The news is finally coming out about the mass rapes of German and other European women by immigrants with allegiance to a certain religion of peace.
A sideline of this story was the massive politically correct cover-up by the media.
In the meantime, as people are wondering what to do about such a despicable problem, the mayor of a major German city is advising women to “prepare for rape.”
What a monstrous concept, that YOU should be restricted in YOUR enjoyment of YOUR city because YOUR government fills YOUR country with foreign predators from an alien predatory culture…
I’m just a geezer, so my question is, in all seriousness,
HOW does a woman PREPARE for RAPE????????
Please submit your answers in the comments section.
My answer is a suggestion: let women be armed with guns that shoot bullets dipped in lard, or special loads consisting of lard. I’d also suggest using bacon fat as body lotion, for its unmistakable aroma, but that might be too messy for nice clothes.