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A friend of mine asked me today whom I like in this election season and why. Here is a better version of my answer to her.

I am a life long individualist libertarian conservative TEA Party Republican. I was born and raised through 6th grade in communist Hungary, then through 9th grade in socialist France. I’ve seen first hand the social, personal, economic and moral disaster that Marxist liberal ideology leads to. Thinkers and authorities I have come to respect include Aristotle, the Jewish Bible, the Scottish Enlightenment, the writers of the US Constitution, the Austrian School of economics, Ayn Rand, and Ronald Reagan. I consider the U.S. Constitution to be a miraculously unique intellectual achievement worthy of intellectual and emotional devotion.

Based on these facts I am intellectually, emotionally and morally convinced that social justice results only from the Constitution. I am equally convinced that economic justice results only from free enterprise. Most definitely not from Marxist race- and class- warfare, and definitely not from today’s neo-Marxist liberal politics of envy and political correctness.

It pains me greatly how a drumbeat of statists (TDR, Wilson, Hoover, FDR, LBJ, Nixon, Clinton and Bush) have been chipping away at the Constitution since at least the progressive era a hundred years ago, but especially under 0bama and his fundamental transformation based on Cloward & Piven and Alinsky (see Cloward–Piven strategy, Rules for Radicals.)

In this election I like Trump, Cruz and Paul. They come closest to my convictions. The rest have cooties, Hillary gives me the creeps, and Bernie is just plain funny.

I have some doubts about Rubio only because he does seem to say one thing one day, something a bit or a lot different on another day, and then like a good little establishment Republican he votes the opposite of what he tells us. Anyway it’s just a general impression, and I have told somebody already that a flip-flopper from our ranks is better than anybody, especially an ideologue, from the other side, because at least we can talk to with some hope of being heard by one of our guys. I understand Rubio’s sympathies for immigrants (actually, as a naturalized US citizen myself, I do NOT), but there is no way the establishment / donor class position on immigration makes any sense or can be good for this country by any measure. Of course we can’t rule out a candidate because of just one issue, but this one is HUGE that has not only just some effect but indeed a major impact on many other issues — national security, border security, public safety, public health, health care, education, the economy, jobs for Americans, the budget and deficits, “borders / language / culture”…

Still, ANYBODY is better than Hillary.