Foreword: This is NOT an endorsement of Donald Trump for President. This is commentary and complaint about the total betrayal of the democratic process in which the media are supposed to be suppliers of factual information that voters need to make an informed, intelligent choice — not the blatant and contemptuously partisan propaganda machine that they have become in this election season, more so than in recent ones.

Trump madness, Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), Trumpophobia. Whatever you call it, it’s got the establishment firmly in its grips. Just in the last few days, not even going to google (just a few favorite news sites) to find it all, there were over three dozen articles whose main theme is the establishment’s totally insane reaction to Trump’s presence — and success — in the Republican primaries.

Of course we have gotten used to the trumpophobic insanity from the general tone of news coverage and commentaries in the National Review, The Weekly Standard, Fox News and Glenn Beck, to name a few, since Trump announced his candidacy in June 2015. In the nine months since then, the baby that was born from this fratricidal incest was revealed as

(1) calls for an anti-Trump third party, 

(2) declarations by GOP stalwarts that they’d vote for Stalin or Hillary, but they’ll never vote for Trump,

(3) the selection of anti-Trump trojan-horse delegates to the national GOP convention, 

(4) anti-Trump rules for the national GOP convention,

(5) the violent provocations against Trump supporters in the Trump rallies by the rabble aroused by Bill Ayers, Bernie Sanders and their “community organizer” stooges, paid as usual by George Soros and other “liberal” fat cats and PACs.

(6) Not to be out-done or left behind, foreigners too are joining the chorus and the subversives.

The sad part in all this is that in light of the extreme psychosis in their attitude and the vitriol in their words, it is hard to discern any FACTS that may be relevant to a voter trying to decide whether to vote for Trump or someone else in these primaries, and then to vote in November FOR whoever the nominee is. The intensity of this campaign is nothing but fratricide. They are going at each other, but especially at Trump, with more vigor and venom than they’d ever dream of using against the Democrat nominee in the run-up to November. It does not even occur to them that the only thing it reveals is their utter contempt for the voters.

Lost in all this, of course, is the bottom line. Does the establishment really want to hand the election to Hillary, and drive the last nail into the coffin known as the “fundamental transformation” that 0bama promised in 2008? What will become of the Constitution and the country we once knew as the United States of America if SHE gets to name the replacement of the late Justice Scalia and who knows how many more in the next 4-8 years? There is no better way to ensure HER election than to start a third Party as the editor of The Weekly Standard proposes, or to stay home rather than to vote for Trump, as the “establishment” types are threatening.

Here are some examples with excerpts from the articles, and my comments in italics.

Institutional bias (to put it mildly)

If there is anything that makes The Weekly Standard worth reading, it’s their great book reviews. However,… their style guide or editorial guidelines having fallen victim to Trumpophobia, even the book reviews are edited accordingly. Like all their other articles lately, everything is peppered with gratuitous and totally out of place digs at Trump and his supporters. You’d think that a publication with such an array and depth of intellectual talent would have sense enough to make a distinction between a candidate whom they hate and his supporters whom they will need in November, but no…

Society’s Child | The Weekly Standard

This is an article about a biography of John Birch and his chief promoter, Robert Welch. This is how it begins:

Everything has a history and a pre-history, and that includes Donald Trump and his angry hordes. Trump is by no means the first American tycoon to stir up fears and resentments and attempt to ride a populist wave.

There is no need to read any further. The obvious, and obviously gratuitous bias, expressed in a throw-away comment that is so unnecessary to the topic of the article, brings into serious question whether the rest of the article is worth wasting anyone’s time on it. 

Trump Derangement Syndrome — revealed, explained


The Republican establishment, elected officials and party leaders are in bed with the Democrats! If Hillary wins, nothing is lost for them, it’s business as usual,” she explained. “The lobbyists keep their offices on K Street. The pharmaceutical companies keep paying them. The unions keep adding to their pensions and the lawmakers get their reelection bribes


Judge Jeanine Pirro puts Romney in his place but good.

Ann Coulter: Useless Idiots

the front-runner terrifying Republican insiders in the summer of 1979 –– was one Ronald Reagan.  …  Republican insiders don’t actually want to govern. The organization itself has become the cause.  …  A majority of elected Republicans, their advisers, conservative magazines and newspapers are nothing but junior partners to the left.  …  By mounting only impotent opposition, professional Republicans win the admiration of The New York Times, as they turn our country over to the left. All that matters is that they get to keep their offices, their salaries and their friends.  …  When someone like Trump comes along and is actually serious about winning the very causes the GOP purportedly seeks to advance, he is seen as a disruptive force.

