We might as well begin with a laugher. The winner of the Democrat race for someone to challenge Governor Sandoval is… None Of The Above. What a great vote of confidence in your own Party.

On the Republican side it’s all downhill from there.

On the Republican side this was another year of the Big Lie, and this year it was universal. In a way it was a great victory for conservatism, because EVERY Republican ran claiming he was a conservative. What hubris, what utter contempt for the voters… And because of that, it turned into a great defeat, because with precious few exceptions the wisdom of the Republican rank and file was to re-nominate every RINO for re-election to the same office or nominate them for the next office.

And now the RINO winners are gloating over their feat, flaunting their contempt for us, preparing to celebrate their success — and this time the Governor WILL attend a “Republican” function…

You would think that after all the revolutionary rhetoric of the past year or two (or more), after all the fights and grand-standing on specific issues, after the hullabaloo over vetting and endorsements, the Party apparatchiks would have had a better sense of what the average voter was thinking. But no no no, it turns out they had no clue.

You would think that after writing and re-writing county platforms all over the state, producing documents decidedly on the libertarian-conservative side of the spectrum, the winning candidates would have been the ones who endorsed their county and state platforms. But no no  no, with few exceptions the candidates who won were the RINOs who refused to participate in vetting and refused to declare their support for the peoples’ platforms.

You would think that voters in a PRMARY, especially the voters in a Republican primary, would NOT be like the average low-information voter, more aware of the nonsense of March Madness or the idiocy of the Kardashians than about bread-and-butter or constitutional issues. But no no no, they were no more interested or informed than anybody else.

This raises a lot of questions.

What does it mean to be a Republican? At least we know what the Democrats are, because for the past century and a half ALL of their ideas have come from only one source, Karl Marx. They did not have a single original idea since at least 1848, and all of it can be distilled down to envy, greed and class hatred. But Republicans formally trace their ancestry to Lincoln, who had a deep faith in the Constitution and the wisdom that inspired it. How do the RINOs reconcile THAT with their collaborationist “go along to get along” theory of government and all the flagrant disregard for and brutal violation of the Constitution that collaboration with Democrats requires?

What does it mean to be a Conservative? How is that different from being a Republican, a Libertarian, a Constitutionalist, etc.? Don’t they all mean the same thing?

Well, it is obvious that the voters in the primaries don’t know or care.

  • The RINOs run as “conservatives”? OK by me, re-elect the RINO.
  • The RINOs tell the silliest, most infantile lies? OK by me, re-elect the RINO.
  • The RINOs hurl the dumbest, most insulting personal attacks? OK by me, re-elect the RINO.
  • The RINOs rack up the most liberal voting record in the Legislature? OK by me, re-elect the RINO.
  • The RINOs ignore their own party’s platform? OK by me, re-elect the RINO.
  • The RINOs refuse to run on issues or debate the issues? OK by me, re-elect the RINO.
  • The RINOs are scheming to legalize huge numbers of illegal immigrants? OK by me, re-elect the RINO.
  • The RINOs support 0bamacare, Common Core and other pillars of 0bama’s “fundamental transformation”? OK by me, re-elect the RINO.
  • The RINOs never can explain just what they DID get done, just what they DID get for “going along to get along”? OK by me, re-elect the RINO.
  • Nothing changes, year after year, decade after decade, except for the worse? OK by me, re-elect the RINO.

They say we get the government we deserve. Obviously. But the great evil in this scheme is that the majority imposes its uninformed, unenlightened, ignorant, selfish, greedy will on the minority, and the minority has no recourse, no safety net or lifeboat in which to escape the sinking ship. We are stuck with representation that hates us and what we stand for, even if — especially because — we stand for defending and preserving the Constitution. Which, incidentally, they too swear to upon taking office, then spend every waking minute to circumvent, subvert and destroy because they want to “get things done.”


Because politics is the realm of power, not governance. Politics is the realm of emotion, not reason.  Politics is the realm of imposing your will on others, not accommodating theirs. Politics is “war by other means,” not the “art of compromise.” Politics is getting what you want and not letting the other guy get what he wants. Just for the fun of it.

Because being a “liberal” means jumping up and down like a freak, inventing one great crisis after another and proposing “new” ideas to “solve” them — to “do something,” to “get things done.”

Because being a conservative means repeating the same old boring mantra, no, you can’t do that, the Constitution does not allow the federal government to do that, it is not in the enumerated powers to do that, and it is not proper for any level of government to be micromanaging peoples’ lives like that.

What fun is that? How does that let the politicians taste the joy of exercising power? What is the point in being in politics without the joy of exercising power? What’s the point of being in politics if you DON’T get to tell people how to live their lives, to let them do as they please as long as they don’t do any harm? What’s the point of trusting people to decide what’s best for them? What use is there for government “leaders” and “experts” if the people get by just fine without them?

Clearly the Constitution was written by people who expected government to be manned by statesmen, not politicians, and to the extent that they expected that to be an ideal, not a permanent practical fact, they built in checks and balances to keep the selfish hordes in line. Clearly the Constitution was written for a moral people, for a people who were expected to be self-sufficient, not looking to live on the dole. But the Framers also saw the flaw in their design — once the rabble figure out they can vote themselves benefits from the public trough, it’s all over — and they did NOT build in safeguards against THAT. And so we’ve seen a coalition of socialist Democrats and progressive Republicans chipping away at the grand design and and destroying it step by step over the past century or more.

And what do the people say? Too bad for you if you didn’t get yours; I got mine, and so it’s OK by me, re-elect the RINO.

Now if someone suggests this is a great argument for abandoning the Republican Party and going with some loser of a third party, I’ll barf right on my computer. If anything, this is an argument for figuring out how to get the great unwashed masses off their asses and WANT to care about the issues — and vote accordingly. I don’t know how to do that, except to do a better job of “reaching out” and educating them so they’ll want to get rid of RINOs.

Unfortunately, large numbers of people believe in the Atlas Shrugged solution, to withdraw and let the system collapse. But there is no “Galt’s Gulch” in which we can ride out the collapse. The system never quite will collapse. And the people will only suffer worse and worse while the collapse happens in slow motion. The USSR took seven decades to fail, after the imposition in full of a brutal totalitarian communist dictatorship (which today’s “progressives” can only dream about). And even then it took outside pressure from Reagan, Thatcher and the Pope to push them over the cliff. Where will the next Reagan, Thatcher and Pope come from to force the collapse a United Socialist States of America? Today at best even college students don’t know who Reagan, Thatcher and the Pope were, and at worst they are learning — under Common Core they WILL be learning — that THEY were evil. No Reagan will rise from that generation; it’s up to us, here and now.

Americans had never had an appetite for third parties. Our system was not set up to accommodate third parties. It’s the Europeans who run their parliamentary system with coalitions formed in smoke filled rooms. We use our smoke filled rooms to “go along to get along.” And when we do have third parties, all they do is divide the majority vote, make sure a loser wins, and that the winner got a minority of the votes. We do not have the requirement that a majority shall form a government. Even when None Of The Above gets the most votes, all that means is that the loser with the next highest number of votes wins, no matter how few votes he got.

So yea, go third party, go.