0bama and his Hessians in Congress under Reid and Pelosi? Is it too much to include “Republican” collaborationists?

0bama’s agenda and his rule by fiat gives us the chance to sound exciting simply by rekindling the spirit of 1776 and using against the Democrats the words our Founders used against King George. The obvious parallels make our task much easier.

2014 is an election year. Do your duty. Do your best. Just DO SOMETHING.


2013 December 20

Seven Silver Linings

Friends of ours suggested I write something positive for Christmas. I had no idea what to say until I heard the news again today: practically all new jobs being created are PART TIME.

As 0bama’s socialist Keynesian economics is transforming our economy, the GOOD unintended consequences will be the following:

1.  We will learn to live more modestly. As in the 1950’s and before, we’ll learn to support a family on ONE income.

2.  In fact, we will learn that two part time jobs are better than one full time job. Why?

3.  Mom will see that she can find fulfillment in her work both inside and outside the home. So will DAD…

4.  They will re-learn to do things together, like when they were dating. Rediscover the joys of sharing housework, for example.

5.  Both will be less stressed.

6.  They will also not have money for taxes and socialist schemes. And when they do their budget, 0BAMACARE IS DEAD.

7.  They will have time to help their kids with homework, go to PTA meetings, etc. And when they do, COMMON CORE IS DEAD.

What a great Christmas message — modesty, frugality, family values, and two death blows to socialism.



2013 December 19

0bamacare — Rob From The POOR, Give To The RICH…

Fascism — state-controlled economy, a mix of private and public ownership. Economic planning is applied to both the public and private sector, and the prosperity of a private enterprise depends on synchronizing itself with the state’s goals. It supports the profit motive. However, industries must uphold the national interest as superior to private profit.

Tom Sullivan, the radio talk show host, was explaining 0bamacare again today. The following information came to light:

1. 0bamacare forces you to buy insurance you DON’T want, on terms you CAN’T negotiate.

2. If your income is low enough, the government will subsidize your premiums. You are still stuck with co-pays and deductibles which are hugely higher under 0bamacare than under your previous policy.

3. YOU don’t control the amount of the subsidy. YOU never see a penny of it. It goes DIRECTLY to your INSURANCE COMPANY.

4. BUT the amount of the subsidy shows up as TAXABLE income to YOU. It also kicks you into a higher bracket.

THIS is a textbook-perfect illustration of fascism — 0bamacare transfers huge amounts of money from taxpayers to specially favored private companies.


2013 December 18

Republicans back away from Common Core

This is in reference to the WaPo article, “Republicans back away from Common Core as legislative roadblocks advance” on December 17.

The article proposes yet another version of the Big Lie (Common Core is the work of TWO GOVERNORS…).

One thing remains true:

“We’ve talked to a lot of people who never read the standards,” Neal [of FreedomWorks] said. “They literally tell me they didn’t know what Common Core was until they already had it.”

But never fear, the WaPo is riding to the rescue: opposition comes only from Republicans and southerners — that’s liberal slang for partisans and hicks…

“you’re treating South Carolina kids like they’re California kids”

What does that say about SC kids? about CA kids?

Governor Nikki Haley got one thing right:

“ it’s now up to the legislature to reverse that, and the governor supports efforts to do so”

God, I wish this were so on my state….


THIS is the crowd that is for Common Core. They only see the MONEY.


2013 December 17

Pillars of the Fundamental Transformation

Common Core is a war on our traditions through the de- and mis-education of our children — and on teachers; they are demoted from educators to aides.

Immigration reform is an excuse for the ruling elite to push a RACIST agenda that PRECLUDES assimilation.

Regulation of everything means that government cannot trust people to know enough to get by, as we had managed since creation until the rise of the welfare state.

0bamacare is a war on workers, taxpayers, insurers, patients — and on doctors; they are demoted from health care professionals to computer operators selecting menu options on a computer.

Foreign policy is to prop up our enemies and weaken our friends.

Defense policy is to reduce our military in size, equipment, training, research, etc.; to use it for social engineering, and to purge experienced officers who object to the new world order.

Domestic spying builds databases on every detail of everyone’s life.

The income tax is the original and key part of the government power to monitor and determine our every activity.

In 1773 the patriots threw 342 chests of tea into the harbor. Can we throw 342 Democrats and RINOs out of office in 2014?


2013 December 16

Uncivil War in the GOP

The only reason there is a Republican majority in the House is the TEA Party “revolution” in 2010. So of course the establishment is turning on the very people who put them in power. Let the links tell the story:





The budget does NOTHING to stop 0bamacare, Common Core and other pillars of the “fundamental transformation” — or runaway spending. Worse, it delivers powerful emotional issues to the Democrats:



Yes, the way to win is to act like the Democrat caricature of Republicans — screw the little guy….