P.C. — R.I.P.

There should be no surprise that former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers, who played a role in launching the political career of Barack Obama, was found among the street demonstrators in Chicago who succeeded in forcefully disrupting and shutting down Republican frontrunner Donald Trump’s campaign rally on March 11, injuring two police officers who were trying to maintain order.

This is an important article because it summarizes the many ways the Left is trying to destroy the First Amendment.

The gangster candidate: Donald Trump and his supporters behave like the mafia, with veiled threats and acting above the law –

crossed yet another line on Wednesday, in which he leveraged the threat of violence in order to scare Republican leaders away from blocking his nomination at a brokered convention  …  there’s a long history of allegations against Trump that he has ties to organized crime, hiring mob-controlled companies to build properties like his Trump Plaza condos.

Yepp. Salon with their rabid anti-Trump rants is matched only by Megan Kelly and Greg Gutfeld on the Fox News Channel.

The dumbest of historical (histrionic) parallels

What Would Hamilton Do? | The Weekly Standard

The funniest part comes at the end:

For an example of what can happen when the man himself appears unfit for office, we have to go back to 1800, when under the rules of the day the runner-up in the election became the vice president, and through a technical error Aaron Burr found himself in a dead heat with the intended winner, Thomas Jefferson, alarming no one more than Jefferson’s archenemy, Alexander Hamilton, now in retirement from politics in Burr’s own New York.  …  And Hamilton was soon hearing rumors that a number of his fellow Federalists had been thinking of voting for Burr.

Can you believe this silliness? Hamilton is … Romney???  Jefferson is … Cruz? and Burr is … TRUMP???

Hamilton warned friends about Burr’s debts and the scandals involving his business investments, calling him a profligate, a voluptuary, unprincipled, and dangerous. Embracing Burr, Hamilton said, would sign the Federalists’ “death warrant,” and he warned of the impact abroad: “No agreement with him could be relied on,” he wrote to Theodore Sedgwick. “The appointment of Burr as president would disgrace our country abroad.” Above all, he stressed the shame to the party if it involved itself with a man of Burr’s character.  …  Hamilton’s decision to go with the political foe as against the loose cannon had proven inspired. Politics is one thing, he had seemed to be saying, but when balance itself appears on the ballot, it is prudent to go with the sane.

“I feel it a religious duty to oppose his career,” Hamilton wrote when he first took Burr’s measure, and something the same might be said of the 40 prominent Catholic scholars who issued an open letter on March 7 on the National Review website to ask their co-religionists — and all other people of good will — to disown and reject Donald Trump, calling him “manifestly unfit to be president,” citing his “vulgarity, oafishness .  .  . and .  .  . demagoguery,” his celebration of torture, and “his appeals to racial and ethnic fears.”

The trouble is, NONE of these out-of-this-world assertions about Trump have ever been documented. In the nine months of intense campaign by the conservative media since Trump announced his candidacy, they presented plenty of vitriol but not a shred of proof or illustration — or even admission that Trump has never initiated the attacks, he has only responded to them. I can say that because, for example, I watched all the “debates,” and read all the freaked-out criticism written by people whom I would have expected to be objective, fair and above all intellectually honest. Fat chance… Politics is the realm of emotion and power, not reason or intellectual integrity.


Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y.: “If there’s no opposition,” he said, “if there’s no challenge, then this is not the country that our forefathers were thinking about. So we have to have healthy political parties. The two-party system is just as important as having a Democratic party … to me.”


John Adams wrote: “There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.”   …  And George Washington said similarly, in his farewell speech to the country, said, in part: “The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge, natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism.

More dumb commentary

Romney to vote for Cruz in Utah caucuses

“Through the calculated statements of its leader, Trumpism has become associated with racism, misogyny, bigotry, xenophobia, vulgarity and, most recently, threats and violence.

Yea, as if ANY of this list of despicable slurs WERE true…

10. 70% of the white vote

George Will: he’s appealing entirely to white people

Never mind the presence of all races both in the rallies and in Trump’s campaign offices.

