The reasons just keep piling up, far beyond Trump’s ability to keep himself in the news. As if the history of the past 7 years did not provide enough reasons, here are more from the news of the past few days. What’s curious about these news is that they could have come from just about any time in the past several months, years, even decades…

1. OPEC is About to Crush the U.S. Oil Boom

OPEC kept pumping to drive prices too low to keep the high cost shale and fracking producers operating. When that production shuts down, OPEC will raise prices again. Or so they hope.

2. Unlimited H1B visas…

The problem here is that DHS is re-classifying workers as “students” who are allowed to work but don’t have to pay income and payroll taxes. This makes foreigners even cheaper than before to hire instead of Americans — again…

0bama screws up education with Common Core even more than it was screwed up before. As a result, all those “patriotic” hi tech companies so enamored with Hillary and Democrats can make a better case for importing the better educated foreigners because there aren’t enough qualified Americans to fill all the jobs (and the few Americans that there are, want too much money).

3. Speaking of Common Core,…

The story is easily dismissed with a trivial claim that there is a difference between standards and curricula; that is, that there is a difference between expected levels of achievement and the ways and means to get there. The claim would be believable, except for the inconvenient fact that the Common Core standards for math, English and especially AP US History inevitably specify a curriculum in each subject that totally transforms it into nothing but America bashing and western civilization bashing propaganda.

It’s no surprise then that Tennessee, for some reason a magnet for muslim invasion, buckles to the pressure to teach islam in PUBLIC school (how is THAT for the “separation of church and state”?…) but NOT the other religions — and the Tennessee education establishment sees nothing wrong with that.

4. Gun Control…
U.S. appeals court upholds core of N.Y., Connecticut gun laws

A federal appeals court on Monday upheld parts of New York and Connecticut gun control laws banning semiautomatic assault rifles and large-capacity magazines, ruling the measures passed after a 2012 school massacre did not violate the Constitution.

Where did those judges study law, what kind of law did they practice, where did they even learn English, to so easily dismiss “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”?

I’m expecting these people to come out and say that the Second Amendment applies only to muzzle-loaders…

The laugher in this story is that once again the focus is on the weapon, not the people wielding it. As the latest wave of muslim terrorism in Israel demonstrates, the weapon does not have to be guns; they are now using knifes and teaching children how to “stab a Jew.” What’s next on the gun-grabbers’ agenda? Knife-control? (Don’t laugh… you have one guess why the Chinese eat with chopsticks.)

5. The Western Wall, a muslim holy site

UNESCO is making an attempt to distort history in favor of Palestinians by voting to declare Judaism’s holiest site, the Western Wall, a Muslim holy site. The UNESCO bid aims to falsely claim that the Western Wall is part of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and to call it the Buraq Plaza.

Whether you’re Jewish or not, you’re bound to understand and be outraged by this. The Western Wall is all that remains of the Second Temple after the Romans destroyed it. If there is anything for UNESCO to be concerned with, it’s why there is a mosque on Temple Mount in the first place, or why the UN calls Jerusalem the “capital of occupied Palestine” — in the face of three thousand years of Jerusalem’s history as the Jewish capital, half of it before there were any muslims anywhere. But this is the same UN that has nothing to say about ISIS destroying “UN world heritage sites” in Syria.

In American terms, this is the same as if the UN declared that NYC is the “occupied capital” of the world wide caliphate, Ground Zero at the World Trade Center is the caliphate’s holiest site, and the Ground Zero Mosque is its holiest shrine.

OK, in the meantime the resolution was watered down a bit.
UNESCO Approves Arab-Drafted Anti-Israel Resolution

The gall of these people… They condemn ISRAEL for “failing to protect heritage sites”… They condemn Israel for “persistent excavations” — which regularly uncover invaluable archeological sites from biblical times — yet still say nothing about ISIS regularly blowing up ancient Roman and other pre-muslim monuments, Christian churches, etc.