I don’t know whether to scream, cry or rage. My emotions are flailing wildly all over the place. I went to junior high school just outside of Paris. My brother and I used to roam the city just the two of us by ourselves. My father was born and raised there. Well, at least he did not get to see this.

The words of La Marseillaise, the French national anthem, never rang more true.

Contre nous de la tyrranie, l’etandard sanglant est leve.
Against us, from the land of tyranny, a bloody flag is raised.

Ils viennent jusque dans vos bras, egorger vos fils and vos compagnes.
They come right into your arms, to cut the throats of your sons and your friends.

The anthem continues with

Aux armes, les citoyens, former vos bataillons
To arms, citizens; form your battalions

and the soft-headed weak-kneed socialist French president promised a “pitiless war” — but do they and does he really mean it?

We are at war. They know it. We don’t. 0bama and Hollande still can’t utter the words that identify these people. How many times do we have to hear “Allah Akbar” before reality hits them in the face?

This series of articles is about the facts, just the facts. Here are some facts:

  • Jihadists are soldiers in an unconventional war. They are not criminals, or even terrorists.
  • The entire world is their war zone — certainly that part where there’s enough of them to give these irregulars the cover they need to operate.
  • “Random” attacks are acts of war. They are carefully chosen. They are not criminal acts.
  • Terrorism is a tactic of warfare It is not a crime.
  • Make no mistake; this is war, all out war as far as they are concerned.
  • It is asymmetric war. It’s as asymmetric a war as the West has ever faced, and as brutal as any.
  • It may be new to us, but it’s at least a 1400 year long standard operating procedure for them.

So how do you fight such a war? The answer of the Muslim socialist POTUS has been to treat “terrorism” as a matter for the nation’s criminal law enforcement agencies, not ever to admit that this is a normal tactic in the 1400 year long war by Muslims against the infidels.

But watch us treat even this as a criminal investigation to “bring them to justice.”

And watch as the Muslim socialist POTUS brings more and more of these people into our country. What more of a fundamental transformation can he bring about, than the spreading of this fatal infection across the nation?

Ironic Timing – Report: First load of Anticipated “10,000 Syrian Refugees” Has Arrived in New Orleans…. | The Last Refuge

Paris Terrorist Was Migrant Who Registered As A Refugee In Greece

Look at the picture; look at all the pictures on all the stories about these “migrants” and “refugees;” nothing but military-age men, unscreened and unvetted. This particular batch entering New Orleans are to be relocated in 180 — one hundred and eighty — communities across the US.

Are we insane? We really want MORE of THIS in OUR country? Have we not had enough with the jihadist attack on the WTC in 1993 and in 2001, the bombing of the Boston marathon, the “workplace violence” in Fort Hood, the campus shooting rampage in Oregon, and many others that were perpetrated successfully and still more that were foiled?

The “experts” are wringing their hands, how could there have been such a “failure of intelligence” that the planning for the 7 simultaneous attacks on Paris went undetected? ARE YOU KIDDING? Have you not heard of the muslim “no go zones” all over France, all over Europe? Places where even the police dare not go? It is the very fact that there are so many of their compatriots present in the host country that gives terrorist the cover they need to hide in plain sight. It does not matter that they are ethnically, racially, culturally different; we are so PC and there are so many of them all over the place that even “racial profiling” won’t help at this point. And this same thing is coming — it is already here — right here in America.

Yesterday Fux News had a series of guest, all with extensive intelligence and counter terrorist experience, to get their reactions to the attacks in Paris. But each and every one of them was summarily cut off the very second they were about to explain how we have to retaliate, not investigate, and they never got chance to lay out how they’d respond to such attacks in Paris and elsewhere. We are so PC, we are so afraid to state the obvious, that even an “extreme right wing” news service is afraid to put it on the air.

What hope is there for the country when we have to self-censor ourselves even on the day of such a heinous act of war?

And did you notice that yesterday only Ted Cruz called for the end of 0bama’s plan to flood the country with “Syrian” immigrants?

Ted Cruz Calls For End To Syrian / U.S. Refugee Program Following Paris Attacks… | The Last Refuge

Will We The People rally behind The Donald’s idea of a “repatriation force”?

The geography of Europe makes it very difficult if not impossible to defend it against an invasion. But America is across 3000 miles of ocean on one side and 6000 on the other. Invaders from the Old World have to take a plane or come by ship. Airports and sea ports are very few and very specific points of entry that can be defended and where incoming people can be screened 99.999%. We have no excuse for letting ourselves be invaded.

All we need is the political will to do so.

What about once again requiring visas for travel to and from America? What about screening people BEFORE they get on the plane to come here? What about NOT allowing “visitors,” or “businessmen,” or “students,” or “migrants,” or “refugees” to get on the plane unless the CIA, NSA, DHS, FBI and every other foreign and domestic alphabet soup security agency clears them first, whether they are foreigners or Americans? If we take adequate security measures BEFORE these people get into the country, we don’t have to infringe upon or take away the constitutional rights of Americans, here in America — certainly not after we clean house of those who got here without being screened.

Don’t we have to ask, why is 0bama so eager to flood the country with these people?

Don’t we have to ask the presidential candidates, how are YOU going to fix this?

Or do we just resign ourselves to the fact that we and future generations are doomed to fight an endless war, one that has already lasted 1400 years?

Or worse, just CAPITULATE in the name of political correctness and the urge to purge unsafe zones and micro-aggressions from our culture…?