Oh, darn, I almost forgot about this one, and while the URLs may be dated, the stories are perpetual.

1. Here is what a stupid evil idea breeds.

Google is about to pay THREE times as much tax in France than UK | Daily Mail Online

If there was only a retail sales tax, rather than all this stuff embedded in the price of goods sold to the customer at the end of the chain, then literally hundreds of thousands of people would have to put their intelligence to use in productive work, rather than paper pushing and schemes to outsmart the tax man.

Oh. the evil idea is
* from each according to his ability

And the stupid idea is
* businesses pay taxes…
No they don’t, they pass it on, along with all other costs of doing business. It’s the end-most customer who pays ALL taxes and costs, embedded in the retail price.

2. A Tidal Wave of Corporate Migrants Seeking (Tax) Shelter

From The New York Times:

Johnson Controls is just the latest corporation to flee America for greener, lower-tax pastures. And until lawmakers reform the tax code, the exodus will continue.


3. Even when they “do good” it’s not good enough, and the do-gooder is not above suspicion or immune from second-guessing. Apple’s new iOS center in Naples raises eyebrows — a move seen in Italy as a new front in its war against a wave of European tax probes.


So maybe they felt that the south side of Napoli needed a kick in the butt to bring it into the 21st century with high speed internet. Or that local talent deserves to be nurtured locally? Some people are so-o-o cynical. They and their Silicon Valley peers went to India and China for that reason, why not Italy, too?

4. The bottom line is that business decisions should NOT be based on tax laws, tax policies and theories of taxation, but only on the natural laws of economics.

Natural laws of economics??? Yes, there is such a thing (please google the Scottish Enlightenment and the Austrian School of economics). The talents of businessmen should be devoted to creating and running businesses, not playing mind games with the tax-and-spend leeches.