1.  New America: Marco Rubio Defends Speaking Spanish on Campaign Trail


Rubio has a long track record of delivering one message to English audiences and another to Spanish audience

during the height of debate about the Gang of Eight immigration bill in an interview with Univision, Rubio told his Spanish audience that amnesty and legalization of illegal immigrants would precede border enforcement. Rubio repeated this same tactic earlier this year when he endorsed Obama’s executive amnesty for illegal immigrants in a Spanish media interview with Jorge Ramos.


After Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) mentioned that he had worked side-by-side with Senator Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL)  to oppose the Gang of Eight bill Rubio championed, Rubio had no answer. He offered no defense whatsoever for his co-authorship of the immigration expansion bill endorsed by La Raza, Barack Obama, and the Silicon Valley billionaires.

Borrowing a line from the GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, Rubio said the United States needs to build “a wall, absolutely. But we also need to have an entry/exit tracking system… and then they overstay the visa. We also need a mandatory e-verify system.”

However, Rubio did not mention—nor did any of the moderators ask him why— he voted against all three of those enforcement measures in his attempt to pass his and Obama’s immigration expansion bill.

Rubio’s immigration bill would have imported 33 million more immigrants into the country within the span of a single decade.

Rubio introduced a new bill earlier this year that would similarly expand immigration and allow corporations to flood the labor market with cheap labor. Rubio’s I-Squared bill would triple the number of wage-depressing H-1B workers admitted into the country

corporations like Disney have used H-1B visas to axe American workers and replace them with untrained, lower-wage foreign laborers. The I-Squared bill is central to Rubio’s campaign platform of creating “A New American Economy” with fewer workers of Western descent — the implicit suggestion being that America’s economy will be more efficient and globally integrated if America’s population more closely resembled that of the global population. This bill has been endorsed and lobbied for by Disney’s CEO Bob Iger, Mark Zuckerberg, and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, who is one of Marco Rubio’s top donors.

2.  “Comprehensive immigration reform;” The code word for AMNESTY.

Jeb Bush vows to enact comprehensive immigration reform. To Telemundo. In Spanish.

Not that long ago he said that he would rescind the President’s executive amnesty program,

but speaking to a different outlet during that same week he hinted pretty much the exact opposite.

3. Guess who DOESN’T do that. Ted Cruz.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) mentioned that he had worked side-by-side with Senator Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL)  to oppose the Gang of Eight bill Rubio championed

4. Guess who didn’t do that. IKE:

How Eisenhower solved illegal border crossings from Mexico http://www.csmonitor.com/2006/0706/p09s01-coop.html

‘Operation Wetback’ deported 1 million illegals with only 750 agents http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2015/09/operation_wetback_deported_1_million_illegals_with_only_750_agents.html