Bernie has achieved the impossible. Verily the Grace of God has shone upon him.

He’s promising free college and free health care

Imagine that. He managed to convince:

  • College professors,
  • College administrators,
  • Doctors and nurses,
  • Hospital and clinic administrators,
  • Drug and medical device manufacturers,
  • Insurance companies
  • etc. etc. etc.

to Work For Free, 

  • out of the goodness of their heart,
  • out of a sense of civic duty,
  • out of compassion for the ignorant and the needy.

What a great man, what a miracle that all these people decided to forego their earthly rewards…

Go Bernie Go!

Forget The Donald or Ted; I found my man for 2016.

But what a tragedy for the rest of us, that half the Iowa Democrats went with that not so closet commie Hillary and the other half went with that openly commie Bernie; and then 3/5 in New Hampshire went with Bernie. (Yes, I do know the difference between communist and socialist, so forget the temptation to lecture me.)

Maybe Goebbels was right. Repeat a lie often enough and people will accept it as truth. The bigger the lie, the sooner they’ll accept it.

And just so as not to leave anything to doubt, we heard old Bernie recite the communist manifesto in his victory speech in New Hampshire. That’s right, folks. What you heard was a declaration of war against everything that America is all about, against everything that has made America great, against everything that has made America the “shining city on the hill” for generations of people throughout the world “yearning to breathe free.” His speech was the opening salvo of the French Revolution of 1789, the Paris Commune of 1870, the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. Even 0bama in 2008 only talked about “fundamental transformation,” not a communist revolution.


Maybe we should find comfort in the knowledge that it took over a century of preaching Karl Marx in our schools to get to this point. We Americans just might have sense enough to be a hard sell, after all. We’ll find out in November.