I am so sick of media and politicians (even “right wing” talk show hosts) wringing their hands, undergoing strange mental contortions trying to understand and explain 0bama’s strange actions in foreign affairs, national defense, border security, immigration policy, domestic policy, etc. They are trying oh so hard not to see the 800 pound gorilla in the room. They try every possible explanation, even to the point of insulting the man and his administration with claims of “incompetence,” “inexperience,” “lack of focus” or “lack of interest in foreign affairs,” etc. ANYTHING but the obvious.

Well, we live in an era when stating and restating the obvious is an unfortunate necessity. So here goes.

The fact is that 0bama was born of at least one muslim parent, and was raised by at least one muslim parent and educated in one or more muslim countries. Later he traveled in muslim countries. In the US he was raised by communist relatives and mentors, and as an adult he associated closely with communist domestic terrorists. He even wrote a book about his father and his father’s hatred of the West, western cultural values and westerners as white colonial oppressors of colored peoples.

All three ideologies — Islam, communism and this racist “anti-colonialism” — are the diametric opposites of everything we Americans hold dearest in our hearts. WE see individuals with individual rights, and we cherish a Constitution to protect us against an over-active and over-reaching government. THEY only see class and race, and laugh derisively at the notion that any individual can possibly be competent enough to fend for himself. They see individuals only in a state of total dependence on and unquestioning servitude to government.

The fact is, 0bama is NOT incompetent. He knows precisely what he is doing and why. The tragedy is, no one admits to see it and no one is willing to call him out on it.

So 0bama negotiates with terrorists, swapping one US deserter for five terrorist leaders — and our lap dog media and cowardly politicians DON’T see that as 0bama’s instinctive impulse to act as a proper Muslim.

So 0bama shuns and mistreats the visiting head of state from Israel — and our lap dog media and cowardly politicians DON’T see that as 0bama’s instinctive impulse to act as a proper Muslim.

So 0bama arbitrarily and prematurely ends hostilities in two countries under siege by terrorists, releases terrorists from Gitmo, “negotiates” with Iran in such as way as to make sure it will build its nukes, sends US “advisors” to train and arm muslim “rebels,” etc. — and our lap dog media and cowardly politicians DON’T see that as 0bama’s instinctive impulse to act as a proper Muslim.

So 0bama imposes 0bamacare, raids formerly tax-exempt accounts, calls for more and more soak-the-rich taxes, extending their reach deep into the middle class — and our lap dog media and cowardly politicians DON’T see that as 0bama’s instinctive impulse to act as a proper communist.

So 0bama issues executive orders for extending amnesty to illegal “immigrants” in the face of a flood of racially and culturally incompatible peoples with a huge impact on welfare programs and a serious danger to national security– and our lap dog media and cowardly politicians DON’T see that as 0bama’s instinctive impulse to act as a proper racist.

What explains such a strange state of affairs?

Europe is committing suicide out of long delayed guilt for their colonial past. In the name of desperately trying to atone for and forget that past, long after their colonial empires vanished they decided that their former colonial subjects are citizens of the former mother country, free to relocate to it… Now those racially and culturally incompatible peoples are displacing the original Europeans themselves…

Europe is committing suicide out of long delayed guilt for the holocaust. In the name of desperately trying to atone for and forget that past, long after the war and the holocaust had ended, they allow their countries to be flooded by holocaust deniers and other racists who were allies of Hitler, hold up Hitler as their hero, and can’t wait for a chance to finish the job Hitler started. But Europeans can’t bring themselves to defend their borders, language and culture from the racist islamic invaders, imperialists and terrorists, because doing so would be ….racist…!!!!!!!

