Originally written on 2015 July 20

With respect to:

I don’t think “incompetence” can possibly explain such levels of malfeasance or nonfeasance, unless there is some kind of scientific proof that political correctness CAUSES incompetence or your IQ dropping to idiot levels.

You DO have to wonder, just who is in charge of our intelligence and national defense services?

Consider the following points.


Supposedly the NSA is spying on every phone call, e-mail, tweet, FaceBook posting, etc. Supposedly they or the communication companies store “meta data” (who called whom and talked for how long) for months and years.

How hard do you think it is then to “mine” all that data, after the fact or in real time, to focus only on:

  • Everybody with an Arabic, African or muslim name.
  • Everybody living in Arab, African or muslim neighborhoods.
  • Everybody attending a mosque.
  • Everybody making calls or internet contact to the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, or to the ghettos of such peoples in Europe.
  • Everybody with relatives in the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, or in the ghettos of such peoples in Europe.
  • Everybody traveling to the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, or to the ghettos of such peoples in Europe.
  • Everybody with an imam, an islamic fundamentalist or a jihadist in their family tree.
  • Everybody who sends or receives ENCRYPTED messages, especially to and from the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, or to the ghettos of such peoples in Europe.

No, this is NOT racial or ethnic profiling. People with muslim names (derived from Arabic) come from all races and nationalities. People going to mosques or traveling to muslim countries come from all races and nationalities. But all intelligence or investigative work uses reason — that is, “profiling” —  to focus on the likely suspects, and in this war the suspects have one thing in common: islamic supremacist ideology.

Every single “American” does not have to be spied on; just the ones known to be, or be harboring, or be associated with, or related to islamic terrorists.


Today we are at war with a people who keep popping up under different names; Hezbolah, Hamas, Al Qaeda, ISIS / ISIL / IS, Boko Haram, etc. WE did not declare that war, THEY did. The plain fact is that we can’t pretend we will defend ourselves successfully by conducting criminal law enforcement operations. Can you imagine fighting WW2 that way? “Hey, Hans, yes, you in the Kraut uniform, stop, you’re under arrest. You have the right to remain silent,..”. No, in a WAR you don’t try to make an arrest, you shoot them before they shoot you. In a WAR you don’t much care about “collateral damage” because more often than not the “innocent civilians” provide cover, aid and comfort to the enemy — especially when the enemy does not bother with uniforms, especially when the enemy ARE children and civilians.


As the Japanese, Germans and others in WW2, the Soviet Russians in the Cold War, and now the islamic terrorists and their apologists have demonstrated, they exploit our best and noblest values as weapons against us. Precisely because we are hosts to peoples literally from all over the world, our diverse population is perfect camouflage for subversives; they just blend in… We did not have the right tools in the olden days, so FDR resorted to mass internment, and, during the Cold War, on intelligence operations, to find them. Today we do, but we pretend we don’t.


According to
each year we let 100,000 new muslims into the US, with another like number as “refugees.” Some sources cite proposals to raise that to one million.

According to other sources, we know, claim, guess, or just believe that no more than 1% of muslims are “radicalized.” This means that each year we let in about than 2000 new potential or actual terrorists. If immigration from these hotbeds of terrorism will be rising to over a million per year, then each year we will let in more than 10,000 more new potential or actual terrorists.

If we accept the figure that this immigrant population is already 2.6 million, we already have a hostile army of 26,000 right here on US soil. If we accept the figure that this immigrant population will balloon to 6.2 million, that hostile army will grow to 62,000. That is the equivalent of about 100 infantry battalions. Or just 62,000 suicidal “lone wolves” who can ambush any number of unarmed soldiers or civilians in a crowd (Boston Marathon, Fort Hood, Chattanooga, …). And ten thousand more will be coming every year.


How hard do you think it is to STOP people with such backgrounds from coming to the US in the first place? They have to get on a plane somewhere; can’t we tell them, don’t even try? They have to land in the US somewhere; can’t we just put them on the next plane back? No, we DISPERSE them all over the US…

Everybody in the world does NOT have a birthright to settle in the US, especially when they have no intention to be Americans. Those “innocent civilians” living here in the US, enjoying our hospitality, welfare benefits, freedoms and other advantages, do NOT bother to expose the enemy lurking in their midst, but instead are demanding and agitating for the imposition of their laws on us: http://nation.foxnews.com/2015/07/19/poll-us-muslims-reveals-ominous-levels-support-shariah-jihad

A sane country run by sane people would just round them all up and send them all back. Let them impose their values on their own peoples. Let them victimize their own peoples with their centuries old terrorist games. Let us take the advice of George Washington in his Farewell Address and NOT get entangled in the squabbles of the Old World. We are Americans for that simple reason; our forebears came here precisely for that simple reason, to escape and be safe from the insanities of the Old World, not to keep going back as some kind of policemen or social workers to set them straight. The least we can do is keep them out of HERE.