In case you may be wondering what might be the source of the recent massive attacks on women in Europe, consider the following articles. The attacks were not an aberration; one article says, it’s a “profound clash of cultures.” Another one says, “This behavior is common in Muslim lands.”

The lines below the links are excerpts from the articles.

German authorities are talking about the phenomenon of ‘Taharrush‘ — where large gangs of men attack and even rape women during major events.

Taharrush has so far been confined to the Arab world, but with the huge migrant influx last year, authorities are now concerned the Cologne attacks could be the first example in Europe.

“In Egypt, sexual harassment is widespread and touches the lives of the majority of women whether on the streets, in public transportation, or at the work place, the super market, or political protests.”

Understanding how African and Asian men view and treat women in their own countries is crucial when dealing with the migrant crisis.

Arab and African men grow up in societies where misogyny is the cultural norm.

Young people who formed groups to protect females from harassment were assaulted by the harassers.

The Muslim War On Women Comes To Germany | Frontpage Mag

Mass attacks on any and every girl in sight, whether a Niqabi, a Hijabi or uncovered. Whether Egyptian or foreigner. Even pregnant ones.

99% of Egyptian women report being sexually harassed.

In Iraq, it’s eight out of ten women. In Afghanistan, rape and honor killings are routine.

Mohammed had told his men that the majority of those condemned to hell are women (Bukhari 2:24:541), that they could rape non-Muslim women (Koran 4:24) and that women who weren’t wearing Hijabs or Burkas were fair game (Koran 33:59). This isn’t an aberration. This is Islam.

The only way for women in Europe to have a future is to fight the migration mob. Otherwise what happened outside the Cologne cathedral, what happens to the 99% of women in Egypt and what happens in the Islamic State will be their future.