Carly Fiorina: Ted Cruz can stop Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

some in our party are saying they’d prefer a liberal like Donald Trump because he is a deal maker. He has indeed mastered the deal: Donald buys politicians like Hillary Clinton and continues only to serve the big, powerful and well-connected.

You can’t have it both ways. Either Trump is using politicians to serve himself or he is serving those same politicians. Not both.


Trump [is] a loutish ignoramus who simply doesn’t understand how modern economies function  …  The presidential candidate’s transactional worldview makes perfect sense for a New York real estate tycoon. But it could prove disastrous for the country.

Yes, he is successful in business because he does NOT understand how it works. Gosh, that makes sense.


most toddler have better control over their urge to petulantly declare everything that goes against them to be “unfair” than Donald Trump does.  …  Trump has only received 37% of the popular vote cast thus far, he has received 47% of the delegates allocated.  …  60% of the party stubbornly refuses to vote for Donald Trump


more like Hitler, Mussolini, Idi Amin, George Wallace or a Marvel villain  …  Trump kept a book of Hitler’s speeches by his bed  …  freaked-out Republicans are plotting how to rip the nomination from Trump’s hot little hands  …  labeled a menace, misogynist, bigot and xenophobe by your own party  …


decades of Republican race baiting — from the Southern Strategy to welfare queens to self-deportation — and decades of the GOP welcoming racists in their tent would eventually lead to “Make America White Again.”


some religious leaders, political analysts and researchers have questioned whether many of these self-described evangelicals actually are evangelical Christians  …  The big puzzle in this most puzzling of election seasons is why so many white evangelicals are flocking to Donald Trump


This week it is Donald the Orange, descended from the German Drumpfs, who arrives in the imperium of Washington to get a better sense of how messy — even bloody — it will be for him to become emperor of the United States.



War on (by, with,…) women

Fox: Trump has ‘extreme, sick obsession’ with Megyn Kelly

“Donald Trump’s vitriolic attacks against Megyn Kelly and his extreme, sick obsession with her is beneath the dignity of a presidential candidate who wants to occupy the highest office in the land,” the network said in a statement Friday evening.

Trump campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks responded Friday evening: “Megyn Kelly is a highly overrated reporter and anchor that constantly disparages Mr. Trump with negative and inaccurate reports. Despite the fact he wants nothing to do with her and will not appear on her show due to her extremely biased reporting, much of the program is about him anyway on a nightly basis.”


Note how this works. It’s typical bully tactics: the blame goes to the victim who defends himself, not the attacker.

An anti-Trump SuperPAC ran an online ad in Utah and Arizona this week featuring a racy photo of Donald Trump’s current wife from a GQ spread.  …  Trump, not known for his grasp of details or general understanding of how things work, responded this evening by attributing the ad to Ted Cruz — culminating in a threat against Heidi Cruz, the Texas Senator’s wife. Disgusting.

The bully — that is, CRUZ — continues his attack:

It’s a nasty, clueless gutter play from a classless candidate [Trump].

All the while, a really stupid, classless attack goes ignored (but it’s OK because it comes from an establishment hero):

Mitt Romney at @NRCC dinner: “Donald Trump has had several foreign wives. It turns out that there are really are jobs Americans won’t do.”

None dare call it treason

The Hill’s 12:30 Report | TheHill

Via The Hill’s Kristina Wong, members of the Republican foreign policy establishment are open to supporting Hillary Clinton if that’s what it takes to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president. “I don’t know what’s worse — having Trump say all those ridiculous things and being totally clueless, or having him say all those things and actually mean it?” said Stephen Rodriguez, a former Bush adviser who was among a group of foreign policy experts to sign a letter against Trump. Those are some tough words.

What Would Hamilton Do? | The Weekly Standard

Even when they make a decent effort at trying to sound reasonable, they botch it. They are reaching back to Hamilton, Burr and Jefferson — the presidential election of 1800 — to seek a parallel to 2016… So why do it? It’s just one more excuse to engage in Trump bashing.

#NeverTrump is becoming a popular hashtag. People flood to the polls to vote against, not just for, him.

