According to

“Over half of all adults under the age of 65 support it, but over-65s oppose (49%) rather than support (39%) legalization.”

OK, I’m a geezer but I’ll be libertarian on this issue; do whatever the hell you want to your body — subject to the the conservative principle of personal responsibility:

If you are abusing a substance, then you shall not drive. If you suffer health problems because of your abuse, then you shall not impose the cost of your care on anyone else but yourself.

To that end, I propose the following resolution.

Whereas there is no such thing as a victimless crime;

Whereas the victims are the user and everyone else around him — their families and neighbors; the victims of an accident on the road; first-responders, medical and other service providers; and everyone else whose taxes, as well as car and medical insurance premiums, go up to pay for the consequences of the actions of abusers;

Whereas the damage caused by users is NOT a societal cost to be borne by everyone. The damage is highly specific to a deviant subgroup of the population. The only responsibility of society is to protect itself and impose the conditions to control and prevent the damage,

It is therefore resolved that the legalization of marijuana and similar substances shall be subject to the following conditions:

1. All marijuana users shall be registered.
2. No registered user shall be allowed to have a driver’s license.
3. No registered user shall be allowed to register a car.
4. No registered user shall be allowed to buy car insurance.

5. Members of the household of a registered user shall pay a surcharge on their car insurance (amount to be determined).

6. A registered or unregistered user driving under the influence, or registered user driving without a license, shall be charged with a felony and incarcerated (for a term to be determined), and thereafter be subject to conditions 1-5 above.

7. Conditions 4 and 5 shall also apply to health insurance.

8. The same conditions 1-7 shall be applied to users of all other legal and illegal, prescription or non-prescription, mind- and consciousness- altering substances.

9. All cars to be registered or re-registered shall be fitted with a factory or after-market passive device to detect abused substances and to prevent the driver from starting the engine.

10. Users shall be freed from these conditions 1-8 after being clean-and-sober for a minimum of one year, proven by appropriate periodic medical tests.
11. Members of the household of a user shall be freed from condition 5 upon presentation of proof that the abuser is no longer part of their household.

12. Repeat offenders shall be subject to conditions 1-8 permanently.

OK, now to light up, drink, shoot up, whatever. The sooner you get off the planet the better off we’ll all be. Just don’t you dare scheme to make me pay for it in any way; condition 9 is bad enough.