With respect to

Interesting article, and I encourage you to read it, but I beg to differ.

The 9th and 10th Amendments were “terminated with prejudice” when the North won the Civil War (a.k.a., or more correctly called, the War of Northern Aggression, as it was fought exclusively in southern states, as the South fought to repel invasion campaigns by the North, with the one exception of Gettysburg).

THAT war was the end of States’ Rights — that is, by definition, the enumerated powers and the 9th and 10th Amendments.

THAT war was the end of the most instructive series of debates on federalism, between Daniel Webster and John Calhoon, and it was settled not by reason, not by law, but by inflamed emotions and brute force.

THAT war was never about slavery; emancipation was a mid-war afterthought, hoping to incite a black revolt in the South. NORTHERNERS were never subject to emancipation and continued to own slaves (including Grant…) up till the 13-14-15th Amendments were enacted.

THAT war was an excuse to suspend the Constitution and civil rights (that is, presidential rule by executive orders), and to introduce the concept and acceptability of fiat money.

THAT war gave us the 14th Amendment and its reinterpretation of the “due process” clause and other provisions in the Constitution, which became the Mac Truck with which all sorts of Big Government intrusions on states and individual rights are suddenly “constitutional” (such as “anchor babies”) and are rammed down our throats at will. No matter how outrageous or obscene the idea, as long as you can couch it in a “due process,” it’s OK with the courts. Only the deliberately expansive misuse of the “interstate commerce” clause rivals the 14th Amendment in importance as a tool to destroy the Constitution and our liberty.

And if all that wasn’t bad enough, THAT war was also the beginning of the era of Big Government and soon its coexistent parallel, the progressive era. Everything since then has been a continuous and accelerating slide toward the big government progressive socialist fascist abyss with which we are finally being confronted in the form of 0bama’s “fundamental transformation” of

  • “too big to fail,”
  • 0bamacare,
  • the Frank-Dodd Act,
  • Common Core,
  • gay “marriage,”
  • “occupy Wall Street,”
  • open borders,
  • “black lives matter,”
  • NSA spying on Americans,
  • Iran with nukes,
  • child rape & genital mutilation & honor killings ignored in the name of diversity,
  • all-out invasion by peoples from dysfunctional incompatible cultures,
  • unisex bathrooms,
  • “medical” and recreational marijuana,
  • “Fast and Furious” gun running,
  • corporations given civil rights as if they were natural persons,
  • political correctness,
  • muslims but not Christians being exempted from 0bamacare and other federal programs,
  • Agenda 21,
  • the Fair Housing Act being used to force racial integration of neighborhoods,
  • Bernie Sanders drawing huge crowds,
  • etc. etc., ad nauseum.

We really must have pissed off God real bad for Him to abandon us like this. What’s next, ISIS nuking Washington DC? Sharia law being imposed in the name of religious freedom?

Just for the record, I learned my civilian US history in high schools in PA and NJ, in a rather conservative (at the time) university from textbooks in one case written by a socialist, and my US military history from official US Army field manuals. The rest I put together myself since high school by reading numerous other texts and authors and original documents. My very first term paper in US history class was on the impeachment of Justice Samuel Chase.