Really? You’d think if that were what’s actually happening, the same people to work so hard to prevent Trump from getting the nomination would engage their formidable talents and resources in some very serious exit poll research to find out:

1. Are you here to vote FOR or AGAINST Trump?

2. If you are voting FOR Trump now, will you also vote for him in November?

3. Are you a Republican, Democrat or other?

But of course there is no such effort (OK, there is none that I could find on the web; if YOU can, please share the info, including the source).

They understand that refusing to vote for Trump means that a Democrat will probably win. .  .  . They understand that a Democratic win means that the Supreme Court will flip liberal, and probably stay that way for a while. .  .  . They think the GOP is better off losing the election than winning it with Trump at the helm.”  …  They wrote in the strongest possible language, and many were adamant that they would not stay home on Election Day, but in fact would vote for Hillary Clinton in the general and perhaps leave the Republican Party for good.

And this is just plain insanity. Good thing these people only number in the hundreds. 


Bill Kristol, son of Irving, is trying to get retired senator Tom Coburn or retired Texas governor Rick Perry to run independently if the GOP Establishment can’t figure out how to broker the convention in Cleveland to deny Trump the nomination.  …  Erick Erickson is also leading a group that wants a brokered convention and is working with former Bush administration official Bill Wichterman to try to get it done.  …  This plot also eliminates Trump’s own third-party leverage. Trump can’t threaten to split the Republican vote in November if the party itself wants the vote split so Clinton can win.  …  Trump: It’s going to mean four or five justices, super liberal, placed on the Supreme Court. Our country will never, ever be the same.

The Fanciful Dream Of A #NeverTrump Third Party

aggrieved pundits and operatives on the Right are actually serious in spurning the GOP if Trump is nominated  … a large number of right-leaning politicians, commentators and news outlets that have propped up Trump’s candidacy at the expense of “principle.” They would like these “Vichy Republicans” shunned forever for their supposed treason.  … At least two conservative commentators have already drawn up blacklists of Trump collaborators and more are bound to follow.

Trojan horse delegates, rigged procedures


the nomination will be decided not on the first ballot, but in a series of procedural votes by the entire convention to adopt the rules of the convention as recommended by the Rules Committee and the seating of the delegates as recommended by the Credentials Committee. Those key committees are made up by two members from each state. The bosses have been quietly planting establishment regulars in these spots.  …  party insiders want to make sure they have a working majority on the floor for the passage of their “license to steal.” Republican state chairs are planting Trojan Horse delegates into slots won by Trump on the first ballot to vote with them on procedural votes to pass the Rules and Credentials Reports that will seal the “Big Steal.” This is going on in Texas, New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, Connecticut, North Dakota, and other states.  …  a state could seat delegates pledged to support Donald Trump who have open affiliations with other candidates. In California, Cruz and Paulistas are signing up online via CA’s GOP website as Trump delegates.  …  Republican operatives are secretly working to stack the delegate selection process. They want as many reliable stooges as possible to identify as pledged “Trump” delegates. That way, those men and women can vote to break Trump’s back with hostile rules and by unseating Trump delegates if necessary.

Law Professor Suggests Overthrowing Democracy To Rob Trump Of Presidency

if Donald Trump wins November’s presidential election, state legislatures should consider undermining democracy by rigging the Electoral College.  …  state legislatures should simply redefine how presidential electors are chosen.  …  On Election Day, the legislature could decide whether to vote for Trump or Mitt Romney, the prior Republican nominee; former Texas governor Rick Perry, who dropped out of the 2016 race early on; a popular GOP figure such as Condoleezza Rice, whose name has recently been floated as an alternative; or their own junior Sen. Ted Cruz, presently trailing Trump in the Republican Party delegate count.  …  strategy is, at the least, entirely constitutional. The Constitution says, and the Supreme Court has ruled, that a state’s method of choosing presidential electors is entirely in the legislature’s hands.  …  If Trump wins a narrow victory, just one or two states diverting their electoral votes elsewhere could deny him a majority. In that case, the election would be thrown to the House of Representatives

Foreign interference


Mexico is mounting an unprecedented effort to turn its permanent residents in the U.S. into citizens, a status that would enable them to vote — presumably against Donald Trump.  …  Mexican diplomats are mobilizing for the first time to assist immigrants in gaining U.S. citizenship, hosting free workshops on naturalization.  …  the consulate only hosts the event but it’s community organizations who offer the advice.  …  The government in Mexico City is holding off on engaging the Trump campaign directly until he becomes the nominee, said Francisco Guzman, chief of staff to Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto.  …  About 12 million Mexicans live in the U.S. and almost half lack legal status, according to a November study by the Pew Research Center. About 2.7 million legal Mexican permanent residents of the U.S. are eligible to apply to become citizens.  …  An official close to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who asked not be named because he was not authorized to speak publicly said a Trump presidency would be a risk for the global economy and security.

