You know, one of our comedians has a ventriloquist’s puppet he calls Ahmed the Dead Terrorist:

So now here is another Ahmed, very much alive. and living here among us. He only built a “science project” for school. And it just happens to look like a briefcase bomb. No biggie, right? Just a kid. Just a science project.

Oh, but in this post-9/11 neo-nazi spy-on-everybody cameras-everywhere world we are supposed to be “vigilant;” or as they say; “see something, say something.” And when the “science project” buzzed in class, somebody did. And the kid took a page from his activist father’s book, so to speak, and gave different excuses to different people — including the police.

Which of course amounts to islamophobic persecution and an excuse for the “Christian” president to invite the muslim kid to the White House.

But the real kicker is the “Christian” president’s all too obvious anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, pro-muslim bias:

Bill Donohue: Obama’s Guest List Shows ‘Contempt for Catholics’

Franklin Graham Calls Obama’s Guest List for Papal Visit ‘Disgraceful’

Pope to Visit White House on Yom Kippur Jewish Holiday


We’ve been down this path before.

His Imperious Majesty refuses to release the most basic of personal records. His “birth certificate” is an obviously photoshopped fake. His minions cooperate, of course. And in this world of hackers stealing everything, NOT ONE managed to hack Occidental, Columbia, Harvard…. or the Kenyan, Hawaiian or Indonesian county clerks, or local schools (maybe THEY should have been in charge of Hillary’s e-mails).


Your father was a muslim. Your stepfather was a muslim. According to muslim law, you ARE a muslim.

Also, if you renounce your father’s faith (as His Imperious Majesty claims he is a “Christian”) then you are a apostate, a fatwa is issued against you, and any muslim has the DUTY to kill you and is absolved from the crime of murder.

But as no such fatwa has been issued against His Imperious Majesty, nor its fulfillment attempted, obviously the muslims know better. He IS a muslim.

And therefore we have his “incompetence” in foreign and defense policy especially with respect to the Middle East. He is so “incompetent” that everything he does just happens the advance the cause of islamic fundamentalism. Country after country that had a government more or less friendly to the West that managed to keep the rabble in check – gone. Any popular rebellion for western-style freedom (such as in Iran or Egypt) – subverted, abandoned. As more and more of the muslim world falls victim to the terrorists, and millions are made refugees, they are being put to another good use on behalf of the islamic cause: they are invading Europe, a 1400 year target of islamic imperialism. Who would have guessed?

It’s only our lapdog media and cowardly politicians who refuse to admit the facts staring them in the face: