I stand in front of the mirror,
Looking at my reflection as if it were a stranger.
Who are you? It is I. Who am “I”?

I see my feet, my hands,…
What’s this “my”? Who am “I”?
Am I the body? If not just that, then who am “I”?

I see my face, my head,
The bones that hold and protect my brain…
Am I my brain? If not quite just that, then who am “I”?

I see the eyes, said to be the windows to the soul.
Hm. My eyes; my soul.
Am I my soul? If not just that either, then who am “I”?

The peculiar details of my body
Remind me of those who came before me
But are here no more
They too were an “I”
Now they are just memories that fade in and out in my mind.
Am I my thoughts? Am I my memories? Am I my mind?
If none of that either, then who am “I”?

“My” body, “my” brain, “my” thoughts, “my” memories, “my” mind, “my” soul.
Who owns all this? Who is all this? Who is this “I”?

And when my time runs out,…
No more body, no more brain, no more thoughts,…
No more “I”
Just memories in somebody else’s mind. Who was “I”?