Here in the US, we are treating the Constitution as if it were a suicide pact. The administration insists on treating foreign terrorists not as enemy combatants but as domestic criminals — with full American constitutional rights. The DOJ, CAIR, the ACLU and others are now convincing judges to question even the constitutionality of no-fly lists. Forget enforcing immigration laws, except as they might be violated by …Europeans. Forget enforcing employment laws and e-Verify; some politicians now claim that foreigners illegally residing in the US have a RIGHT to hold a job here…! And none dare question the actions of the president or his attorney-general, because to do so would be … racist! Five or more generations after the Civil War, the Emancipation Proclamation, the post-war constitutional amendments, the long series of civil rights and voting rights laws, “fair” housing, etc., we are still so racked by guilt for the slave-holder past of SOME of our States that we ALL don’t dare to criticize the president for fear of immediately being denounced as … racist!

I submit, humbly and sadly, that we are bending over backwards so far that we are unable to defend OUR country, OUR civilization, OUR founding values against the determined and unprecedented foreign and DOMESTIC assault by true racists, by truly politically IN-correct ideologues who see everything only in terms of class warfare and racism. It is a no brainer to point out that this will not end well, because either we will vanish without a whimper or we will see a violent reaction that will still destroy far more than it might save. And it is also a no brainer to point out that THAT is precisely the intention of our enemies, both foreign and domestic, because in either case the first casualty will be our civil rights, our Constitution, our values and our traditions, sacrificed in the name of national security or a national state of emergency. We don’t have to look very far to see that this kind of thing DID happen here before — consider the Civil War, Reconstruction, Jim Crow, the KKK, the internment of west-coast Japanese Americans, and the McCarthy era, as examples.

What’s the answer to all this?

In spite of the currently fashionable lunacy of the European ruling class, the concepts of citizenship based on ethnicity, not residence; nation states; and national borders, languages and cultures are well within the European tradition. The answer for them is simple; it is derisively called “ethnic cleansing” — but only if it is applied to Serbs trying to defend parts of their historic homeland against muslim invaders (as a recent example); it’s OK if the invaders engage in ethnic cleansing by establishing “no go” zones in Europe’s greatest cities. Muslim middle easterners and south Asians should and could be repatriated to their countries of origin; very few if any can reasonably claim “refugee” status, and in any case no host country is under obligation to accept them. They have their own countries; they have no reason to invade Europe, and their express desire to build a world-wide caliphate is the worst possible excuse.

The situation is more complicated in the US, because we invented the concept of citizenship based on residence, not ethnicity — except of course when we insist that a presidential candidate or kids born to servicemen in far away countries with strange sounding names are still US citizens. So now we have children of illegals automatically classified as US citizens only because their mothers came across the border just in time to give birth here. Never mind that even among people with better reasons to have come here, the first generation to be born here falls prey to racist propaganda and they join subversive racist nationalist organizations working to destroy the US from within by any means necessary, establish “no go” zones in our cities, or go oversees to join some terrorist jihadist war. The current administration is just too happy to classify them as AMERICAN domestic terrorists, to bolster their drive for more and more intrusive domestic surveillance activities against ALL Americans. To these people, and to people in the lap dog media, the concept of denying work permits to illegals, denying welfare benefits to illegals, punishing employers who hire illegals and incidentally exploit them and evade taxes by paying illegals reduced wages under the table, and of course just enforcing visa, immigration and border security laws — thereby forcing the voluntary repatriation of illegals — sound too impractical, too heartless, to discriminatory, too racist. They offer every excuse except a solution. Their goal of course is obvious, most clearly so when they agitate for driver’s license and voting rights for illegals. Yet, what is the answer, if not the repatriation of enemy aliens residing here illegally?

Now, before you go off unloading on me with all kinds of self-righteous venom, please remember that I am a LEGAL immigrant who CHOSE to be a US citizen. In spite of long and deep roots in the US on both sides of my family tree, my parents still had to jump through all sorts of hoops to be given immigration visas and green cards. We did not just show up and demand an endless list of benefits; my family had to prove that we won’t ever be going on welfare. The system worked until the domestic enemies of this country chose to make a mess of it, deliberately, and none so fervently as the current administration led by “untouchables.” I can only wonder how much damage the loyal-to-a-fault civil service employees will inflict on the rest of us and on this country in the name of “vee arr chust obeying orrdherrs,” and when our media and politicians will tell themselves and tell us the way it really is. And act on it.