Originally written on 2015 July 19

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Parents Weigh In on Program that Pays for Private School

This is a textbook example of :
If you hate an idea that is forced upon you, implemented in such a way that it’s guaranteed to fail, so you can say, see, it was a bad idea.

Nevada spends about $9500 per student in public school.
A great Christian school in Reno charges only $6500.
The voucher allows only $5000.
Parents are still forced to cough up the rest.
Students currently / already enrolled in private school are NOT eligible.
Before being given the voucher, the child must attend public school for 100 days.
The school year is 180 days. Do you know of any school that starts or has ever started its school year 100 days after the public schools?
Neither do I.

Any program like this has the following possible consequences.
1. It will work as intended, because competition will make both public and private schools better. Don’t hold your breath for this one.
2. It will destroy public schools as students leave in droves. Fat chance…
3. It will destroy private schools, because power and regulation follows the money, and the state will soon choke them with regulations that erase any difference between the two. Remember, the people in charge, such as the Nevada State Superintendent of Public Instruction, are great champions of the cronies that are getting fat on reform programs. Vouchers cut into funds available for all that waste and abuse. More on this, later.
4. Inner city public schools will get even worse, as parents with a shred of intelligence and determination will pull their kids out, leaving only the problem kids and underachievers in public school.