I have great difficulty coming up with questions specific to any one of you. Everything i can think of, such as the downtown / corridor / street beautification projects, has been answered at various times with the general dismissal of the question by saying that the details will be worked out later.

What are the merchants’ contributions to the downtown / corridor projects?
Which comes first, the lane closures or the merchants’ contributions to the project?
Will the city charge rent for the use of the wider sidewalks for private purposes?

Does the plan include turning the I-580 off-ramp streets (North Carson, College, Williams, Fairview, …) into tree lined boulevards enticing visitors to go downtown?

Is the downtown / corridor project just a ruse for another try at reviving the library / downtown project?
If so, what are you going to do about it? Support it? Oppose it? Why?

What are the merchants doing to keep from going out of business after I-580 is finished?
Has anyone done a study to see how much of the I-580 traffic will still come into town?
What is the backup plan in case I-580 turns Carson City, or just downtown, into a ghost town?

What will be alternate routes while Carson Street is closed for lane reconfiguration?
Is there a plan that will not destroy all the trees in the middle islands?
Will they relocate all the light poles, traffic lights, etc., so they won’t end up in the middle of the new wider sidewalks?

Have they done a study to show how traffic will flow with only one lane open each way?
What route will the emergency vehicles take instead of Carson Street?

What in your professional or life experience qualifies you to
set policy for the entire county
understand and control budgets
understand, monitor and control individual departments
win the cooperation of managers and rank-and-file
win and keep the approval of your clients the constituents

Where in the current city budget do see any “waste-fraud-and-abuse” that can be eliminated?
Will you propose to do so?

Do you think the purpose of government is to provide job security to government employees?
Should staffing levels be adjusted dynamically according to economic conditions?

What government services to you see that should be contracted out, so as to achieve reduction in cost to the city and the flexibility to adjust to economic conditions?

Do you have a loyal following from your previous professional or life experience who will continue to support you, or will former subordinates and co-workers “swift boat” you at the worst possible moment in the campaign?

What is your relationship with the city’s power elite?
How do you intend to balance your need for their money and support against the needs of the community as a whole and specific constituencies in particular?

How do you intend to rectify the mess that the current board has  made of the water and sewer issue?
Will you just stand by as our rates go up and up and up?
Will you let the new funds be diverted to other pet projects?

We are still stuck with an infrastructure that is said to be ready to crumble at any moment.
Do you expect the feds to bail us out?

Lot of us are connected to city services, we don’t have our own wells and septic tanks.
What is the backup plan in case city water and sewer service fails?

Will you propose or support an ordinance to allow homeowners to capture rain and non-septic waste water to be used for lawn, shrub and tree irrigation?

Will you propose or support an ordinance to let homeowners fix sidewalks and driveways (which are on the city’s side of the property line) and take the cost off their property taxes?

What do you intend to do about all those shuttered store fronts downtown, several of which are idle “law” offices used by lobbyists once every two years, and replace them with year-round customer-oriented businesses?

What do you intend to do about getting the Ormsby House finished and put into full operation?
What will be the impact on Carson Street traffic if the Ormsby House is ever finished?

Do you think it is proper for the city to buy, build, own and run facilities such as a multi-purpose athletic center, golf course, etc. that compete with existing private enterprise?

Where do you stand on unfunded mandates being imposed on the city by the feds and the State?
What do you intend to do about them?

Do you think Carson City is or should be a “sanctuary city” for illegal immigrants?
Is it a proper function for the city to provide welfare and free services without requiring citizenship and a history of local residence and employment?
What do you intend to do about it?

What role do you see for “ideology,” that is, philosophical and moral principles, to guide your decisions?
Do you think all problems and solutions are “pragmatic”?
If you are not guided by philosophical and moral principles, then how can you “pragmatically” tell if something is a problem and if a solution will “work”?

Where do your convictions fall on the spectrum of philosophical / moral / political ideologies from Left to Right, from totalitarian statist to rugged individualist?

Have you read the 2014 CCRCC platform? Which planks, relevant to the city, can you and can’t you support, and why?