For the third time in a hundred years, we’ll be fighting another world war. You might say we’ve been already fighting it for many years now, but the real thing is yet to come.

Once again, as twice before, it will start in Europe.

Once again, as twice before, it will be fought in Europe; primarily in Europe, NOT in the Middle East.

Once again, as twice before, it will be a race war, a war between cultures, a war between civilizations.

Once again, as twice before, the US will be dragged into it — for reasons far different from and far more insidious than the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, or the “war on terror.”

I don’t know what it is about Europe and its endless series of wars, but I am sick of it. And here we are. Having sought refuge in America from the insanity of the Old World has not shielded us from its fall-out before, it is not shielding us now, and will not in the near or far future.

This time the trigger is islamic jihadism; holy warriors fighting for religious islamic imperialism against what they tell you is the ungodly blasphemous decadent immorality of western civilization. The trigger is not and will not be that stupidly misnamed “war on terror” — terrorism is tactic of asymmetrical warfare, not an ideology, and terrorism is certainly not the armed jihadist combatants whose bravery consists of murdering civilians in gun-free zones.

This time the reason that once again the war will start and be fought in Europe is the massive islamic invasion over the past 2-3 decades, hugely accelerating in the current one. The invaders — pretending to come as guest workers, economic migrants, or desperate refugees from the latest one of the endless brutal civil wars that have plagued the Middle East for centuries and millennia — do NOT come to be free from the pathological ideologies that plagued their existence in their countries of origin, they do NOT come to settle in as Europeans, they do NOT seek or attempt to assimilate into the liberal western culture of their hosts.

No, the muslim invaders settle in and run their own communities which they enforce as no-go zones to outsiders, even the local police. They ignore the laws of their host countries, and enforce their own sharia laws, complete with all its brutal manifestations: honor killing, rape, stoning, mutilation, etc.

No, the muslim invaders do not cooperate with local authorities even in — especially in — matters of national security. No, in fact these no-go zones are safe havens where jihadists can hide and hatch the plans for their next attack on targets in their host countries and in fact anywhere in the civilized world.

“Peaceful” muslims in the no-go zones have long been bragging that they will conquer, extinguish and replace the population of Europe simply by immigration and birth rate, in just another one or two generations.

In the meantime the Saudis are paying for countless new mosques where jihadist imams are numbing the brains of the faithful with islamic imperialist propaganda, and are actively recruiting “home grown” terrorists.

Europe will not be saved until Europeans realize they have no choice but take the fight to the enemy, not in the Middle East but in Europe; that they have no choice but to clean out these no-go zones; and until they realize that “clean out” does not mean an endless, perpetual law enforcement operation to find “criminals,” but the round-up and deportation of all muslims from these zones. The residents of these no-go zones are NOT innocent civilians. They provide cover, aid and comfort to the jihadist combatants in their midst. In previous war such people were declared to be enemy aliens, and rounded up and either deported or held in camps.

Europe has no choice, and soon they will be forced to act on that choice. They will either survive or they will vanish, and none of God’s creatures yet gave up without a fight. The only question is when. In view of the fact that Europe is now home to tens of millions of self-evidently hostile muslims, with a share of the population in their cities approaching 30-40% and growing rapidly, any effort to remove such numbers of people will incur a resistance and require an effort on the scale of a world war.

Here in America, we are lucky. We DO have a choice. Our homeland is protected by 3000 miles of ocean on one coast, 6000 miles on the other. It takes airplanes and ships to get here. No invader can just walk across the stormy seas. We can very easily make sure none of these people get here.

No, we do NOT have to allow our law enforcement agencies to be overwhelmed by endless criminal investigations. The FBI says they presently have a 1000 open ISIS related cases HERE in the US, but they don’t have the manpower to actually follow more than 80-90 suspects.

No, we do NOT have to admit endless numbers of military age men as “refugees,” and thereby add to the burdens of the FBI, DHS, NSA, etc.

Real refugees are FAMILIES, real refugees SAVE their families, real refugees do not save their OWN miserable hides and leave their families BEHIND to their uncertain fate. These muslim “refugees” can go back home to protect or save their families.

No, we do NOT have to let stay those who — because of our misplaced compassion or other misguided ideology — managed to get here by hook or crook. Yes, we CAN give up this nonsense of treating national security as an extension of criminal law enforcement, and admit what the “refugees” really are, which is enemy aliens.

But the US will be dragged into yet another world war started in Europe, because our leaders insist on a course of action that makes it inevitable.

It will be a world war because the resident muslims will actively resist Europe’s last-gasp effort — if it ever comes — to make the European continent safe for Europeans.

It will be a world war because the useful idiots among the ruling elites in Europe and America will denounce Europe’s last-gasp at self-preservation in the harshest terms, condemning it as racism, right wing extremism, etc, as they are already doing. I can just see another POTUS such as 0bama taking America to war, once again, in the name of saving Europe from this resurgent “naziism” — and delivering Europe to the very same muslim invaders who’ve been staging the endless series of terrorist attacks for decades in their drive to conquer it. Our politically correct ruling elites cannot bring themselves to condemn the islamist invaders to be the racists and nazis that they are; no, that appellation is reserved for the people who have the audacity even to consider fighting back in self-defense.

It will be a world war because, when the muslims already in the US and the islamists being imported under the guise of refugee resettlement start acting like the islamic and islamist invaders have always acted throughout history, it is only a matter of simple logic that they will trigger a violent backlash in a nation with 300 million guns in the people’s hands. An eruption on one continent will trigger the eruption in the other.

