Originally written on 20105 July 8

But not in this universe…  :-)))

Executive Order 12892 – HUD

Obama’s ‘Fair Housing’ executive order to force ‘diversity’ in neighborhoods across the US – Conservative Firing Line

A report published Thursday by The Hill says President Barack Obama is pressing forward with new Department of Housing and Urban Development regulations that will withhold block grants to communities if they don’t build enough “affordable housing in wealthy neighborhoods.” The executive order, known as the “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Act,” was issued by the president last year and will be used to promote racial quotas in white suburban neighborhoods. It will also force thousands of communities to house the nation’s burgeoning population of new immigrants.

ACTUALLY, I am looking forward to this EO being enforced in some of the garden spots of the Republic of Mexifornica (formerly known as the US State of Californica), such as

Rolling Hills, Palos Verdes, Palos Verdes Estates
This is where the moneymen live that finance the Party Of Fundamental Transformation.

Beverly Hills, Hollywood, West Hollywood
This is where the propagandists and additional financiers live that push the Fundamental Transformation.

East LA, Compton, Gardena, Harbor City, Harbor Gateway, Hawaiian Gardens, Bellflower, San Clemente, etc.
These towns used to be home to working class and middle class white and other people, now totally ETHNIC CLEANSED by Mexicans and other Central Americans and their culture of gang violence; for example, the 204th street gang in TORRANCE…

Those of you who used to live in the LA area or still have friends or relatives there, know all too well what I’m talking about. But don’t worry, I won’t hold my breath till I see this EO being applied against ghettos and barrios to benefit the white people being or having been displaced; the race war goes only one way, not both ways.

I leave it to the lawyers among you to say if this Executive Order implicitly or explicitly violates the First Amendment of the US Constitution and the consequent Freedom of association. Seems to me the right to choose where to live is as fundamental as the right to choose a spouse, get a job, or start a business and choose your customers (oops…).

But don’t believe me; as a self-described “liberal public school teacher and civil rights advocate” critic of mine loves to tell me, I am just a “horrible foul mean-spirited selfish racist bigot.”