“My Muslim Faith”

At the risk of starting a pointless argument whether there is good islam or bad islam, good muslims or bad muslims, or whether 0bama is a Christian or muslim, etc., consider this.

Stephanopoulos Grills Trump: Why Can’t You Say That Obama Is American, Not A Muslim? | Video | RealClearPolitics http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2015/09/20/stephanopoulos_grills_trump_why_cant_you_say_that_obama_is_american_not_a_muslim.html

Gee,… because it’s not true?

Obama: “My Muslim Faith” – YouTube

Sen. Barack Obama slips up on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos and refers to “my muslim faith”.

Obama Admits He Is A Muslim – YouTube

  • Obama admits that he is a Muslim.
  • Obama bowing before a Muslim king.
  • Obama talking about his Muslim family.
  • Obama quoting from the Koran.
  • Obama defending Islam.
  • Obama visiting a Mosque.

See this and many more clips of Obama and his Muslim connections.

The latest whopper

0bama the “Christian” bans PORK from federal prisons… http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/pork-ban-federal-prison/2015/10/11/id/695684/

Who but muslim would do that? It seems to me, that if His Imperious Majesty did have America’s best interests at heart, he would seek to promote our safety by repressing terrorism and criminality by all available means — such as announcing with great fanfare that the only meat served in prison would be pork. Because islam places such a heavy prohibition on eating pork or even touching anything pork, would that not deter a muslim from engaging in activities that would land him in jail? You’d think 0bama would want to do that, because “imams” are busy spreading islam and recruiting “home-grown” jihadist terrorists in our jails.

Likewise he should announce that all our equipment, supplies, weapons and ammunition are made with pork byproducts and lubricated with pork fat, because muslims believe they can’t get into heaven if they came into physical contact with pork products. It doesn’t have to be true; just make the announcement. Would they even dare to engage in battle against us, knowing they won’t ever get to their 72 virgins? General Pershing did something like this in the Philippines, and thereby successfully ended a muslim rebellion.

Who’s A Birther Now?




We’ve been down this path before.

His Imperious Majesty refuses to release the most basic of personal records, which every other presidential candidate had to. His minions cooperate, of course. And in this world of hackers stealing everything, NOT ONE managed to hack Occidental, Columbia, Harvard…. or the Kenyan, Hawaiian or Indonesian county clerks, or local schools (maybe THEY should have been in charge of Hillary’s e-mails).


His father was a muslim. His stepfather was a muslim. According to muslim law, he IS a muslim.

Also, if you renounce your father’s faith (as His Imperious Majesty now claims he is a “Christian”) then you are an apostate, a fatwa is issued against you, and any muslim has the DUTY to kill you and is absolved from the crime of murder. It is not murder if you kill an infidel or an apostate.

But as no such fatwa has been issued against His Imperious Majesty, nor its fulfillment attempted, obviously the muslims know better. He IS a muslim.

What Difference Does It Make Now?

We don’t dare to admit the obvious; and therefore we’d rather engage in the rather personally insulting fantasy of attributing his actions to “incompetence” in foreign and defense policy especially with respect to the Middle East. He is so “incompetent” that everything he does just happens the advance the cause of islamic fundamentalism.

Country after country that had a government more or less friendly to the West that managed to keep the rabble in check – gone.

Any popular rebellion for western-style freedom (such as in Iran or Egypt) – subverted, abandoned.

As more and more of the muslim world falls victim to the terrorists, and millions are made refugees, they are being put to another good use on behalf of the islamic cause: they are invading Europe, a 1400 year target of islamic imperialism. Who would have guessed?

Frank Gaffney Defends Dr. Ben Carson: Sharia Antithetical to Constitution http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/09/20/frank-gaffney-defends-dr-ben-carson-sharia-law-antithetical-to-us-constitution/

“Sadly the president’s policies aren’t much different from those policies that a sharia adherent Muslim would espouse in terms of advancing an Islamic supremacist program.”

“Whether it’s with the Muslim Brotherhood, or emboldening the Taliban, giving a pass to Boko Haram, not pursuing effectively operations against Islamic State; whether it’s giving Iran the Nuclear Bomb, and $150 Billion to boot, I don’t know what Obama would be doing if he were a Muslim that he is not doing right now.”

Obama’s policies should be the “subject of very concerted debate.”

Adherence to Sharia is completely antithetical to the Constitution

A president can not “uphold, defend and support the constitution of the United States” and adhere to Sharia Law. “It cannot be done. Because Sharia says, ‘No it’s not the Constitution of the United States that must govern. It is God’s law. It is Sharia. It is this repressive totalitarian, misogynistic program that must govern.’”

It’s only our lapdog media and cowardly politicians who refuse to admit the facts staring them in the face (above) and would rather be sidetracked with other issues:


Curiously, while the media insist that Republicans must profess faith in Obama’s Christianity, they continue to avoid talk of the church in which he embraced it: Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.

Much of the appeal was political. As Obama wrote in Dreams From My Father, he was attracted to Wright’s politics, which mixed radicalism and religion.

In Dreams, Obama singles out the church’s “Disavowal of the Pursuit of Middleclassedness” as being particularly attractive to him.

Well, so much for the separation of church and state. But it’s no surprise; under islam, “separation of church and state” does NOT exist. The “church” IS the state and the state IS the “church.” 

And so much for American values. While America is the only country in Earth founded by the middle class and the genius of America has been our ability to lift the “huddled masses” into the middle class, HE finds the renunciation of these two facts the most appealing.

The Conclusion Is Inevitable

Is POTUS an American? Certainly not in terms of his core beliefs or his affiliations (Bil Ayers, Rev. Wright, …).

Is POTUS a Christian? Certainly not in terms of his family (communists), his upbringing (muslim), or his affiliations (radicals).

Is POTUS a muslim? He may not be seen or heard practicing (except when bowing to muslim leaders), but he definitely is, both in terms of his upbringing and the net effect of his official actions. BOTH.