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With the candidates for the GOP presidential nomination ripping into each other with such abandon, it would be advisable for them to remember that:

1. There’s always one more choice on the ballot: none of the above

2. And if there is no such option on the ballot, people can — and do — stay home. That’s how 0bama got elected and re-elected. Will that be why the socialists will get a third term in 2016?

3. With every attack on each other they are producing the sound bites that Hillary /  Bernie / whoever will use against them in the Fall.

With that as background, here is where Ted comes in.

Something has been eating at me since caucus day in Iowa. All of a sudden, Ted Cruz, who’s been saying all the right things before, decided to, let’s say, stretch the truth more and more — when he does not need to do that. And he has obviously decided to double down on that tactic. This morning I received an e-mail from his campaign. The problem is the contents of the message:

Donald… is so rattled by my surge in the polls, our victory in Iowa, and our strong finish in New Hampshire that he has decided to continue his scorched earth campaign in an attempt to burn down everyone and everything in his path. 

I can’t fault Donald for this…it’s the only way he can distract voters from his record:

  • Support for Hillary-style healthcare;
  • Support for partial birth abortion;
  • Support for bank bailouts;
  • Support for Obama stimulus; and
  • Enthusiastic embrace of eminent domain.
How ridiculous; The Donald is rattled because he got three times the votes that Ted got, and is way ahead in the polls? The surge in New Hampshire was for Kasich, not Cruz. In South Carolina and in Nevada, the leader in the polls is still Trump, not Cruz.

Anyone who’s watched the debates, the campaign rally videos, the interviews, the news, the commentaries, the political ads and other video clips knows that all these assertions about Trump are totally false. I’ve seen The Donald give very detailed and very reasonable explanations of the nature of eminent domain, his free-market proposals on health care, his views on abortion, etc. He actually wrote a book to lay it all out.

In spite of the ease with which the facts can be verified, Ted Cruz is misrepresenting all this in his interviews, in his political ads, and now in this message.

In spite of the facts, Ted Cruz put out an ad featuring little kids putting on a puppet show, that continues to push the lie that Donald Trump kicked an old lady out of her home just to build a parking lot for limos. Never happened; after many years of haggling, including a $1M offer that was 2 or 3 times the value of her property, she lost her house to the tax man.

Another good one is the deliberate conflation of the meaning of a “deal” in politics with its meaning in business (we don’t want to elect a deal maker, we want someone who stands on principle), and counting on the chance that voters don’t know the difference. In business, making a deal means striving for a win-win, a contract that is satisfactory to both sides. Donald Trump has a life long record of making deals, and obviously great deals because he has built a great business empire. In politics, making a deal means compromise, and with extremely few exceptions since the beginning of the progressive era over a hundred years ago, and certainly in the 0bama years, compromise has meant that the Republicans give in and the Democrats get everything they want. You would think that someone with Ted’s record would concentrate on that, and not resort to misrepresentations.

I don’t like to be manipulated into looking like I am defending Donald Trump or anybody else at this time. It’s hard enough to keep up with the different nuances on the issues, proposals, promises and agendas of the candidates when they do stick to the facts more or less specifically. But it’s a great disservice and a blatant act of disrespect of the voters when a candidate resorts to lies.

I don’t understand how Ted Cruz can run so far from his record as Attorney-General and Senator from Texas, and how he can let himself be so flippant with the truth. Either he is getting very bad advice or he’s too caught up in the skirmishes on the campaign. Either way, he’s shaken my confidence that he will do exactly what I said I would do.” He’s a great lawyer; when he decides to break a promise, which he will because he is a politician, he’ll say what all lawyers say, that I misunderstood what he meant.

For this reason, I am NOT looking forward to Ted Cruz ending up as the GOP nominee, and I will certainly NOT support him in the upcoming Nevada caucus. We still have some choices left:

  • People who want a gentleman have Carson.
  • People who want an old time moderate have Kasich.
  • People who want youth and inexperience have Rubio.
  • People who want latter-day “compassionate conservatism” have Bush.
  • People who want a leader have Trump.
  • And people who want to Bern the place down have Sanders.

I sent this out in a message, and a friend of ours replied as follows:

One vital point to keep in mind is that the next president will likely appoint as many as four justices to the Supreme Court. If we get even one more person on that court who will legislate a liberal agenda from the bench, America will be radically changed for the worse. It is unfortunate that 9 unelected people hold that much sway over America, but since Marbury v Madison, this is what we have to live with.

Ted Cruz knows the Constitution backwards and forward, he memorized it at the age of 13 and has been fighting for it ever since. Not only fighting, but WINNING. He successfully litigated cases at the Supreme Court that protected our religious liberty, right to bear arms, and United States sovereignty. He clerked for William Rehnquist. Nobody on this stage understands the Supreme Court better than he does and NOBODY is a better person to appoint Supreme Court justices that will have a proper view of the Constitution. 

This is a very important point,… but so far none of the candidates was asked about it and none said what their criteria and who their choices may be for SCOTUS nominees.

Ironically, this is one reason for my disappointment with Cruz’s campaign tactics. I simply expect more of him. Ted Cruz doesn’t have to match the Democrats in selective, dramatic misrepresentations of the facts, or to match Trump in his cringe-worthy bluster. Before Iowa you could look Cruz in the eye even on TV and see a fundamentally kind, decent, honest human being, speaking from the heart.

I miss that Ted.


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  • Balance the budget, expeditiously “without hurting a lot of people”
  • Rebuild our military
  • “Nobody stronger” on Second Amendment; NRA member
  • Repeal 0bamacare; replace with HSAs, individually owned policies, competition across state lines
  • Halt muslim immigration, vet everybody
  • Build the wall
  • Take the oil from ISIS
  • Energy independence, all technologies, no dependence on OPEC
  • Models for SCOTUS nominees: Scalia, Thomas