1. Equal pay

Yesterday’s NFL play-off games (one boringly one sided, one just plain outrageous) were ruined by the nauseating spectacle of a couple of Hillary for President advertisements.

Her ad flashed on the screen,”equal pay for women.”
NOT “equal pay for equal work,” oh no. “Equal pay for women.”
Taking her at her word, the implications are frightening. I spent my professional life in Silicon Valley, where the typical rank-and-file staff consisted of engineers (99.9% men) and office administration (99% women). Is Hillary saying that engineers and secretaries should be paid the same? How does she propose to enforce that, via the free market or just plain fascism? Come to think of it, now that the competition for the professional jobs is global, some engineers are close to being paid the same as administrative assistants… Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen many “executive secretaries” or “administrative assistants” who were worth their weight in gold, and some engineers who were dumb as a rock, but in general…?
In a free economy, employers pay employees what they have to; no more, no less. Likewise, employees take what they can; no more, no less. (We’ve already heard that women are paid more than men in the same job, and it makes sense because women are nicer to work with.)
The only way to achieve “equal pay for women” is by total government control of all “private” enterprise. We’ve always known that Hillary, more so than Bill, is a devout socialist. Actually, as long as she pays lip service to companies being private enterprises, but which are allowed to operate only under government control, she is more properly characterized as a fascist. It’s under fascism that government pretends companies are private; under socialism the government owns and runs major companies, and under communism the government owns and runs all enterprises. She has not (yet) called for government ownership of companies, so she is a fascist. Dyed-in-the-wool marxists like her just LOVE to be called fascists….
2. Rape culture
Have you noticed? Hillary’s silence on the news of the mass rapes in Europe is deafening. If she WERE a true feminist, a true champion of women, then SHE would be SCREAMING against the importation of muslim “refugees” into the US. Does she really want the risk of the same thing happening here, too? Or is she counting on her devoted allies the media to cover it up?
Hillary is the last person to present herself as a champion of women. Her track record consists of
(1) “stand by her man” support of her predatory, abusive husband,
(2) paying off one of his victims with a $900K bribe to drop the charges,
(3) directing the suppression of the “bimbo eruptions” in his campaigns, and
(4) viciously, personally attacking all victims of his sexual abuses. Some feminist she is…
You know what she is. Hillary is an enabler and champion of the rape culture.
Feel the Bern, Hillary. At least HE is funny.