Idiotic excesses



This is an attempt to use psychology to explain Trump voters

Trump Roasts ‘Loooser’ Editor: ‘You’ve Got To Take A Guy Like That Off The Air’ [VIDEO]

During Lowry’s Wednesday appearance on “The Kelly File,” he [Lowry] told Kelly that “Carly [Fiorina] cut [Trump’s] balls off with the precision of a surgeon, and he knows it” during the CNN moderated GOP debate.

Yes, it’s OK for the elite to be vulgar.

Donald Trump’s sister, like son, receives threatening letter


The Latest: Supporters, protesters clash at Trump rally | The Big Story in Salt Lake City

Protesters block main road to Trump rally in Arizona | The Big Story

Rapper: If You Support Donald Trump, ‘Don’t Buy My Music’

You Can’t Live Here If You Are Voting For Donald Trump « CBS Denver

Emory University students scared by ‘Trump 2016’ chalk signs | Daily Mail Online


Me Gusta Trump: Portrait of a Hispanic Trump Voter – The New Yorker

The Marines… helped him get rid of a “naïve” point of view that he associates with liberal politics.  …  “He must be doing something right if the élite doesn’t want him.”  …  Fourteen per cent of Hispanic voters say they will “definitely support” the Republican candidate in November, and Castillo, who describes himself as an “American of Mexican descent, in that order,” is not an anomaly in his support for Trump.  …  Trump got just under half of the admittedly few Hispanic Republican votes in Nevada and a quarter of them in Texas  …  Trump’s backing among Hispanics remained at twenty-six per cent.

Like… build the Big Tent, and beat Hillary???

Hillary Vs. Trump: Godzilla Vs. King Kong? | PJ Media

This is Victor Davis Hanson explaining the bottom line.

Here’s Why The ‘Establishment’ World Should Support Donald Trump

Stephen Moore: Trump’s New Coalition Of Voters Who Put America First | Stock News & Stock Market Analysis – IBD

Trump is remaking the GOP into a populist/reform party of working class/evangelical and entrepreneurial class voters.  …  For the Washington Republican establishment this is a disaster, much worse than the election of Barack Obama. Because they’re the first people who’ll get run out of town and find out what it’s like to lose their jobs to an alien.  …  Trump doesn’t have the cadre of Republican consultants, pollsters, funders and party organizers that I would argue have been a big part of the problem with our government.  …  the Republican intelligentsia is thumbing its nose at Trump and even making the banal argument that Hillary in the White House would be better.  …  If Trump wins the nomination and then the election, he will do so by forging a new coalition of voters. He will lose many highbrow Republicans, but he will gain millions of independents and blue-collar Democrats — commonsense workers who’ve been crushed by Obama’s anti-business policies.

Recently an e-mail was circulating that contained text attributed to Bill Bennett (author and radio host). While his authorship is in doubt, the text is nevertheless very revealing. Here are some excerpts.

It’s about the unholy dynamics between big government, big business, and big media.  They all benefit by the billions of dollars from this partnership, and it’s in all of their interests to protect one another. It’s one for all and all for one.  It’s a heck of a filthy relationship that makes everyone filthy rich, everyone except the American people.  We get ripped off.  We’re the patsies.  But for once, the powerful socialist cabal and the corrupt crony capitalists are scared.  The over-the-top reaction to Trump by politicians of both parties, the media, and the biggest corporations of America has been so swift and insanely angry that it suggests they are all threatened and frightened.

It’s no coincidence that everyone has gotten together to destroy The Donald.  It’s because most of the other politicians are part of the a good old boys club.  They talk big, but they won’t change a thing.  They are all beholden to big-money donors.  They are all owned by lobbyists, unions, lawyers, gigantic environmental organizations, and multinational corporations – like Big Pharmacy or Big Oil.  Or they are owned lock, stock, and barrel by foreigners like George Soros owns Obama or foreign governments own Hillary and their Clinton Foundation donations.