Originally written on 2015 Aug 9


As you know, the Nevada Department of Education recently published a report that 31,000 high school juniors took the SBAC test and only 8% passed. They set this as the “baseline.” But they did not say, baseline for what? Clearly, any improvement in test scores next year will be vaingloriously reported to the world that see, Common Core DOES work.

Certainly if researchers want to play their statistical games with test results, they will find value in state-to-state or school-to-school comparisons. And they will discover, Tah-Dah, that smarter kids do better than dumber ones, “better” schools do better than “poor” ones. And they will find confirmation of their prejudices that some southern and western states do worse than the others.

What they will NOT admit to finding is that

(1) the same cultural and racial differences persist no matter what the curriculum and the test, just as they have for decades and decades; that

(2) asians and whites score highest, latinos score lower and blacks score lower still; that

(3) upper / upper-middle class and suburban school districts score higher than working class or inner city schools; and that

(4) no matter what they change in the school and classroom, the limiting factor, today as decades and centuries ago, is the culture in the HOME; the parents’ attitude toward reading, studying and homework; and their willingness to “sacrifice” for their children’s education, not just in terms of money but also their time to share with their kids, reading with them, helping with homework as needed, setting a good example by reading, going to the library, museum, etc.

The only price we taxpayers have to pay for this earth-shaking new revelation is the pittance that it costs to impose Common Core and the SBAC/PARCC tests. And the only price parents have to pay is the damage that Common Core and testing inflict on the hapless guinea pigs that our kids are in the hands of these comprachicos. Hey, as long as the entire country is so victimized, nobody will see any difference. A rising tide lifts all boats? So the ebbing tide also lowers them all the same. But what happens when they’re all stuck in the mud? The egalitarians will just torpedo the others lucky or smart enough to be moored farther off shore…

If I have to make it any clearer, please consider that they have already tried (and failed with) busing, affirmative action and racial quotas in college admissions, and they are about to impose, by regulation and executive order, racial quotas on residential housing patterns in cities, suburbs and rural small towns — ANYTHING but the obvious, which is a serious program of educating parents who need it in good parenting and the proper home environment to enable their children to thrive academically. If course they won’t do that; there is no money in it, and it risks ending the race and class warfare industry upon which so many charlatans rely for their posh lifestyle.