Originally written on 2015 July 22

 Well, for those who don’t know it, have not heard about it from family, or learned it in school,
THIS is how it all started 80 years ago.
THIS is why I’ve been asking, for years now, WHO really won WW2?


Unprecedented collection of sensitive data on Americans…
Prying into most personal info at most local levels…
All for purpose of ‘racial and economic justice’…

The parallels with the 1930s are becoming more and more clear, disheartening and frightening:

0bama’s Iran nuke deal is the “peace in our time” in 1938 and John Kerry is today’s Neville Chamberlain.

And now this “race list.” (Oh, but WE are the racists for questioning things like this, NOT the ones who are PERPETRATING this outrage.)

And this: Oregon will pay for assisted suicide but not for treatment.

What’s next, a Reichstag putsch? Kristallnacht? White stars for whites?
Then what, gulags for “people with an attitude of opposition to the new social order”?

Or what’s next is just a simple race war?

Whatever; it’s just the fundamental transformation, as promised in 2008.


WELL, APPARENTLY THIS TOUCHED A NERVE, and evoked a reply (from a former local NAACP official):

The sheer scope of governmental data collection and retention … [including the] Common Core data collection requirements, are the final bricks in the One World Order progression.

Our half white Ivy League President has an agenda still mired in Big Brother as the best guide – God – for the so-called 99%, which we all are a part of regardless of income.

The President is a 2 yr minor IL senator who leaped to the office in no time. Lots of loans to big bank investors demand fiscal attention. Buffet, Goldman, Koch are awash in cash because of limitless QEs, thanks to leaders who are 100% white.

Travelling the East Coast last week, I was reminded why organizations like the NAACP, ACLU, Black Lives Matter and others need to remain a force in an American mosaic we are painting as we speak. The overt police ISIS-like behavior toward minorities is tantamount to a Nazi military state! A police culture of killing is pervasive. Notches on your gun belt. Funny thing is that groups such as student, Jewish, Latino and Muslim are communicating!  

None of the expansive recent cop killings getting media attention is new. And everyone is now targeted by income level perception in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Newark, DC and all points in between. There is a palpable fear in the lives of a growing group of US citizens as an assault of their rights to superior entitlement is encroached. God made this world for all of us.

But, as long as hateful groups are encouraged to exist and ideas such as Citizens United are articulated into law, the United States as it was, is long gone. It’s bad enough to lose in negotiations, but infusions of money as a substitute for negotiation is artificial: anti-Democratic, anti-Republican, anti-American!!! If you look, the America we knew is overrun by thieves and murderers as its normal citizens. So if one is complacent or apathetic, they are a part of the problem also. 


It would certainly be a welcome development to see [us change our] focus from the lost cause of repealing Common Core — lost because of betrayal by the RINO establishment, and instead engage in the recruitment and election of candidates who’d be true to their campaign promises and dismantle all this “fundamental transformation.”

I am envious of the innocence you confess to, when you express the view that data collection, sharing and mining within or outside the scope of Common Core is one of the last bricks to be laid in this New World Order. Surely you must be impressed by the endless stream of outrages pouring forth from this Administration, one of the latest being the proposal to use the Fair Housing Act to repeal the First Amendment, supersede local zoning laws, and destroy every existing neighborhood by forced integration along purely and exclusively racial lines; another one being the use of Social Security as a weapon in the war on the Second Amendment; another one being the use of 0bamacare to revise Medicare and Medicaid to promote assisted suicide instead of treatment, etc. Their list is endless and it’s all been done before, in Nazi Germany, in Soviet Russia, in Communist China, and in their hapless slave states.

I am also envious of the innocence you confess to, when you characterize the few incidents of police having shot a black criminal as an ISIS-like Nazi military state. How wonderful an innocence that cannot tell the difference between living in daily, hourly fear of a brutal secret police, the daily / nightly fear of criminals on the street or breaking into your home, and the occasional encounter with American police… Obviously you have NOT lived under nazis, fascists or communists — but my parents and I HAVE. It is a grievous and unforgivable insult to American policemen — black and white, male and female — to compare them to ISIS or nazis, especially you have NOTHING to say of the literally hundreds of black victims of black criminals in every city run by black politicians.

If indeed anything you say were true, there would be hundreds of black victims of police violence and murder every day; there would be mass shootings and beheadings of blacks by police, there would be mass round-ups of blacks into concentration camps and gulags — because that is what had happened in countries run by nazis and communists and that is what’s happening in territories under ISIS control. Surely if you have not experienced anything that yourself, if you have not heard that from members of your family, if you have not learned it in school or in the news, then you can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like in real life. My parents and I did not have to imagine it; we lived it.

I respectfully submit that the racism and hatred that you decry exist, persist or are revived in the US only and precisely because of the activities of groups that you praise as essential to the American mosaic. These are groups that have specifically renounced MLK’s key contribution to the dialog on race relations: “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” But today that quote itself is considered racist.

America is NOT a mosaic of racial, ethnic, religious or cultural GROUPS. America is a mosaic of INDIVIDUALS from every conceivable backgrounds and heritage around the world. Until we accept and embrace that, until we decide to reject this racist group-think that’s all the rage today, we will only sink further into the hell hole that the world’s racists and bigots — both foreign and domestic — are trying to drag us down into.

The tragic fact in our shared goal and efforts to stop this totalitarian trend in our national politics, is that people like me are denounced by people who hold views similar to yours. WE are called racists, bigots, etc.; I certainly have been called that. Some people tell me to wear it like badge of honor, but I find no honor in characterizations made by someone confessing their intellectual, emotional and mental immaturity by hurling insults instead of presenting well-reasoned arguments.

I for one draw a distinction between a DEBATE whose purpose is to defeat your ideological enemy by means of words, and a DISCUSSION among friends in which the purpose of even a disagreement is to refine and strengthen our message. I hope you do too.