Originally written on 2015 June 26

Today the Court drove another nail into the coffin of the Constitution. Yesterday they removed the stars from the Stars & Stripes. Today they removed the stripes and replaced them with a symbol of the utmost disgusting obscenity. And so today the Court granted Louis Farrakhan his wish. The American Flag joins the confederate battle flag on a dusty shelf in a dank back room of some godforsaken museum that nobody visits anymore. Kneel and bow to the rainbow flag…

Elections have consequences? It could not be clearer than it’s been this week. I don’t know where these judges learned their law, but it sure wasn’t anywhere they teach the Constitution. Certainly not the US Constitution.

I’ve been observing the American political scene since I got off the boat in NYC during the early run-up to the Nixon-Kennedy election. I can’t count how many Supreme Court decisions I’ve heard of since that time, all based on their very expansive reading of the 14th Amendment. Basically, the government can do anything in the name of “interstate commerce,” “due process” and “equal protection.”

It would have been the easiest of all decisions, if not by a federal court but certainly by the Supreme Court, to refuse to hear any number of cases — such as 0bamacare and homosexual “marriage” as the most recent examples — on the grounds that the Supreme Court hears cases only if there is a CONSTITUTIONAL issue,.. and there is NO constitutional issue in these cases. Why? Because the regulation of marriage is NOT one of the enumerated powers. Because the requirement to purchase of a service is NOT one of the enumerated powers. And so on, and so on, with countless rulings like these coming out of the Warren Court and others thereafter.

Never mind that the free exercise of religion is in fact one of the EXPLICITLY PROTECTED rights under the Constitution. Today and yesterday the Court decided that there is no such clause in the First Amendment.

Good Bye, America. It was nice visiting with you. Too bad for us that you’ve been forced to leave us. God help us now. Our trek through hell is just beginning. I’m old, I’ll probably won’t live to see it or will be an early victim of it. I feel sorry for our young people; using their language, it sure sucks to be you.


I have looked in Mark Levin’s “The Liberty Amendments” to see if one of his amendments address the issue of the “interstate commerce,” or the “due process,” or the “equal protection” clauses in the Constitution, or the 14th Amendment itself. The book has no index, and today is not a good day to re-read it cover to cover to see if he mentions the 14th Amendment or any of these clauses at all. From a quick scan of the chapters, I was not surprised, but still rather disappointed, to see that his amendments do NOT call out these clauses explicitly, even though they have been the most deadly tools against the Constitution in the hands of the progressives. If the “liberty amendments” address these issues at all, it’s only tangential or a side-effect, not explicit.

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