Originally written on 2015 July 27

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Pictures of 100 year old school work (on Blackboards) – Google Search

Please send this to all those who think Common Core is an improvement.

Remember also the Salina, KS 8th grade graduation exam in 1895 (elsewhere on this site).

And weep…

THIS is what we lost since John Dewey and the insane “child-centered” progressive crap, that his ideas engendered, took hold of American education beginning a hundred years ago. We had a choice between Montessori and Dewey, and we chose to let education get worse and worse with each generation.

On Wikipedia, look up
Maria Montessori, and Montessori education
John Dewey, and John Dewey “On education and teacher education”

It is a characteristic of our species that children rise to the challenge; they naturally, instinctively strive to meet expectations. It is the teacher’s job to set the level appropriately, but just a tad higher so their intellect and curiosity won’t die of boredom.

So what’s Common Core’s answer to that?

As those of you with kids in school already know, the material and test questions presented under the label “Common Core compliant” are confusing, mind boggling and incomprehensible to both parents and students. And now the ACT and other test scores are coming in with a ridiculously, shamefully low “baseline,” which of course to the education establishment is reason not to abandon this tragic experiment, but to double down and throw even more money at it (that is, throw even more money at their cronies in the education industry).

And the victims just hunker down, and deliver their money and their kids to these same comprachicos (see Wikipedia; see also Ayn Rand: The Comprachicos).

Be sure to thank the members of the 78th session of the Nevada Legislature for having refused to repeal Common Core — some of them out of misguided, uninformed conviction; some of them out of cowardice and deference to the Governor; and some of them in defiance of their constituents and in spite of their promise to the voters who put them in office. And remember them in the next election.