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According to analysis in the Washington Post, a majority of millennials now view socialism as preferable to capitalism. 

respondents younger than 30 were the only group that rated socialism more favorably than capitalism (43 percent vs. 32 percent, respectively)

Bernie or Hillary? The fact, that the Democrats offer up that choice and none other, represents the triumph of brainwashing over intelligence.

Ideologically there’s not one dime’s worth of difference between Bernie or Hillary. The fact that young people prefer an old geezer over an old hag is due only to the obvious differences in honesty and integrity. Plus, this old geezer is just plain funny and this old hag is just painfully shrill. Yea, now tell yourself that the millennials are sexists…

The brainwashing that triumphed over intelligence is the “progressive” education that the public schools have inflicted on us over the last hundred years. You didn’t have to watch and cringe at the street interviews by Jay Leno and Jesse Watters to know that kids are not learning anything about our history and heritage, let alone see the reasons why they should love what they are inheriting from generations who came before them.

It’s also obvious that millennials have not been taught any history of other countries, such as Soviet Russia in the 1920s and 30s, communist China and Eastern Europe in the 40s and 50s, Cuba in the 60s, communist north Vietnam in the 50s and south Vietnam and Cambodia (conquered by communists) in the 70s, several  Marxist countries in post colonial Africa, Venezuela today,…

Millennials have not been taught about the deliberate extermination of “enemies of the new social order” by the tens of millions in Soviet Russia and communist China, and by the tens and hundreds of thousands in the smaller communist countries.

Millennials have not been taught about the inhuman hardships inflicted on the surviving population in the name of social justice. Most of he victims have long faded away and died off, and the few who remain have lost their voice and are not listened to. The marxist brainwashers in our schools have the field all to themselves.

Millennials have not been taught basic economics or even math, not even enough to ask, WHO will pay for all the freebies? Are there enough rich go soak? Can we wring enough out of them to pay for all the freebees? And once they’ve been wrung dry, who’s next?

Do millennials know that, according to socialist / communist “social justice,” equal pay means everybody is paid the same, whether CEO, doctor or janitor? And that the perks that come with a job are dispensed as political favors, earned not by excellent performance and customer service but by “Party work” and actively rooting out “subversives” and “enemies of the state”? Of course not.

Millennials are taught that it’s OK because it’s all done in the name of political correctness and social justice.

And so the future victims — millennials — see nothing wrong with anything Bernie or Hillary have to say. What a surprise.