OK, so a sports personality used Twitter to express a widely held opinion on current affairs, such as the islamo-nazis who run around beheading Christians, archeologists, teddy bears, etc., raping and murdering their captives, destroying historical artifacts and monuments such as in Palmyra, and of course preaching death to Jews. OMG, Kurt Schilling actually dared to say what they are.

He’s not accused of doing it on the air, to his baseball watching audience.

But because he is not toeing the network’s politically correct line on the subject, he deserves to be deprived of his job? What does a tweet have to do with doing his job?

When I started out in the working world, employees were allowed to put their personal homey touches on their immediate work space; the pin-up girls over the work bench, the silly philosophical sayings above the desk, the cartoon of a drunk kitten in a half-full martini glass with the caption, “happiness is a tight (…).”

Today we are consumed with political correctness, “hostile” work environments, and our right? no, the requirement to be offended by anything and everything. In the name of sticking to nothing but business, it’s a wonder anything gets done anymore, because you never know who will be offended by what and when. Can you imagine a discussion about marketing, target audiences, poll results and demographic analysis without having to mention race, age, nationality, class, religion, sex, gender, and related concepts that are all too readily perceived by some hypersensitive control freaks as politically incorrect?

We are not talking about chasing secretaries around the desk, making lewd propositions as condition of employment, or requiring women to dye their hair blonde to be allowed on the air… (Oh, wait, that’s Fox News, not ESPN.)

Today you can’t even express your own thoughts, not even outside of work, without some politically correct nazi trying to deprive you of your job, that is, your means to sustain your and your family’s very life. Good thing ESPN is not a subsidiary of Al Jazeera, or else they might literally go for your head…

No, your boss does NOT have the right to tell you how and what to think.

No, your boss does NOT have the right to tell you where and how to express your thoughts.

No, you boss does NOT have the right to punish you for deviating from his party line.

The only legitimate concern of your boss is whether the job that he is paying for gets done as he expects it to be done. PERIOD.

Everybody cannot be a Donald Trump, rich enough to be immune to retaliation for speaking whatever is on his mind. There is no freedom if fear keeps you from exercising it.

And therefore, very very reluctantly, I join the ranks of those who are calling for Amendments to the Constitution.

I think the First Amendment should itself be amended. I think it should say that Congress, the executive branches of the federal, state and local governments, and your employer or social club shall make no law, regulation and work or membership rule respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government, employer or social club for a redress of grievances.

Let freedom ring. If we are to have free speech, then let’s have free speech without penalty or threat of penalty.