In the meantime our leaders are making sure this WILL happen. Our muslim marxist POTUS, putting on the sneering face of a common street thug bully, engages in condescending dismissal of our most instinctive concerns ( The policies of his administration have already sowed the seeds of this war coming to our country ( with the promise of hundreds of thousands more to come. The propaganda drums are beating in favor of this effort (Jerry Brown Reverses 1975 Position on Refugees – Breitbart). In spite of the feverish rhetoric about “religious profiling,” his refugee resettlement program is blatantly, heavily biased toward muslims and against christians ( even in the face of massive evidence that it is muslims who are engaging in genocide against christians. We can only speculate about the motivations and biases of a POTUS whose father and stepfather happened to be muslims, and about the motivations and biases of his political allies in his program of fundamental transformation (

All the while the so-called “Republicans” in Congress are tripping all over themselves. All it takes to make them fall in line is a threat by this POTUS to veto anything he does not like, and these brave “Republican” stalwarts don’t even bring the most reasonable of proposals up for a vote. Overwhelming public opinion be damned, they cave without a fight — on issue after issue in which they promised to fight in order to get elected.

While “experts” in government and in the media love to wallow in the minutiae (as proof of their “expertise”) and get lost in the details so deep they can’t or won’t see the great picture; or worse, while they engage in massive self-deception and denial such as assuming this POTUS is “incompetent,” (a classic illustration of the dictum, none are so stupid who WILL not learn)., what they are desperately ignoring are a few simple fundamental inescapable facts:

1. Islam is not only incompatible with western classical liberal ideals, everything in it is diametrically opposite (just as marxism and naziism are diametric opposites of the classical liberalism upon which the US and the western democracies were founded). There is no possible philosophical accommodation or compromise between the two. The choice is either or.

2. Similarly, islam is not only incompatible with Judaism and Christianity, just about everything in it is diametrically opposite.

3. Islamic fundamentalists and their soldiers the jihadist terrorists are not interested in tolerance and coexistence. The only choice they give anybody is, convert or die.

4. Muslims are converted to jihadism (radicalized”) and trained in terrorism in safe zones in various regions in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, with or without the permission or acquiescence of the host countries. THAT was the excuse for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, for example. However, that excuse could just as well be extended to any country in Europe, such as Belgium (the Friday the 13th attack on Paris) or Germany (the 9/11 attack on New York).

5. Muslims are recruited as jihadists (radicalized”) from among the billion and a half muslims living in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

6. Muslims are recruited as jihadists (radicalized”) from among the tens of millions of muslims already living in Europe.

7. Muslims are recruited as jihadists (radicalized”) from among the millions of muslims born and raised in Europe.

8. Muslims are recruited as jihadists (radicalized”) from among ethnic westerners converted to islam.

9. Muslims are recruited as jihadists (radicalized”) from among the thousands and soon millions of muslim refugees flooding into Europe.

10. Vetting of refugees does NOT work. There simply is no data in their countries of origin to be obtained and verified, according to past and current law enforcement, intelligence and security officials in the US and in Europe. In such as case, “vetting” can take two forms; either the applicant is approved because no cause can be found to refuse admission, or the applicant is rejected because no data can be found to prove that he is safe. Guess which standard an 0bama administration official will apply.

11. Vetting of refugees does NOT work. “Refugees” can be radicalized BEFORE they come here, AFTER they’ve been here — or even after were BORN and raised here.

12. We can and we should put the question to all muslims already here, even those who were born and raised here: Are you loyal Americans, are you able to see your faith as we came to see ours as embracing respect and tolerance, compatible with our traditional western liberal individualist freedom-loving values, or are you a sleeper-cell jihadist just waiting for the right moment first to engage in terrorism against us and then to enslave us with your sharia? If the former, are you as loyal Americans willing to assist our authorities in rooting out the jihadists in your midst? If the latter, then do us and do yourselves a favor and just leave now. Self-deportation is the most humane solution for all concerned. There are plenty of places in the world where you can live as a muslim; it does not have to be in our country. Go liberate your own.

13. However, we can NOT expect “moderate” of “modernized” muslims to speak out, let alone to cooperate with authorities to eradicate the jihadists in their midst. People are being silenced by the simple threat and the occasional fact of assassination in retaliation for their indiscretion and betrayal of the islamist cause.

The only course of action that assures our safety is to make sure that

(1) They NEVER get here. There are a finite number of ports of embarkation in the Old World and a finite number of ports of entry in the US, in which we can make practically 100% sure that no one gets in whom we don’t want to get in.

(2) If they are here already, they are SENT BACK. Eisenhower and FDR provided the example how it does work and can work again. The NSA has enough data which Eisenhower and FDR did not have or need.

(3) Likewise for the IMAMS; they are never allowed to come here, and if they are already here, they are sent back and never let back in. We have enough anti-American propagandists of our own.

(4) The mosques are shut down, converted to other uses, or demolished (that’s what they do to churches in the Middle East). If the First Amendment can be annulled on the basis of political correctness and “safe zones,” then mosques preaching murderous violence against the infidel can be deprived of the same Amendment’s guarantee of the freedom of religion. You don’t hear any such message from any god in any other house of worship.

The Constitution is not a suicide pact. The Bible is not a suicide pact. Neither one is an imperative to commit suicide by immigration in the name of humanitarian compassion or the christian admonition to be “your brother’s keeper.”


While you are busy dismissing this as some kind of lunatic rant from a senile geezer, consider this.

Sometimes the truth is so magnificently self-evident that even liberals can’t help but see it.